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Author Jordana Ryan is on the blog!

1: Dahlia: Welcome to the blog Jordana! Would you tell us how your writing career took off?

Hi Dahlia, My writing career took off with an unfortunate personal circumstance. I had back surgery and was unable to return to my job with adolescent offenders in a maximum security facility. I was bound and determined to not let the time pass unproductively. I searched my heart for what I really wanted to do and that was write. I started with a book called Loving Dakota. But after joining many critique groups I found that this was not the novel that really called to me. I started writing No Matter What and it really just took a hold of me. When I finished writing it, I started submitting and was given my contract on No Matter What at that point.

2: Dahlia: Your book No Matter What is a compelling story. Could you tell us more about it?

No Matter What is the story of Brenden and Cassandra. Cassandra left Indigo with a big secret when she was seventeen years old. After living a sordid life for four years, she’s ready to own up to her mistakes. She comes back to Indigo with her 3 year old daughter. When Brenden sees her, he is torn between loving her and hating her. Although, she is the love of his life there is a lot that needs to be forgiven. Cassandra and Brenden fight their demons but will there be a happily ever outcome in their future?

3: Dahlia: The story line is different to what we are seeing in books lately. It deals with more real world issues like pregnancy and HIV. How did you come up with the story line and what message were you trying to get across to the readers?

I think the message I wanted to give was that everyone deserves a second chance. People do things every day that maybe they are not proud of, or they feel can’t be taken back. It’s true that the action can’t be taken back but it is possible to be forgiven. I also really wanted to make this realistic. Brenden and Cass faced a lot of obstacles that are very real in this world. I wanted to send a message that love and persistence can help a person to overcome even the most horrible of circumstances.

4: Dahlia: Do you have any upcoming releases we should know about and where can we find them?

My book of poetry title Uncensored Emotions is coming very soon from Amira Press. This is a book that is close to my heart because I started with writing poetry and it has been my passion for many years. The title reflects the poetry, it really is an uncensored look at me as a person and my feelings. I tackle a lot of tough issues in my poems and I think that makes them really stand out. You can get this book at Hopefully in the next week or two. Also, I have a short story in the Amira Press Meant to be Anthology called Summer Fling. It was my first short story and something I am really proud of. You can pick that anthology up in June at Finally, my erotic short story, The Wrong Woman is undergoing edits now and should be available through Amira Press Simply Erotic by Summers end.

5: Dahlia: Jordana give us a sneak peek to what you are working on now?

My next novel is called Perfect Game and this is a novel that is very close to my heart. Jessie Kirk has never had love. Her mother was a self-centered woman who had a hard time putting others above herself. When she passes away Jessie makes the decision to get to know her father who has been absent most of her life. Trevor can’t believe she’s there. The last time she came to Santa Fe for a visit she had caused nothing but trouble. But he had seen behind the little girls antics to the lonely person inside. At twenty years old, she’s more mature and she’s beautiful. When he faces a career ending injury, Jessie and Trevor find themselves thrown together. With her he can show her a side of him that other’s don’t see. When he falls in love with the coach’s daughter, will he find that love means more to him than chasing that Perfect Game?

6: Dahlia: Where are you from and are any of your books based in your home town?

I am from St. Louis Missouri and as of yet I have no novels based here, but I haven’t counted out my hometown yet!

7: Dahlia: What are some of the goals you have set for yourself in your writing career?

My first goal is to write because I love it. To fulfill my passion I will write regardless of what happens in my career. Second, my goal is to touch people with my novels. I will always be true to myself and who I am with my writing and give my readers a story that comes straight from my heart.

8: Dahlia: What scenes in your books that you find difficult to write?

Love Scenes are difficult for me to write. I want to write what is appealing to my readers so sometimes I over think the love scenes.

9: Dahlia: What would we find you doing behind the scenes Jordana to relax and get away from writing for a bit?

Playing with my daughter usually. I have a 5 year old that is very active and kicking back to relax usually means doing something special with her. If it’s just Jordana Time you can find me baking, exercising, scrapbooking, reading or playing my playstation. I have a lot of hobbies and I try to give them all some attention each week J

10: Dahlia: I have read your books and they are very romantic and expressive. Plus it lets you know that they are a lot of bumps in relationships. Will all your books be based on this style of writing?

