Saturday, September 6, 2014

Meditation and Psychic Intuitiveness In Writing

“As a writer my intuition and empathy helps me connect with others through my words. It’s what helps me bond with others because I feel so deeply.” – Dahlia Rose

I believe in muses and "vibes" from places and spaces. I like to think it’s my muse or guardian angel helping me get the words out and build the character. It’s like we are all trying to get the next book out. It can be magical at times.

I am very intuitive and empathic. I can feel a variety of things from a person without them saying a word so I like to think that I “tap” into a higher source especially when I am writing. I can also pull the energy from places that have great presence which helps me write as well.

Savannah, Georgia is a city with a plethora of energy. It has a huge historical presence. While I was there, my group and I went into a confederate graveyard and could feel the history of battle and war. We walked under the trees and could feel old world Savannah. It is a new town built with an old world feel from the river front to the board walk -energy is there. It’s a great place for a writer to be inspired and character build.

Whenever I start a novel I have an idea in mind of how I want the characters to be. I have a lot of the plot and rising action already sorted out before I begin. But, sometimes the characters become something completely different and I just go with it. My instincts will say “no” and pull me in another direction allowing another spin making the characters richer. 

One of the greatest things I have learned in life is to always trust my instincts. I always tell writers, my children, people in general to trust their instincts because they will never steer you wrong and will protect you from so many unwanted hassles and obstacles. For example, in the publishing business you have to trust your gut. Unfortunately, not everyone has your best interest and my instincts have always stopped me from getting into sticky situations with these types of people. Some people are also just generally negative and that vibe can land on you!

As a writer my intuition and empathy helps me connect with others through my words. It’s what helps me bond with others because I feel so deeply.  Consequently, I can also be around negativity and pick that energy up as well if I am not protected. And, I protect myself with love and meditation. They say we should all meditate and tap into our higher selves. I believe meditation can be done many ways. Some people sit in silence and concentrate on their breathing while others go for a long nature walk. I, on the other hand, love to sit in bed with my coffee and talk to my husband. So, I guess you can say I meditate on LOVE before I start working.

That is why as Singer-Erykah Badu says, “I pick my friends like I pick my fruit. “ It’s essential to my creative life to surround myself with love, positive people and take time out to meditate. Meditation helps me tap into my muse. But, the greatest thing it does for me is connect me to a higher source and allow my creativity to blossom and bloom.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

San Francisco State of Mind

 “I travel for inspiration. Sometimes it helps me develop a character and other times it just helps me see the world from a different aspect and flare. Plus, you get to buy cool stuff.” – Dahlia Rose

San Francisco is like New York on a slant! There were so many parts and vibes of the city that reminded me of New York but with a different twist! San Fran has a great bohemian, earthy, eclectic flare to it. It has the energy of New York, yet with a casual feel. I guess you would have to visit both cities to truly understand what I mean.  The city is filled with vintage and tea shops, art shows, juice bars, cool spaces, and wonderful seafood restaurants. Everything is painted unusual and the people are super friendly. So welcoming that we found out the community gets together and feeds the transient homeless people in Golden Gate Park. I thought that was amazing and just adds to the warmness of the metropolis. 

It is also a squeezed together, compact-city. All the houses seem like they are hugging each other and holding on to one another, battling the gravity of all the hills. Because San Francisco is a hilly city! Tressie Lockwood (my partner in crime) and I had the eventful opportunity of catching a cab down Lombard Street. If you have been there you will know what I’m talking about. If not, trust me if you have motion sickness issues it’s the type of street so uphill that you will vomit just looking at it before entering any vehicle! We probably needed a few doses of ginger and Dramamine before and after our cab ride! Ha!

Of course, our driver started from the top of the hill and flew down the street leaving us holding our stomachs. We were in a constant incline. I felt like I was going head over heels because the top of the street is super windy and high. We thought we were going to fly off of the city itself and into the bay and die. Once we got to the bottom of the street I prayed to God with thankfulness and vowed to never get into a car again.

