Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ahhh the holidays are with us once more. Time to spend with loved ones, friends and family has never been sweeter. This holiday has been a busy one for me and my clan. One weekend was a Christmas party and right after, Christmas. The time we spent wrapping gifts was decimated in under a minute. I think it is a new record for my brood. Deanna my oldest decided she was to grown to sit under the tree. I was kinda of disappointed at that this year. But what can I do. Even though I'd love to keep her my baby forever. I see her blossoming into a beautiful young woman. She has her own identity and is straight on her path. So that in itself is a blessing but I can't help but be nostalgic for the little girl with barney pajamas who woke me at five am on Chrstmas morning.

All in all it has been a good holiday but.... Whew..I am tired. this year has been a busy one and I am looking forward to relaxing a bit and getting back to my writing.

I am sure 2009 will bring all of us more suprises and blessings that we can imagine. For us it will be a new arrival of a little one in the spring And what ever comes to you and the path you take in life. I hope it helps you and your family prosper in all ways.

Here are a few pictures like I promised. Of both Christmas day and The Christmas party from last week. I couldn't post them all, you'll have to find them on my myspace website. :)

Enjoy and Blessed Be

Christmas Tree 2008

The Clan hunting for presents.

G'kar and his haul :)

Lily and her usual Girlie stuff. Kiki the Kooala Bear in her arms

Kaine and his gifts.

This is the Christmas party now..LOL..We had an awesome time with great friends who came by to celebrate with us. I cooked up a storm and a half. My dad gave Robert his rum punch recipe which he duplicated to a tee. Everyone said it tasted great. I guess he is on his way to becoming a Bajan man..LOL
I was exhasuted after all that cooking. So I spent most of my time in the comfy recliner resting my back. I was the picture taker for the evening. :)
Kay and my preggo self. I know I am getting rounder everday....
Everyone keeps telling me I am beautiful and I glow..I just see round.
By summer I'll be back to my usual sexy self. *Grin*

My two Soul Sistas Tiffay and Kay

Robert and Chelbies Hubby Ash
Robert and his Bestfriend Curtis

Tiff grabbing some yummies

Chelbie showing her tummy!

Big daddy getting some Chrstmas music on the speakers.

Jen and Sabrina with Jen's hubby in the background

Saturday, December 20, 2008

And The Winners Are!!.......

Hi guyz and dollz!

Well I couldn't pick only one winner for a free copy of my book. So I picked three!! LOL

Tameka, Deidre and Tabitha are the winners of a free copy of Melting A frozen Heart! Enjoy the book guys its already in your email. :) Congrats and let me know what you think of it!

Now I am off to begin cooking and decorating for our Christmas party tonight! I'll post pictures tomorrow :)

Hugs and Cheesecake every one!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Memories of Christmas in Barbados & A Chance To Win An E-book!!

This time of year always brings me memories of home. The smells of Barbados at Christmas is something you cannot forget no matter how long you have been away. If I close my eyes long enough I can still taste the bite of the sea salt in the air and feel the energy of the island.

My mother and father always seem to get gifts into the house even though we kept watch closesly..LOL..The sugar canes rustled with the a cool breeze in the day time. While at night every start seemed to be even bigger and brighter when we laid out on the lawn. The sea was always calm and while we played in the surf we would talk about what we think our gifts would be for christmas.

With mom cooking all our favorite dishes in the kitchen on Christmas Eve. My dad showing up with cases and cases of drinks for us, family and friends that would be coming by. We were all filled with excitement. I long to relive those days again. By next year or maybe 2010 I plan to be on a beach in Barbados with my family. Me with my laptop blooging that I am home for the holidays. Rob on the verandah sipping some kind of drink concotion with my brothers. While we watch the kids play in the surf like I used to...I plan to recreate my Christmas experience for them in every possible way. Until then I will tell them my memeories and see thier wide eyes fascination about everything I remember about being home for the holidays.

I have complied a little picture tribute to show everyone my isalnd, my home at Christmas.

Snow on the mountain. This plant gives off a wonderful exotic smell and its leaves only turn white in December for Christmas. This was our version of snow. Only it smelled better

Christmas candlle. Like the snow ont he mountain this plant only flowered and gave us this beautiful bouquet at Chrstmas time.