I think that all of my romance novels will be based on this style of writing. I tend to write reality. Though I am a fan of happily ever after and smooth roads, life isn’t like that so I find it hard to write that. But I do also have a few other genres I write so I think readers can get a little of everything from me.

11: Dahlia: What do you think is the sexiest spot on a man’s body?

LOL that is a good question. I think it’s the belly button. There’s nothing sexier than a man’s tummy!

12: Dahlia: If you could have one hot guy for a day to do your bidding who would it be and what will he be doing?

Elvis Presely (I know he’s dead) LOL if it were a live person it would have to be George Clooney. I think breakfast in bed would be a great start! Then a nice massage followed by a day at a theme park riding every ride with me LOL Lame I know but I’m easy to please.

13: Dahlia: Who are some of your favorite writers? Do you find it hard to get personal time for reading between your writing schedule?

My favorite Writers are Rosanne Bittner, Cassie Edwards, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Johanna Lindsey and Sandra Brown. It is definitely hard to read sometimes but when I get writers block that is a great way of pushing past it. I try to take time to read at least a chapter a night. Even if it is at 1 in the morning. Reading is as essential to me as writing!

14: Dahlia: Jordana tell us three things that you could not live without?

My Daughter, My Computer and My Ipod

15: Dahlia: Tell us where we could find out more about, any contest you have going on and your books.

I have a Yahoo Group And also my myspace. It’s Once I know that I have some readers out there active in those lists I will be doing at least weekly update posts and contests as well!

Thank you for having me Dahlia!

That guys and dolls was the author of “No Matter What” Jordana Ryan. This lady is bringing romance back with a worldly feel that everyone can relate to. Check out her books and you won’t be disappointed!
Until next week luvvies!
Smooches ~*~Dahlia Rose

Author Interview With Kiera Black!

1: Dahlia: Welcome to the blog Kiera! Tell us how your journey into the writing world began?

Actually, I’d had a dream about these characters several days running and they were quietly driving me insane. When I couldn’t find a book to read that would shut them out, the DH told me that maybe I should write their story down. I never looked back after that.

2: Dahlia: Your book currently out The Protector Destiny is out now! Could you tell us more about it?

Sure, Elizabeth is a writer. She writes about the eternal battle between werewolves and vampires. Sam is the ultimate Alpha wolf, king of the Loup-garou. He reads one of Elizabeth’s books and knows he needs to find out who she is because she knows entirely too much about their plight. Once they meet, all hell breaks loose… LOL

Here’s the official blurb and you can read an excerpt on my website where there is a purchase link if you’re interested in it:

What happens when an independent, strong-willed woman meets an alpha male? Now imagine their meeting occurs while Elizabeth Winters is under attack. Her assailant is among the undead, a vampire: the most feared and reviled of Earth's legendary creatures. Intent on coming to her rescue is Samuel Woods, the leader of his people and Elizabeth's one true mate. She is the Protector's destiny. Together they stand between the undead and the enslavement of all mankind.
They are members of the Loup-garou, modern-day werewolves, destined to protect humanity from vampires, while roaming the world in search of their other half. From the mountains of Upstate New York, to the Saskatchewan region of Canada, Sam and Elizabeth find themselves battling not only the undead, but traitors from within. Can they find the traitors in time, or will an ancient enemy destroy their love before it even begins?

3: Dahlia: I know the book is going to be a series. How many will there be and when is the next one due to be released? Can you give us a sneak peek into book two?

Well, so far there is three written and scheduled for publication. Depending on how the sales are, and if readers want it, there will definitely be a fourth story and I have ideas for several others as well. The Protector’s Jewel is scheduled for release in September, and The Protector’s Keeper is scheduled for release in December.