Other than our Lombard street fiasco, Tressie and I fell in love with the city.  We had a delightful time! We went from Lombard to Haight Street walking, eating, socializing, wearing sunglasses and visiting a bunch of San Fran must-see places! It was a nice balance of business and pleasure. And, Haight Street by the way, reminds me of the village in New York. It’s such a funky cool area filled with interesting people! 
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the dining, which is one of the biggest highlights. We ate at several restaurants but my favorite place to dine was Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Warf. The food is incredible. We actually ate there twice and I ordered the seafood platter both times! It was fresh and delicious! As an added treat, you can often find seals sunning right by the restaurant on the Pier. You should see them laying out clumped together living the “good life.” I swear they all need to be wearing sunglasses because they look so cool. We don’t have seals in North Carolina so it was a big deal to us. 
 It’s like combining great food with National Geographic! The restaurant also sits right on the bay so you can also see Alcatraz from your seat which is a bit eerie and makes for a great murder mystery. There is something enchanting about seeing one of the most notorious prisons in American history.

None-the-less, the city stirred inspiration and energy into my psyche. The combination of great seafood, witnessing the le se faire lifestyle of seals, meeting fresh faces and taking a break from my day-to-day was a real treat. The trip was just a reminder to always try and carve out time and space for yourself to reflect- even if you only go as far as your living room. But, if you have an opportunity to visit the bay area you should go! And, when you do, send the city my LOVE! :) 

Monday, July 21, 2014

The City That Never Sleeps and I’m Exhausted….

The City That Never Sleeps and I’m Exhausted…. We all love it, the lights, the sights and sounds of New York. There’s nothing like it and when I was younger I adored it. Where else can you get food at three am in Manhattan or Go to SoHo and meet some of the most diverse and eclectic people? Every few weeks I come into New York for work. I do work with a few charities and network with other authors, editors generally the people you want and need to know. It’s usually a weekend, I fly in on Thursday and leave on Sunday and in that time I cram the work of at least seven people into three days. I’m up with the birds, my Starbucks coffee in hand and of course my croissant that’s been warmed to tackle the day. But I can tell you this from the time I leave the airport and hail a cab, I’m quite frankly…. Exhausted.

In between work, meetings, paperwork, scheduling and a multitude of other things. There’s always sightseeing there’s always someone or a group that has never seen the city and must take it all in with large excited gulps. This time around I had to brave The Empire State Building and my fear of heights. Oh didn’t I mention that at one point or ten thousand? Yes let me reiterate, I’m terrified of heights so much so that when I need to take flights I always pick a window seat so that I close the window and never have to see outside. Yep nothing but clouds out there and a long way down. So being on top of the world in the tallest peak in Manhattan was a big deal for me. Y’all know I had a shot (cough.. ahem 3) to settle the frayed nerves. Liquid courage can never fail! But I did I went on up there took a few pictures and didn’t look like I was screaming in my own head. Picture of calmness, that was me. I do believe that it was in part my inner Lafayette bitched slapped my subconscious until it passed out and then said to me “Hookah you got this, you got this!” That’s my bitch right there.. Inner Lafayette always comes through.

So I’m up with the birds, go to sleep with the late birds that like to stay up till 2am in Time Square. Then up and moving by 6: 45am once more for three days. The hectic schedule leaves me drained. So much so that when I get home to North Carolina, like a southern belle I take to my bed with the vapors. That basically means I’m working from bed with my laptop and wearing no damn pants, probably no bra, oh the vapors is my Vicks inhaler I love those things! (laugh) Would I change it? Nope, I would not because within all that work I’m having fun. I love my various jobs and trust me I wear a lot of hats, more than most realize. I see the city through the excited eyes of some of the newbies and hell, who doesn’t love a kick ass New Yorker?

There inspiration to be had in this town and I drink it in, then go home and channel it into my passion, my life’s breath and that’s my writing. Sitting in the red chairs in the middle of Time Square sipping a mocha frappe and people watching. That’s at least seven books for al the new characters you see. The guy with the sign that says “NEED MONEY TO BUY WEED” cracks me up. Hey at least he’s honest. Talking to cops or firemen even soldiers to hear their stories are my treasure trove. I leave stacked with business cards and come home with none of my own but plenty from other people. The adventure is never the same I can be sipping cocktails in a cigar bar or be invited to a roaring 20s gin party. It has happened, I kid you not. Its bloody awesome! So now I’ve braved the city that never sleeps and I’m heading home. There in my office I’ll write and work until its time for my next adventure. San Francisco the home to Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate Park and Haight Street. I’m so ready!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Romancing the Capital event