The lightsof the Bay in Bridgetown while we all dance and partied to celebrate. Of course when you are older you would be a little drunk..The nights are never that cold on an island.

Even the parliment building where our laws are governed show the Christmas Spirit with brightly colored lights.

We deck out our homes as well with lights to inivte one and all to come and see.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and my pictures. And hopefuly one day I will see you on a beach next to me enjoying my home at the holidays. As Bajans would say..."Just give me shout!" And we'll enjoy some rum punch and some tuck band music to a Caribbean Christmas beat!

Don't leave yet!! You can win a copy of my newest holiday release Melting A Frozen Heart! It has made record sales in the first few days of release and now I am giving you a free copy. Just leave me a comment and I'll enter you in a drawing for a copy of the book!

From the Dahlia Rose Clan to you and your family. We wish you peace, love and blessings for this holiday. may 2009 bring you prosperity and so much more.
Hugs and Cheesecake!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Melting A Frozen Heart Released Today! Here is an excerpt!

Hi and Happy Holidays to all!

My latest book release Melting A Frozen Heart happened today. So I wanted to share a small teaser Excerpt for you to read! Enjoy! Smooches.

To Buy a Copy (

Jack blinked slowly as he surfaced into consciousness. He tried to focus on one thought in his head that felt like it was filled with feathers. Christmas, cold, soup and green stuff Lucy made me drink. It was all coming back to him now. By the gods he never should have taken it. How would mortal medicine affect his abilities to control the winter? His nose felt like someone had stuffed it full of cotton balls. The pressure behind his eyes was like a steel vice. He had never been sick a day in his life. Not even as a child. Now at the age of two thousand and some change he had a cold.

Jack felt something shift beside him and heard a gentle snore. He looked over to see Lucy asleep still in her clothes on his bed. He vaguely remembered how he woke up in a frenzy, and she had soothed him and got him lie back. He thought it was all a dream as he faded in and out of sleep throughout the night. Her cool touch and gentle voice was there each time, coaxing him to relax and to rest. She had stayed with him through the night. The knowledge of this kind gesture from Lucy made something flutter in his chest. The sensation was not something he was familiar with, and it felt almost like pain as he tried to push it away.

Her features were relaxed in sleep, and her full lips slightly parted. She always looked like she was wearing some kind of pink lip gloss, but Jack knew she kept her make up to a minimum. This was natural Lucy, with pink luscious delectable lips which were meant to be kissed. Whoa! Jack wondered when his thoughts shifted toward Lucy in that kind of way. It had to be the cold, he tried to explain to himself. But yet he couldn’t help his fingers as they trailed across the smooth skin of Lucy’s cheek, and the pad of his thumb caressed her full bottom lip.

Her eyelids fluttered, and she opened her soft chocolate brown eyes to stare at him. She didn’t even question why his hands were cupping her face or why his thumb still trailed along her soft lips. Instead her lips parted just a little bit more, and her tongue touched the tip of his finger. Jack couldn’t resist the tempting offer.

He slid his hand behind her neck, and he settled his lips on hers. By the gods, Jack felt his temperature rise with the first taste of Lucy’s mouth. She was so receptive already her soft purr was fueling the fire of his desire. Her tongue touched his tentatively as if she didn’t know if it was what she should do. Jack told her it was exactly what he wanted what he needed by letting his tongue mate and duel with hers. Kissing her was unlike anything he had ever experienced. She kissed with naiveté. Her expressiveness at every sensation sent shards of pleasure to his core. This was what a kiss was supposed to feel like. This was what kissing Lucy felt like. Lucy.

The recognition of what he was doing filtered into his brain. She was his assistant, his right hand man. Jack pulled away, and Lucy opened heavy lidded eyes. The sensual curl of heat in her gaze made him want to go back and sample her some more. But she wasn’t some girl he could just play with then buy a few thousand dollars worth of useless goods to reciprocate in replace of actual affection. It sounded cruel he knew, but each woman that he ever got involved with knew exactly where he stood in the relationship and what they would be getting out of it. But this was his sweet Lucy who ran his life like a smooth running steam engine. He couldn’t afford to lose her for a few hours of pleasure. If he slept with her, it would ruin everything. She deserved better than what he could give.

The uncomfortable silence between them seemed to go on forever. He watched the silent acknowledgment of what they had done register on her face. Lucy sat up suddenly and was out of the bed in a flash. Jack was disappointed to see the look or surprised hurt on her face before she masked it with business-like detachment.

