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Writers Retreat ..2011 in Savannah Creative Rejuvination At It's Best!!

Finally!! That was my first thought when I threw my suitcase in the back of the SUV I was travelling in. The date May 20th and the place, an author’s retreat in Savannah. We planned this tip since December of last year and the road crew was Eliza Gayle, Jessica Lee, Tressie Lockwood and me your friendly neighborhood Dahlia Rose. The trip down we laughed and talked and freaked out over a spider in the car for a minute. Buts when we drove into this amazingly historic town that our muses began to scream in delight. Historic buildings, steamboats, and the riverfront oh my!

We dropped our bags in the room and began our tour taking pictures and enjoying the sweet smell of the magnolias close our hotel. How could one city be so rich and full of life! The trolley cars dinged and the old historic church bells sounded the time as we walked. We picked up ever sightseeing flyer from the visitor center we could find and bought some of the sweetest honey you could ever have. Who know that they could make honey taste like orange blossoms in the spring! I found my new favorite quote at a seafood raw bar we ate at, Shuck me, Suck me, Drink it down! (Laugh) While they were talking about their delicious oysters, I pictured something different in my mind. As an author of the erotic nature I guess I tend to see the naughty in thing. Savannah gives so much of that, from the secret alcoves shaded by moss trees and as the sun set it cast shadows where lovers could meet. Or a vampire could seduce a new paramour into his arms taking her blood while giving her pleasure. See… the city just creates an atmosphere that begs to be written. Each picture can be a new story set in a city with so much life even after death.

We toured the oldest graveyard where they were only six hundred grave markers. We found out that they were more than ten thousand buried there. By far my favorite part was the ghost tour we took at ten o clock at night. Out tour guide filled out heads with tales of death and the macabre that happened in year gone by. From the iron house at Keystone with its frugal owner, to the children killed in an orphanage fire that still knock at the window at the rebuilt house where they lived. We listed with rapt attention as t she filled our heads with information while the muses screamed… More! More! More! The imprinted fingertips of slaves who built wall of stone can still be seen in places and some pictures came out with shadows where they should be none. The tour guide left us in an old shack and we screamed in fright and laughed with nervous tension when the lights went out. Then regaled with stories of pirates and witches as a storm was recreated and unknown things tickled our legs. We heard actual recoded EVP from a hung maid name Molly begging for her life. At the end of the tour we were thoroughly enraptured with everything we had learned and filled with new stories we wanted to create.

The final night was dinner at one of the most authentic Irish Pubs I have ever seen. Kevin and Barry’s featured a folk singer (Danny Quinn) who immediately pulled us into the Irish drinking ditties while we dined on Shepherd’s pie and some of the best shrimp and coleslaw ever! Not to mention the Bailey’s Irish cream Cheesecake…Yes I said it cheesecake, you know how I feel about that dessert. And Jessica shared her treat that I can only call an edible orgasm.

Savannah is a stunning city, from the chocolatiers to candy store and home made ice-cream, we wanted to taste it all and experience it all. By far a weekend was all we had to explore this marvelous city and we fit as much in as we could. The day is hot and the nights are humid and hold the sweet musky smell of nightshade as you walk. You feel the mystery and the magic as you caress and old headstone or watch a beautiful bride join with her groom in the square. A griffin watches over the center of the city and somehow you feel honored to be in the presence of something created even before your parents, parents were born. I feel completely in love with Savannah, vowing to return again and again to immerse myself it he history. Once is never enough there is to much to see and explore to say you have seen it all. Even when you do well it wouldn’t be a hardship to see it a second or third time.

A poster board graces my office with the pictures we took, the places we saw and hopefully a ghost or two caught by our cameras. It will be my vision quest as I start new stories built around a place that truly cannot be described as anything else but magnificent. I see soldiers from the pat and future in my head living in this city, vampires, shifters, modern day gypsies and so much more. Each will be a story in itself and each one will fill my memory of my time in Savannah. The first story will be You’re The One That I Love featuring Sasha Caroway. T found her home here in Savannah and this book will be released in July with Sugar and Spice Press. As with my other stories I invited you to see it though my eyes, I’ll try to show you the world in the pages of my books. I hope you enjoyed the pictures that littered my blog post. It doesn’t do justice to a place that simply…. indescribable. To see more join me on Facebook.

Hugs and Cheesecake
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