When: April 17th & 18th, 2015
It's now officially less than a year until the first ever Romancing the Capital event. What the heck is that you ask? It's a chance for Canadian readers to finally meet some of their favorite romance authors like:
And that's just those who've registered. We've got a list of possibilities that will boggle your mind.
Now I'm sure you're wondering what you can expect at RTC, other than FUN of course.
  • Book signing! Some authors, like Eve, are planning to give out free print books, others will have some for sale. And of course, you can bring your own for signing.
  • Swag bags and giveaways. In other words, GOODIES!
  • Intimate Author Chats – Sit down and ask questions face to face with authors, and find out what makes them tick without resorting to a sledgehammer.
  • Workshops/Panels on a variety of topics – how to build an alternate society, the rise of science fiction, creating a believable HEA with more than one partner, the crafting of historical romance and so much more…
  • Fun and Games where you can win prizes and laugh until your cheeks hurt
  • Hors D’oeuvres Reception (Friday Night) for up to a 100 attendees sponsored by Amira Press and several of their authors
  • Friday Night Special Event hosted by Amira Press and several of their authors
  • Mystery Friday Night Event hosted by …
  • Awards Ceremony (Saturday Night) to celebrate the awesomeness of Canadian Romance Authors
  • 80′s Dance (Saturday Night) – Sponsored by Eve Langlais. Get your retro groove and dance with your favorite authors. Or sing along off key.
  • 3 course dinner for 200 (Saturday) – Hosted by Eve Langlais
  • More stuff to come as details are ironed out with sponsors and authors
If want more info, then be sure to check it out, or even better, register for your chance to attend the hottest event next spring! (Click here for ticket info)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

New and Exciting contest

Greetings to all,

In light of the holidays we are pleased to announce a new and exciting contest. Please take a moment to check out the youtube video from our authors!


Good Luck and may the best contestant win!



Sunday, November 17, 2013

December Book List Release Dates and Blurbs

Tempest The Wolf
Release Date: December 6, 2013
Dahlia Rose Unscripted
One year later and Tempest is still with her wolves. Life is good and the Cormina pack is thriving under Alex and Dom’s leadership. There is still the underlying factor of her dream that’s bothering her and the vision keeps coming and getting stronger. Why was she running, why did she feel that gut wrenching fear and why were her men not talking? Each time they avoiding her questions and Tempest had enough. She needed the truth and she needed it now. Snuggled between her men, another vision sends her running like the very night she met Dominic and Alex.  When they found her in the forest with a bite to her shoulder. The look on their faces old her their worst fears had been realized. Now Tempest is in the fight of her life, one that goes on her body and that may take her soul. She’s not pure blood that means Dom and Alex may lose her to a pack of werewolves or even worst, The Guardians.

