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Regan Taylor Interview

Hello my lovely readers...Today we have an interview with none other than Regan Taylor...If you have ever read her books. (like I have) you know that Regan weaves her dreams into wonderful worlds that we can visit in the pages of her books. here is what she had to say.....

1.Kelly: Hi Regan!! Thanks for sitting in my cyber interview chair today. Tell us how you got started writing romance/
I got my start when I was doing an interview package with Jewel Adams. She was getting ready to start a kick butt week on her list and she invited me on and to join in. I figured it wouldn’t hurt so I started what is now Spell Across Time; The Pentacle. She was very encouraging and one thing led to another.

2.Kelly: What is the muse for such wonderful books like Miranda’s Heart? Is there any kind of routine that helps you get into the mood for writing
Actually, I dream most of my books. I know it sounds weird, but I’ll dream a scene just before I wake up, and then I just write it. As you can imagine, I have a couple of really steamy dreams now and again!

The only book that I didn’t dream out was The True Story of the Wicked Witch which is out with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid ( Those are my real life cats on the cover by the way!

The Crystal Ball, Book 2 in the Spell Series has elements that I haven’t dreamed which is pretty different for me after dreaming 5 books. If I hit a block for some reason I go for a walk with either a Celine Dion or Melissa Etheridge CD and it resolves itself. Mostly though they just seem to come through in dreams.

3.Kelly: I have read the blurb for Indentured Bride. I loved it! When will we be seeing its debut?
I’m not sure! I’m looking for a publisher for it as well as the rest of the Bride series. The first three are westerns and I know that’s a niche audience. So I’m looking for a really solid publisher where a western will do well. Book 4 in the series is a time travel and books 5 and 6 take place in the present.

The interesting thing for me because when I read a series I HAVE to read each book in order. Even if they are stand alone books, I HAVE to read them in order. So when I finished book one of the Bride series (Indentured Bride) I was starting to work on Book 2 which is Kendrick’s story and BAM! Rick, who wasn’t going to even have a story, it was going to be a trilogy, not a ….what do you call a six book series, a sixology? Anyway, it was just going to be the Parker brothers and their brides and suddenly Rick, the Sheriff wanted a story. That led to Traveling Bride, which is actually book 4. Imagine how that confused Ms. Gotta-read-in-order me!

The Bride Series does have it’s own blog which is: It’s been neglected lately because of the change in publishers and getting ready for Spell Across Time: The Pentacle’s release on February 1, 2007.

4.Kelly: Valentines Day is coming up Regan. What is your best memory of the day of love?
February 1992 – I was engaged to one guy, falling for another and it was the one I was falling for her called me. A year later he told me for the first time he loved me. I can still remember how he said it, he said, “You know, I may not say it, but I really do love you.”

5.Kelly: I know you have a book coming out on February 1st. Tell us about it.

That would be Spell Across Time: The Pentacle. On the surface it is a story of a sicko stalker pursuing this woman. He does all kinds of nasty things like sending dead roses and creepy dolls. But then he escalates and puts a bomb on her car. About the same time she starts having strange dreams. There is one man out there who loves her, truly loves her….the question is will she realize who it is before she’s killed?

My publisher, Whiskey Creek Press ( set it for release in February because, as she put it, “it is a love story that transcends time.”

I’m running a contest for the release on the Spell Series Blog at: – easy – ask one of the characters a question and your name will be entered in the drawing to win an autographed copy of The Pentacle.

6.Kelly: On your site you offer reviewing, editing and critique help for new and upcoming authors. This I a great service for anyone who is seriously taking up writing. Can you tell us more about this and where you can be contacted?

At! I also work with Angie and author Skylar Sinclair at where every few months or so we do a one week writing challenge where authors or people who want to try their hand at it commit to write 1,000 words a day for 7 days. At the end, one of our staff does a critique for one of the people who participated.

7.Kelly: Tell us about your down time. When you are not writing what will we find Regan Taylor doing? Do you have a favorite food that helps relax you.
LOL, writing IS my down time. I work a 40 hour a week day job that has tons of drama in it. I have an 18-1/2 year old kitty who gets sub-q fluids every night when I get home. Recently my 17 year old kitty who was very ill an on a “cocktail” for cancer, kidney disease and thyroid disease crossed the rainbow bridge. Before she passed it took about a half hour each night to see that her needs were met. Of course there is also not-so-little Mel and he needs attention to. When I got him he was “Little Mel”. There’s a reason we call him not-so-little Mel now. You can meet them all on my website at Below their info is a link you can click that provides food for orphaned and needy animals. All you have to do is click. I go every day.

So for me, writing is my escape, my downtime.

8.Kelly: What would be the favorite erogenous zone on a man Regan and is there a Mr. Regan Taylor behind the scenes?
A nice, solid, grabbable butt!

Not a Mr. Regan Taylor per se, but the guy from 1992---well we actually met at a 4th of July welcome home parade in 1991. I knew the moment I laid eyes on him that he was the man I’d be spending the rest of my life with. He was a Marine at the time and a friend of mine was a reporter for the local paper and she was sent to cover the welcome home parade for Desert Storm vets in our county. She was drooling, oh wait! Excuse me, admiring a guy in Navy whites and I told her that yeah, they were nice, but there was nothing like a Marine in his dress blues. Little did I know Bun-boy (yes, that’s his nickname) was in hearing distance of what I said. We live in different cities, but it works for us. Quality not quantity.

But…he DOES have a positive influence on some of those love scenes!

9.Kelly: I like to ask this question. (smile). They Hollywood big wigs loved one of your books and wanted to make it into a movie. Which book would you like to see on the big screen and what superstars would you have play your characters?

Actually, I am hoping a certain female producer/actress is going to option the Spell Series. She IS Kelly McKenna. Look at Sandra Bullock and you have Kelly, Matthew McConaughey and Keanu Reeves is Definitely Adrian. I’ve had a few people say to go for it now because the Pentacle is ready to go, but I want to see how the sales go and have the Crystal Ball ready to roll at the same time.

10.Kelly: Is there anything you want your readers to know about you that cannot be found on your website?

No, anything that’s public is there.

11 Kelly: Finally Regan tell the readers where they can find you chatting or any upcoming events for 2007/

I’m actually kind of shy and very reclusive. I tend to avoid chats and author days…I know, not good for promotions and such, which annoys one of my publishers no end!
Between the day job, the relationship, the furfaced kids, reviewing, editing and writing I don’t seem to have much social time but that’s okay. I do get together with the BBBBB’s every month and we have a great time. You DO see the BBBBB’s in some of my books—they like being characters.

Thanks for having me! Great questions—you made me think!

Ok Guys and Dolls!
That was the interview with the fun and vivacious Regan Taylor! Definitely go and check out her contest and read her books. Each word will capture your imagination and keep you wanting more. Caution! Do not read while operating heavy machinery or when you boss is close by! There will be nothing that can pull you away from the story Regan weaves.
See you all next week! Smooches!
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