“How do you feel this morning?” Lucy asked. Before he could answer, she continued in a rush. “You had a pretty restless night, and I fell asleep here. Um, I’m sorry for that. I should go make you breakfast. I’ll change in the other bedroom. I still have some clothes here from when we had the dinner part and stuff.” She took a long deep breath. “I’ll be out front when you’re ready to . . . eat.”

Lucy was out of the room in a flurry. She opened the door and grabbed her shoes with an apologetic smile before the door closed again.

The door opened once more, and she popped her head inside. “I forgot to mention the roof collapsed last night on a family because of the snow. They are at the Red Cross, and I was thinking we could . . . well you could help them out for Christmas. Think about it okay?”

Jack cursed under his breath and flopped back against the rumpled sheets of his bed. He felt guilty about everything, about kissing Lucy, the snow and now a homeless family because of him. There would be a lot more if he didn’t get control of his powers soon.

Outside his sky light view, he could see the clouds sending snowflake after snowflake raining down on the city. The only reason that they did not stick to the gall of his roof was because of the heat sensors he had built in to always keep them clear of ice building up on them. He tried once more unsuccessfully to reign in the snow which seemed to increase instead of clearing up. He would have to contact his mother sometime soon to let her know what was going on. She might know what to do. Plus it was better to speak to her than to his father, Odin.

He got up from the bed and made his way to the bathroom, hoping a hot shower would alleviate some of the symptoms plaguing him. He came out of the steamed up room fifteen minutes later feeling only a tiny bit better. Nothing prepared him for the scene that greeted him when he walked into his living room.

Lucy had turned his penthouse into a candy cane Christmas nightmare. Light glittered at him, and the tree in the corner screamed holiday cheer. Jack could hear his teeth grinding together in his head. It wouldn’t be fair to take all the things she carefully put up and throw them out would it? After all she did give up her holiday to come take care of him. He would have to grin and bear it until he got better. Right now holiday decorations were the least of his worries.

He went to the kitchen to grab some juice and stepped on a mat in front of the refrigerator that promptly began to sing Deck the Halls. Jack groaned and let his forehead lean against the cool stainless steal of his fridge.

“I’m in hell,” he muttered. “Pure Christmas hell.”

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Warm and Fuzzies :)

How was everyone's Thanks giving? its time to gear up for the Christmas season. "Presentsssssss *drool*..LOL

If you saw the pictures in my photo albums, my holiday was hetic but so much fun. I have not been home to NY in three years so catching up with everyone and trying to do everything was a marathon. But I would'nt change thing. The best part was I got to see my dad. Between my not being home and his constant work schedule I have not seen him in the three years I have been gone. My mom always came to visit but he was so busy he could not come with her. Phone calls are our thing.

We got into New York about 1 am and he stayed up and waited for us to arrive. The bestest thing was as soon as I walked through the door he pulled me into one of those big bear hugs I misssed so much. I have never been hugged so tight and let me tell you I hugged right back..LOL. From there the holiday only got better and better. For that I was blessed.

So now I am back home and back to a hectic work schedule. I have to focus on wrting because the morning sickness I had cut into my wrting considerably. There were days I could not even get out of bed except to run to the bathroom. But that is all over (knock on wood..LOL) and I back to my keyboard. I take off early to rest but other than that I am more focused than ever! I gave up everything to focus on becoming an author. So I can't fail at this because it is not only me I have to worry about. It is my kids who gave me the green light to go for it. My goal is not only succeed but to show them dreams can come true no matter what age you are. There is no fall back on Plan B in this for me, so I wil work my fingers to the nubs....

Thats some deep thoughts huh?..ok back to me being somewhat insane..LOL

The holiday season I have no signings planned. There is way to much going on. visiting family and I am hosting a Christmas party! Yayyyy fun! But from January 2009 I will be back on the road hanging out with the readers and no if you rub my tummy a genie won't jump out but a baby might kick you..LOL.

Look out for my new Year signing schedule in 2009!

My newest release The Darkest joy has been doing very well and making rave reviews. I felt so thriled because this was a different style of writing for me and I am glad it was well liked. Maelting A Frozen Heart will be released On Friday December 12th so By all mean pick a copy of this holiday treat and see what Jack Frost is up to :) Touching Evil and The Song of Calypso are the novels you should look out for in 2009. YES! they are almost done!