Here’s the prologue for The Protector’s Jewel but keep in mind it’s still unedited…


Out of breath and virtually out of options, Anna bent down and gathered her daughter in her arms. How could she tell her precious child goodbye? How could she not? No other way existed, not if Alyssa was to live through the night.
“When I say run, I want you to head into those trees over there, sweetie.” She tried to keep the terror, the sorrow from her voice. For her daughter's sake, she needed to remain strong and in control for just a few more minutes.
“But momma, I...”
“Promise me, Alyssa. No matter what you hear, or see, you'll stay hidden in those trees until daybreak. Promise me.”
Alyssa clung to her mother’s arm and began to argue, but Anna stopped her. “Please, do this for me, baby.”
“Okay, momma.”
“And you remember who to contact if we get separated, right?”
“Yes, momma.”
“Good. I love you, baby.” Anna clutched her daughter to her breast. She needed to show Alyssa how very much she and cherished her daughter, wanted to feel her girl in her arms one last time.
Time had run out. She needed to get her daughter to safety. All that mattered was her little girl’s life. With tears trailing down her cheeks, Anna kissed Alyssa one last time before gently shoving her toward the safety of the woods.
“Now, baby. Go! Run! Run into those trees and don’t look back.”
Anna watched her hurry into the woodland. She only regretted one thing. She wouldn’t live to see her baby grow into womanhood. In fact, she didn’t expect to live through the night. She only hoped that Alyssa would stay hidden until dawn, until it was safe.
Anna continued to stare into the woods long after Alyssa disappeared from view. She felt the evil one closing in but couldn’t pull her gaze away from where she’d last seen Alyssa. Not yet. There were precious few moments left and she needed to use them wisely. After one last prayer for Alyssa’s safety, Anna focused all her attention within to release her inner beast.
The change came quickly, as though her other self knew time grew short. The world hung suspended for just a moment as though Father Time waited to witness what was about to unfold.
A wrenching in her spine caused the muscles to spasm. Then bones popped and snapped as Anna’s arms and legs shifted and changed, forcing her to drop down to all fours. Her mouth and nose changed into a lupine muzzle, hands and feet became paws, and a glossy black pelt covered her smooth skin.
Born of an ancient race known as the loup-garou, or commonly referred to as Weres, Anna was about to face her people’s most feared enemy. The Vampire. From the beginning of time, vampires stalked and hunted the werewolf population. Many Weres went into hiding, while others placed themselves in harm’s way by becoming Protectors, defending not only their kind but also the human population.

4: Dahlia: What are you currently working on now Kiera?

Two things really, besides the edits for The Protector’s Jewel. I’m working on Draco’s Choice, an urban dragon shifter/vamp story. You can read the blurb for it on my website, and I’m also working on my first erotic romance, Seducing Serena. It’s a shifter ménage. This one will be a short to test the waters so to speak, but I’m hoping once it’s finished my agent will find a home for it. Same with Draco’s choice, actually.

5: Dahlia: I have been dallying around in your website and I read your bio. You have moved around a lot, does this give you in insight when you are choosing the setting for your books?

Oh sure. Living as many places as I did, it’s a bit easier coming up with settings for my characters. I’ve lived in foreign countries, big cities, tiny towns, villages and even military bases, by the beach and up in the mountains. All those locations are definitely fodder for my imagination.

6: Dahlia: Do you only write in the paranormal genre? Is their a new genre you would like to try?

Well, so far The Protector’s Series is paranormal romance. A shifter/vamp sort of paranormal. I’d like to try my hand at maybe writing some urban paranormal/gothic or sci-fi/futuristic and I definitely want to write a little steamier too. But, I can’t see myself writing straight contemporary or historical.

7: Dahlia: What are some of the goals you have set for yourself in your writing career?

Well, my only real goal was to get published. I’d love to see my books in paper, but even e-book meets that one goal I’d set for myself. To me, it’s telling the story that is the most important reason I write. But, I sure wouldn’t turn down a million dollar deal… LOL

8: Dahlia: What scenes in your books that you find difficult to write?

Sex scenes, definitely. I blush all the way through. And forget writing them if the DH is in the house. It ain’t happening… LOL

9: Dahlia: What would we find you doing behind the scenes Kiera, what does a day of relaxation look like for you?

Wow… I don’t know if I can remember what that is. LOL… Seriously, a day of relaxation is a day where I can just kick my feet up in the recliner, have a stack of two or three books to read, a coke sitting next to me with the radio playing in the background. To tell you the truth, I get one of these every time I get a new Christine Feehan book, or any of the other auto buys. I have no patience, so I wait for the mail carrier, attack him at the door, then lock myself in the apartment until I finish the book, pushing house work and deadlines to the bottom of my priority list.

10: Dahlia: I have read some of your book and it is very thrilling and sensual. Where did the inspiration for The Protector Series come from?