Substitute Daddy
Release Date: December 13, 2013
Amira Press
Rancher Matthew Ryder knew how to make money work for him. From the time he was twenty, he turned his father’s failing business into a multi billion-dollar enterprise. Computers, software, finances, and corporate takeovers, he could handle them all. But nothing said home to him like leaving the city behind and heading to his ranch in Nevada. His father’s love of horses was his, and he had the best horseflesh and cattle in the state. But when tragedy strikes, and his best friend was killed in an accident on the ranch just before Christmas, Matthew was left wondering what life was about. In town he found a pregnant fiancée that Lance never spoke about, and he wondered what other secrets was kept from him. Matthew found himself wanting to protect the beauty and her unborn child. He’d made a fortune and still something was missing. Maybe she and her baby were the people to fill that void.
Grace Reid was an ebony beauty who carried herself with poise. She was heading back to Georgia the day Lance was killed. He was a cheating, lying bastard, and she was better off raising the baby alone. She had fully intended to be at her mama’s for Christmas, but her doctor had already given her the bad news that she was too far along to travel, and now she was stuck in Roman, Nevada. With her money dwindling and no prospects, Matthew Ryder came knocking on her door. It seemed that Lance had kept secrets from them both. She went from living in Lance's dingy apartment to waiting to have her baby in a mansion on a ranch. With the attraction between her and Matthew, she wondered if she was making another stupid mistake. Did he see her as another thing he could buy with his money, or did he really care? She had her baby to think about. Being tossed aside when he got bored wasn’t an option. Would love or money win when the day was done?
Sealed With a Kiss
Release Date: December 14, 2013
Sugar and Spice Press
Dreama Bell was just like her name. She believed in her dreams and lived her life vicariously. Her family shook their heads at her series of adventures, and in their close-knit fold, she was called a gypsy. The family vacationed in Vermont every Christmas holiday, so when she planned to spend it in Bermuda on a beach, no one was surprised. Little did she know that a walk on the beach would change her life forever. Someone grabbed her in the dark intending to assault her, Dreama fights for her life. When a pair of big burly hands dragged her attacker away, she sees the handsome face of her protector. Sergeant Thomas Holden was a Navy Seal on leave and taking his own vacation. Passion bloomed, and Dreama followed her instinct and her heart straight into his arms. Would a whirlwind holiday romance lead to her happily ever after? Or would her hero in uniform leave her dreams shattered in paradise?
Mistaken Identities
Release Date: December 21, 2013
Dahlia Rose Unscripted
Stasia Copeland thought she’d left Charlotte behind, the people, the ridicule and a crime she didn’t commit.  Her family didn’t care and being a bar manager was a lot better than being a prison. That was until a face from the past was sitting on her doorsteps and everything came flooding back.  Bryce McDowell was looking for his sister and she could still see the anger from the past in his eyes. He was one of the people who believed the worst of her so when he asked for her help, Stasia had every intention to tell him no and go on with her life. Until he said he would help her clear her record or clear her name so she’d finally be free to live her life. Stasia didn’t expect the gut wrenching need he caused when he kissed her or held her in his arms. When it was over she planned to leave Charlotte for good. So how could she be falling for a man who hated her and blamed her for his sister’s down fall?
My Daddy Is A Hero At Christmas
Release Date: December 25, 2013
Dahlia Rose Unscripted
Sofia Everett volunteered in the call center of the USO based out of Walter Read Hospital in Bethesda Maryland. She considered it one small thing she could do for the active duty member of the military and their families especially around Christmas time. Taking wish lists for Santa to bring a mommy or daddy home or a special gift from Santa…. Oh yes she could do that. But when the little voice on the other end asked for his daddy to be better after being hurt while deployed, it broke Sofia’s heart.  After finding out six-year-old, Anthony O’Neil’s name. Sofia learned his father was in Walter Reid hospital recovering and took the extra time to take some gifts over to him and his father hoping to cheer them up. She certainly didn’t expect the cutest little boy she’d ever met who shared the same startling green gray eyes of his father.  
Captain Christopher O’Neil had a voice that reminded her of sandpaper and bourbon. A great combination in her book and the instant connection she had with him and his son only made it better.  Being alone in the world meant that Sofia treasured family and the holidays so spending it with Chris and his son was a big deal. She was almost to the point where she could let go of her reservation and let them in when a kink was thrown into their smooth working engine. Chris’s ex made an unwelcomed appearance intent to make a play for the two people she’d come to care for. Sofia was torn, should she walk away and let them find each other once more or fight for the man she’d fallen in love with?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Fabulous Selena Illirya Is Guest Blogging today!!

1)    Selena thank you for blogging with me today! First off tell everyone about yourself, your books and the genres you write.

SI: Thank you so much for having me. My name is Selena Illyria and I write Interracial Romance in the genres of: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Futuristic, Fantasy and Contemporary.

2)    So Brent… super hot, super sexy and you know I love a dragon. How did you come up with this delicious character?

SI: He was featured in the story Dragons at Midnight. It was supposed to be a one off story but both Brent and Fletch wanted their own stories and I just had to give in. Who could resist Brent?

3)    I know you, LOL you can find plot bunnies anywhere, what gave you this nugget of reading pleasure in Dragon Ugly?

SI: The story originally stared out as a one night stand where Brent wasn't searching for his mate but then the characters hijacked the story. Can you believe it? They kept changing it until they liked it! I was just their helpless writer puppet.

4)    I’ve met you and you seem like the aromatherapy type. Does Clarissa have a touch of Selena in her?

SI: Aromatherapy can be soooo soothing and lovely. Scents can set the mood from making you hungry to making you...well, you know. I wanted Clarissa to have her own business, she came off to me as caring about others and what better way to care then to help people find their calm. During that time, I was very stressed in trying to get back into the writer's swing of thing after burn out so aromatherapy and meditation helped a lot. I put that into the story, so yes, she does.

5)    So what are you favorite scents?

SI: Lavender, vanilla, sage, citrus, ginger, *goes to look at Yankee Candle site*. Yankee Candle is my Candle porn site. I can't resist it. So how about my fave candles to show my fave scents?

Lavender Vanilla, Lavender Lemon, Evening Air, Home Sweet Home,  Island Spa, Leather, Midsummer's Night, (they have a Bacon scent), Mountain Lodge, and let's end it off with Sage and Citrus.

6)     If you had to be a shifter would you be dragon, wolf or something else and why?