To all of my blogger readers, friends and partners in crime..heh heh heh. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe, blessed and prosperous New Year. "Dahlia doing the Spock fingers" :)


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008!

Hey Guyz and Dollz of the blogger world!

I hope each and everyone of you had an awesome Thanksgiving holiday and you are gearing up for an exciting Christmas! We had a blast in Ny for the week we were there. And here are a few pictures for you like I promised. To see the entire album though you'll have to vist my space and see my photos. They were way to many to put here. It seems someone always had the camera and a picture was being taken. LOL

The only down side was my mom was really sick for the holiday. So no pictures of her unfortunately. But we made sure to take care of her and even though she was in bed she enjoyed us being there.

Enjoy and come back and vist me very soon! You never know what you might read or see.

Oh by the way! Don't forget my new Holiday romance "Melting a Frozen Heart" is debuting next week! Check it out my lovlies. :)

Hugs and Cheesecake!

Robert Enjoying his desert of pumkin pie.

Relaxing after dinner. The music was me :)

Me and My sister in Time Square Resturant!

My babies.. well in my world they will always be babies. LOl
The men of my family... Thomas, Robert and Carlos

My dad cooking up a storm :) He is the bomb in the kitchen!
My sister,our daughters and my dad :)
Dahlia & Robert in Time Square..awesome background!
The entire view from on top of the red steps :)
Carlos and Robert enjoying drinks in Time Square

The three sisters... we always have each others back

Monday, November 17, 2008

THe Reviews are still coming in For The Collettes "Luna"

Hey guyz and Dollz!

Even though a few months have past the reviews are still coming in for the second book in the The Collettes Trilogy!

Love Romance and More give Luna's Story four hearts and says!........

The first piece of the fabled amulet has been found and it is now Luna Collette's turn to find her mate and find the second piece all the while trying to stay alive in the process as the sister's enemies grows bolder by the minute. Luna is chafing at the bit to go after her piece of the puzzle but when she meets her match in Georgina "George" Matthews, she finally finds a love worth fighting for even as the evil master racing after the amulet comes after her family with a vengeance!

THE COLLETTE'S: LUNA is the next piece of the three sister's puzzle and it is one wild ride from start to finish. It picks up a few months after Sola's story and Ms. Rose doesn't let up on the action. The characters are well rounded and this time we see Luna in the spotlight as she finds her mate in Georgina Matthews, a woman bent on revenge for the death of her father. When these two meet, sparks fly and passion surges. Ms. Rose definitely delivers some hot sexual tension between these two characters that fairly ignite the pages each time they clash.With the action pounding, the sexual chemistry kicking up a notch and a race against the clock to find the next piece of a puzzle, Ms. Rose delivers a pulse pounding ride as The Collette Sisters find a searing betrayal amid the love two of the sisters have found. As flames explode around them, they realize that time is just about out for them.

THE COLLETTE'S: LUNA is a fast paced ride that literally leaves you breathless and aching for the final piece of the puzzle to be read. Ms. Rose does a great job delving into the hearts of the sisters and their mates as well as the secondary characters they interact with as well. It is a fun filled romp that will keep you guessing right up to the ending that is so left field, you never would have guessed it. This reviewer is definitely looking forward to the next in the series and sees what happens next for the sisters and the vampire/human worlds. Get ready for a series that will keep you guessing that has multidimensional characters that fairly leap off the pages and a mystery that hums with twists and turns amid the pages.

Grab your copy of all three books in the trilogy in print from or

Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Dahlia Updates...In her personal life and beyond!

So how is everyone this fine Sunday morning? Charlotte is bursting open with fall colors and it is not as cold as some would think...LOL..Me I think I'd like it a bit colder so at least we could light the fireplace.