My dreams really. I read many shifter and vamp stories—heck a lot of paranormal all together—and I dreamed the basic plot of this one. After that, I had no choice but to write it because the characters were so real and alive to me at that point.

11: Dahlia: What do you think is the sexiest spot on a man’s body? J

I’d love to be all PC about this and say his smile, but it wouldn’t be the truth. His butt, definitely a man’s butt is what gets my attention first.

12: Dahlia: If you could have one hot guy for a day to do your bidding who would it be and what will he be doing?

Oh heck, only one? Pierce Brosnan. And honestly, I’d have him scrubbing the tub and all the other household chores that would allow me to ogle his behind…

13: Dahlia: Who are some of your favorite writers? Do you find it hard to get personal time for reading between your writing schedule?

There are so many. On my keeper shelves I have: Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Janet Chapman, Nora Roberts, Kay Hooper, Catherine Coulter, Jory Strong, Lauren Dane, Tianna Xander, Bonnie Rose Leigh, Linda Howard, Robin Owens, Angela Knight, and I’ve recently added Jacquelyn Frank. I’m sure there are a bunch I’m forgetting though.

For my favorites... I make the time. For new books, or authors, I try to read at least a couple books a week into my schedule.

14: Dahlia: Kiera tell us three things that you could not live without?

My laptop, my personal library, and Coca Cola…

15: Dahlia: Where we can find out more about, any contest you have going on and your books.

You can find out more about me and what I’m up to at the following places:
My MySpace
My Yahoo Group

Let Kiera thrill you down to your toes with her new book. If book one can be so exciting, book two will leave us all breathless!
Until next week luvvies!
Smooches ~*~Dahlia Rose

Sylvia Hubbard Interview!!!

Sylvia Hubbard is a an author with tons of "Oooomph" in her books. She graciously gave us an interview and here is what she had to say!

1: Dahlia: Today on the blog we have Sylvia Hubbard! Welcome and tell us more about yourself and your start in writing

I use to lie to my mother all the time and she’d make me write it down. This punishment turned to pleasure and I knew by the time I was 12 that I wanted to be a writer.
To date, I’ve independently published 4 paperback books and over 10 e-books. My foundation genre has always been romance, but I have ventured into suspense, erotic, mystery, paranormal and I/R. Always urban and contemporary styled, I’ve acquired a large readership from my hard working Internet skills from all over the world.

2: Dahlia: Sylvia you are a Detroit native, are any of your books based on your hometown?

Moved to Detroit when I was seven from Ecorse, Michigan. And I’ve loved this city since then. All but two. My first novel I ever completed Stone's Revenge is based in a small suburb called Davenport, Ohio. And then Bestselling Author, Nobia Bryant asked me to write in the Urban Legend anthology based in New Jersey. Since I'd never been to New Jersey after several emails between us, I was able to construct a suspense urban erotic called Sweet Justice.

3: Dahlia: What books do you have out now for the readers?

My upcoming book in August of 2007 will be Secrets, Lies & Family Ties. It’s about Ezekiel Chambers wanting to have as much success in his personal life as he has in his business life, but his father is doing anything and everything to sabotage it. He’s convinced by friends to go to his high school reunion and meets a mysterious woman who he can’t stop wanting. Grae happens to be the woman and she’s given the opportunity to sleep with Ezekiel whom she’s been in love with since high school with no strings attached. But perfect opportunities soon turn to perfect wickedness.
It’s a follow up to Mistaken Identity and I bring the twins back because the readers loved that the most.

4: Dahlia: Could you give us a sneak peek into a work in Progress from you or what you have coming soon for release?

Currently I’m doing a book called Sex Weed and it’s not for the faint of heart. Here’s the first couple of paragraphs of the book:
Pressing deep into her, his shaft pulsed and it took all his control to not come again, but she felt so damn good. There was just something about morally wrong sex that turned Dyson Peare on and the more he had of her body, the more he wanted her. It was the second time that day he had given in to his lust, this time right across his desk where he drove deep into her knowing the wood was going to tear her back up, but she didn’t seem to care and he was so oblivious, he didn’t care either.
She licked his ear, nibbled voraciously at his neck and then gyrated her body under him widening her legs and moving him even deeper. Her breathless sighs of pleasure aroused him and then she bit her lip to make sure she was quiet knowing he didn’t like noise. Her light cinnamon eyes closed and she trembled.
It was beautiful to watch her orgasm, but he forced himself to look away, yet her nails digging in his back and her snatch practically suckling against his manhood made him very aware of her presence despite how quiet she tried to be.

