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The Army Beast Unit...The Men and their Mates

Last year I entered the All Romance E-books contest called Just One Bite. My piece was called Salute Your Shifter and Casey Johnson was the leaders of an elite unit called the Army Beasts. I got such a response for the little short I wrote for them, I decided to create the entire Unit. Thus the Army Beasts were born in my imagination starting with Zane Wakefield. I didn’t know that these guys would take off like they did.

There were only supposed to be two books featuring the Twins Zane and Zander. But readers kept asking to know about the rest so I’ve written shorts on each team member and slipped them into My Calendar Men series. It’s a kind of wrap up for each man and they two have been well received. Of course I’ve had the comments, oh they should be longer. LOL…But honestly I wanted to just give them all a wrap up so each team member could live happily ever after. Below I’ve given a list of the entire group of the Army Beasts and a little background on each man and his mate. There are some secrets revealed in Army Beasts 2 so don’t miss out!
Let’s start with the ones that are coming soon….

Salute Your Shifter (Casey and Nia) Just One Bit Volume 2 Free read. This is when Casey finally made a move of the sexy soldier transcriber in his office named Nia. It was based around Halloween and boy it was super hot. Readers have asked for more on these two and I decided to write them another story. I believed they needed more background as well. Embrace The Beast will be the continuation of their story and you can expect that in November.

The only man in the Army Beasts who haven’t been paired up is Malachi Benson. He is the big bear shifter of the unit. The brute force that has a love of heavy weapons but he is the sweetest guy in the world. You finally hear his voice when he makes a cameo in Army Beasts 2 where you see his charm. Malachi gets his happiness with a spicy bar owner named Olivia, Liv for short who refuses to let him give her up without a fight. Meet me In November is going to be another one of the Calendar and you can expect that in October with another two hotties of the month.

You’ve met Zander and the love of his life Promyse in Army Beasts 1. Just released today was his twin brother’s story in Army Beasts 2 where he finds love with Aisha. Zander is my broken hero, who doesn’t think he deserves anything good because of past transgressions. But beneath all that angst is a powerful dominant male who would go to the mat for his friends, family and the woman who holds his heart. You see this play out in the pages of his story and you watch those rough edges smooth over when Aisha steps into his life. But Zander is still as deadly as ever to solve this mystery he has to be.

April’s Fool (My Calendar Men Shorts) is Kale’s story and the woman he loves is willing to send him away if he doesn’t make a commitment. He came ready to do just that fearing she wouldn’t accept him because of his shifter nature. But April did and now even though he has to commute to work, he is happy in with life with her.

When September Ends (My Calendar Men shorts) features Camden and Sable, the women he met through the Adopt A Hero Program. What’s sweet about this couple is that they fell in love when Camden was away on a mission in Afghanistan and she was in New York. Their first meeting was on September 30th and he knew he couldn’t go on without showing her the truth. These guys were already in love and sable accepted everything about him. The story moved me more than ever because readers contacted me to let me know they joined The Adopt a Hero Program because of this story to help soldiers stationed overseas who have no one to talk to. I am an advocate of this program and the military in general. Maybe that’s why the Army Beasts was such a great set of stories to write.

2012 is just around the corner and I have some special plans for my Dahlia Rose Unscripted line next year. I am so glad that these guys in this unit could bring such joy to my reader’s imaginations. There you have it, my guys and yours too… Of course I’ll keep you updated via my blog and video blogs on where my books are going and when they will be released. A special note is that My Calendar Men will be in print and of course Army Beasts1 and 2 as well later in October.

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