SI: Hmmm, that's difficult, maybe a dragon shifter? Because I can fly-- no airport scans and no lines or booking tickets or spending money on flights and I can set fire to irritations.

7)    What else do you have in the works, have the plot bunnies completely taken over?

SI: I just turned in my first Contemporary no Paranormal in sight book. I'm revising an old story involving a Succubus and a Warlock and I have edits for my first book in a new series, Bachelor Auction: Mate Not Wanted. The Plot Bunnies haven't take over but they're getting there.

8)    Halloween we all love it what are  your plans to celebrate and what is your favorite scary movie?
SI: Watch my favorite B movies and relax. If I'm awake at Midnight I light incense for those that have passed on.

9)    We see all these paranormal books being made into movies. Which one of your book would you see on the big screen and who would you pick to play your characters.

SI: Oh lord, I never know how to answer these questions. Um, maybe the revision I'm working on right now? Although, I have no clue who would play Connor or Roxi. I do have an actor in mind for a new character I've introduced in the book but I'd have to wait to cast him but I've got to do his story first.

10)  IR is becoming more popular, Sleepy Hallow, Scandal and even our         favorite show Strike Back. Do you think our genre is finally getting its props? Thoughts?

         SI: I hope so! Although, they need to get that whole Stonebridge/Martinez flirtation on track! I would love to see       more IR on TV but that the relationship be of quality and substance, not something to throw out to try and lure in viewers.

         Anything Else you’d like for our very fantastic readers to know?

          SI: Other than that you're awesome? Nothing else that I can think of.

Thank you kindly for blogging with me today. Now all you readers get your tushies out there and buy Dragon Ugly!

In honor of Halloween Here's the Mini Sequel to Dragon Ugly featured in the Halloween Heat Menage Antho:

Excerpt Rating (PG-13),  
Out Now!
Series: Halloween Heat II: Dragons at Samhain
Genre: Paranormal, Interracial, Ménage
ISBN: 9781937976972
It’s Samhain and Brent wants to fulfill Carissa’s fantasy of sex in a bookshop while it’s open. With help from Fletch he’s going to make it a hot, steamy night she’ll never forget.
Carissa only wanted to spend more time with her mate she didn’t know what to expect when they arrived in the mountains to visit his parents. After dressing her as a French maid, him as Highway man and their friend Fletch as Zorro, she’s pretty sure that he’s taken her fantasy to a whole new level.
Samhain has always been a magical time, now it’s about to get a whole lot hotter.
Author Note: This story comes after Dragon Ugly (Coming Soon!).

Buy Link:

Jack-o-lanterns were everywhere, with candles flickering in the wind, painting leering visages at passers-by. Brent pulled Carissa down the sidewalk of Hidden Cavern Village with their friend and part time ménage partner, Fletch, in tow. Brent and Carissa had been lovers for the past two months and only included Fletch if Brent’s dragon became too pushy and decided he wanted to join in the sexual fray. Tonight was one of those nights. Away from Shadow Bay, the place they called home, and in the mountains that surrounded the town, everyone was spending time with Brent’s parents for their annual Samhain celebration.
For the past week Brent had spoken about nothing but fulfilling Carissa’s fantasy of fucking in a bookstore while the store was open. Their original plan had fallen through due issues with his dragon. Despite a magical ceremony to bind the dragon within Brent to control the beast, it was too strong. It would appear at the most inopportune times—when Brent felt something strongly or during sex. Tonight Brent was determined to give Carissa her fantasy, and he was going to include Fletch to do it. He’d found a bookstore willing to look the other way and he’d scoured the shop for the perfect spot. The thrill would be there for Carissa, and to Brent, that was all that mattered.
Carissa’s heart thudded against her ribcage as she allowed Brent to guide her past the shops declaring Halloween and Samhain sales and discounts. Children dressed up in various costumes rushed past them, chased by harried parents. None of that really registered. Brent’s solid, roughened palm against hers, the heat rolling off his body in waves, the aura of sexual determination and arousal coming from him wrapped around her. Her own desire pulsed between her thighs; her nipples tightened and ached for his touch. He’d dressed her tonight in a sleeveless French maid costume with crotchless panties and no bra. Cool night air brushed against her overheated sex, teasing her throbbing clit.
Fletch trailed behind them in a Zorro costume, complete with cape and mask. Brent had decided that the Highwayman costume was more to his liking, complete with a cape and mask of his own. Both men looked dashing and dangerous. A thrill raced down her spine as she glanced back at Fletch, who’d decided to go the scruffy route with a bit a coppery colored beard on his jaw. Brent’s darker five o’clock shadow made him look just as fierce. He had insisted that during the fantasy her wrists would be bound behind her back and she would be blindfolded so she wouldn’t know who was doing what. Carissa hadn’t thought that far for her fantasy, all she’d known was she wanted to fuck in a bookstore. Brent had taken it to a whole new level.
She’d even overheard them talking of using nipple clamps to help increase her pleasure. None of that mattered as much as being with the man she loved, her mate. Her wolf was just happy for a change in scenery. At the end of the night, when the clock struck Midnight, they would all shift, Brent and Fletch into dragons and Carissa into a wolf. According to Brent’s parents, it was a way to welcome Samhain in your purest form. New place to explore, and a new experience to add to the ones that Brent had brought into her once boring life.
They continued on down the block, passing more kids and parents and dodging late night drunks who were leaning on each other for support as they walked down the sidewalk. The air was filled with softness and anticipation, as if the world was holding its breath for the Witch’s New Year, when the veil between man and the dead was the thinnest. Or in this case, when the veil between mortals and the paranormal blended together to become one.
Tension shivered along her muscles as her arousal and excitement blended together. She hid her eagerness to act out this fantasy and move on to the next. Brent led the way, and she rushed to catch up with him.
“Whoa there, lover,” Carissa called out. “We have time, there’s no rush.”
“He’s just impatient,” Fletch said as he caught up. “Slow down man, I don’t want to look suspicious to the cops.” He nodded his head toward a man dressed as a British Bobby.
Brent grumbled something that Carissa didn’t catch, but she was relieved when he slowed his pace to a relaxed walk. Her muscles ached as she matched his speed. They had been walking over uneven cobblestone, up and down hills, for the last half hour.
“Trying to get me to lose five pounds?” she teased, knowing that wasn’t the case.
“You know I love your curves, honey.” Brent leaned down and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “Sorry for the rush, just wanted to get there as fast as possible in case they changed their mind.”
Fletch laughed. “Fat chance of that, they’ve done this type of thing before. Tor arranged for it last month when he brought Louisa with him on a visit to his parents. So no worries.”
Carissa didn’t comment, she just kept walking. At least she knew that this would be a safe place to fulfill this type of fantasy.
The town around them was dressed in its fall colors, deep reds, bright golds, rich browns and even a few green leaves still decorated the trees. Cinnamon, cloves, pumpkin and incense wove through the cool breeze that brought goose bumps to her bare arms and legs. She tugged at her skirt, wishing it were a little longer and that she’d been allowed to wear stockings. Brent had said that stockings or even thigh highs would have gotten in the way. So she dressed in the costume Brent had provided for her and followed him and Fletch out the door with kisses and winks from Brent’s mom and dad.
“If you wanted to take me on a pleasure tour of your hometown, you couldn’t have done it during the day and allowed me to wear more comfortable shoes?” The five-inch peep toe stilettos weren’t doing her feet any favors on the cobblestone sidewalks.
“Sorry, I should have warned you.” Brent pulled her toward him and gave her a kiss on her temple. “The bookstore is in the more secluded part of town.”
“The Red Light district,” Fletch leered.
“Sex, sex, sex, that’s all you think about,” she teased back.
“Well, when you’ve got a sexy girlfriend like I have, that’s all you can concentrate on.” Brent stopped and pulled her in a for a long slow kiss.

Buy Link:

Step Into My Erotic Paradise "All are welcome"

Dahlia Rose,

Author, mother, lover, friend she is a rainbow of openness never to be defined. Defining her would be like trying to block a bullet. But, if you tried and happen to stumble upon her in wikipedia, you would find that she has lived nine lives and has warmed a million hearts. She has done more than most and navigated everywhere loving freely and forever changing her hair. A light to this world who uses her being to unfold secrets and keys that lay beneath destinies and blessing. She worships the moon and tattoos her dreams in books. A lioness brought here to conquer the sun with a pen…no war…love as a weapon to win. With Love as her sweater constantly warming you and I with words.

A best selling author of contemporary and paranormal romance with a hint of Caribbean spice. She was born and raised on a Caribbean island and now currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her five kids who she affectionately nicknamed "The children of the corn” and her biggest supporter/long time love. She has a love of erotica, dark fantasy, Sci-fi and the things that go bump in the night. Books and writing are her biggest passion and she hopes to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of her books