5: Dahlia: Stone’s Revenge is an excellent book; the plot catches you from the very beginning. How did you come up with the idea for such an intriguing storyline?

Stone started to formulate in my head back when J. Dahmer was arrested. My dad was a PBS nut and would watch every documentary about serial killers. I think they ran the A to Z to American and European Serial Killer series, LOL, and I started to wonder what happens to people who are affected by these killers - The family members and such. How do they have normal and what is normal to them? William began to grow and become more and more real. I think I wrote the first draft in less than two months. He was a force to be reckon with and his character leapt off the page.

6: Dahlia: Is being a writer your full time job. If not what other hats do you wear?

My benefit job is for the City of Detroit. I use to be a crime reporter for the Detroit Police, but I transferred to their 311 unit and answer calls for the city for over 80 different departments. I am also the founder of Motown Writers Network, Michigan Literary Network and The African American Electronic Literary Network. I am also an independent publisher and have a literary service to help writers get to where they want to be called HubBooks.

7: Dahlia: What are some of the goals you have set for yourself in your writing career?

To have one best seller in the next two years and I would love to have one of my books in a film and a stage play. And then I’ll end my career when I win an Oscar for original story.

8: Dahlia: What scenes in your books that you find difficult to write?

Description. I’m an action and dialogue fan and when I have to go into detail about how things look I get bored and frustrated. I carry a thesaurus every where I go and I cut out pictures of rooms and colors and faces to help.

9: Dahlia: What role does your family play in your writing career? Do they support your decision to be an author and have they read your books?

I think they’re just waiting for the money to start rolling in so they can live off me. LOL. … Seriously though, I know my mother supports me and believes in me and my children help a lot when I go to places and understand this is my dream and my passion.

10: Dahlia: I know being an author can be very stressful at time. How do you take time for yourself and relax?

Relax? Ha! Writing is my stressful remedy and working at my benefit job is my vacation.

11: Dahlia: What do you think is the sexiest spot on a man’s body? J

His shoulders and neck. I like something I can rest my thighs on.

12: Dahlia: Which do you prefer on a guy Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers. He has more room to get it out faster.

13: Dahlia: Who are some of your favorite writers? Do you find it hard to get personal time for reading between your writing schedule?

Actually no. Right now I’m reading Creepin’ by Monica Jackson, LA Banks and others and Between My Thighs by Naija. I love reading as much as I love writing.
I love a good story and I’ll read anything I can get my hands on. I don’t have a best author of all time though.

14: Dahlia: Sylvia tell us three things that you could not live without?

Writing utensils, DVD’s and cotton Candy.

15: Dahlia: Where we can find out more about you and your books

My website is always being updated along with my story blog.

You can also join my group at:

Related Links to me are:

That is what Sylvia Hubbard has to say Ladies and gents! Her books speak for themselves. Go buy a copy in print or in e-book. I promise you will not be disappointed!
Until next week luvvies!
Smooches ~*~Dahlia Rose

Step Into My Erotic Paradise "All are welcome"

Dahlia Rose,

Author, mother, lover, friend she is a rainbow of openness never to be defined. Defining her would be like trying to block a bullet. But, if you tried and happen to stumble upon her in wikipedia, you would find that she has lived nine lives and has warmed a million hearts. She has done more than most and navigated everywhere loving freely and forever changing her hair. A light to this world who uses her being to unfold secrets and keys that lay beneath destinies and blessing. She worships the moon and tattoos her dreams in books. A lioness brought here to conquer the sun with a pen…no war…love as a weapon to win. With Love as her sweater constantly warming you and I with words.

A best selling author of contemporary and paranormal romance with a hint of Caribbean spice. She was born and raised on a Caribbean island and now currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her five kids who she affectionately nicknamed "The children of the corn” and her biggest supporter/long time love. She has a love of erotica, dark fantasy, Sci-fi and the things that go bump in the night. Books and writing are her biggest passion and she hopes to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of her books