Well my world has finally started to become a little more even. The morning sickness is beginning to taper off. But not all the way. This baby does not seem to like grapes..or anything I Like for that matter...LOL..The only thing that I can drink so far is ginger tea and lemondae. Oh and strawberry ice cream is awesome at night before bed :)

I felt better than I have in a the last few weeks so I was able to take advantage of my birthday gifts..finally. My birthday was October 29th and yes I was sick that day. Poor Robert..he had so much things planned but because I had morning sickness 24 hours a day we couldn't even go out. But this weekend was an awesome weekend and we finally got to clelebrate. I got a tons of gift cards from friends and family. Of course they were all mostly to bookstores (they all know me so well). Robert made sure he outdid them all. A wonderful romantic dinner at our favorite resturant where we celebrate all special occasions. A shoppng trip since I really needed to buy some maternity clothes. I am getting a round tummy already and nothing fits. Of course gift cards to my favorite bookstores and the best part of my birthday gifts from him.. A trip to the day spa for mommies to be. I cannot wait to go. We all know muscles stretch and your body has to work harder whenyou are expecting a baby so to have a massage and to be pampered for a few hours will be a welcome treat. They'll have to put me in a char when they are through with me (laugh).

Guess where we'll be for Thanksgiving? Yes! New York City with my family and Friends. Oh my mom and dad are so excited to be having us there. As usual they have gone completely overbaord. But what fun to have a week in NY just enjoying the sights and sounds and yes the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade..LIVE!! Big daddy gets to see New York not the touristy way but the right way...The way it should be seen like if you lived there all your life. There is nothing like NY for Thanksgiving and we plan to have so much fun... Don't worry there will be pictures when we get back.

We'll find out in January whether we are having a girl or boy. And I'm keepiong what we are hoping for under wraps. (laugh).

I am still working hard. My newest novel "Touching Evil" will be done very soon and then I move on to my next working in progress "Hot Lips and Cherry Lollipops.". Both have been contracted even though they are not done. How cool is that. I like seeing my books out there and I like that the readers like to read my work. I can never stress enough that without the readers I would have no career. So to all of them my humble thanks and great blessings I send your way.

I have a to be completed list that is a mile long and has to get done by at least April next year for at least five publishers. Everyday is at least a 16 hour work day for me from the time I wake up until I go to bed. Between my own writing, plus my work for other publishers, promoting and events where I am scheduled to be..I am swamped. But loving everyminute of it. I am doing it all now because when the baby comes (In late may) I will be taking a two month hiatus from any public events and working online promotions only. That way the new little one wil have me all to his/ herself and can be doted on by mom and dad.

To anyone who thinks that being an author is an easy is not..LOL.. writing the book is only half the job. After that the real work begins with editing and getting that book to the readers. I love my job and would not have it any other way.

So my world has become yours again for a little bit. Thanks for letting me share..Comment away you guys know I love hearing from you and have a safe and Happy Holiday. Remember it is a holiday so another piece of pie will not hurt..Those calories do not count :)

Hugs and Cheesecake!

Friday, November 7, 2008

First Look Melting A Frozen Heart! (Coming in December!)

The holidays are coming, The Holidays are coming!

And I' m dancing in Glee!

Why because my mew book Melting A frozen heart will be released in December!

Take a look at the new awesome cover and read the blurb..I hope you like it!


Jack Forsythe hates Christmas. He hates the holiday and the cheer it brings. No one knows the true him and he intends to keep it that way. Walking through New York City, he feels a cold coming on and that is not good. Why? Because he is actually Jack Frost who controls the element of winter and if he is sick his magic is on the fritz. He can't even get home to the North Pole to recuperate and for his mother's soup. There is only one person to call, the only other person who will take care of him… Lucy Pierre.

Lucy is Jack's personal assistant and has been in love with him for what seems like forever. When they have to spend the holidays in close quarters sparks fly between her and her boss with the ice blue stare. Will Lucy be able to melt Jack's frozen heart or will her love be left shattered in the snow?

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Darkest Joy Debuts Today!!

Where can you find a fallen angel who searches for peace?
Why at Amira Press of course!!
New From I/R Author Dahlia Rose
The Darkest Joy

For a crime committed in the halls of heaven, he fell from grace and became one of the fallen. Now he serves his punishment in the pits of the underworld as the collector of the devil's debts. For Caim, a thousand years in the servitude of demons is more than he can bear. Now he has a chance to be free and to find peace. He has found what he seeks most in the eyes and arms of Bliss Tadeo, a phlebotomist in a small town called Merry, North Carolina. She has soothed the beast within him and given him a chance for redemption. If they can both survive his ultimate escape from hell…

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Caribbean Ghost Stories From The Files of Dahlia Rose

Caribbean Ghost Stories From The Files of Dahlia Rose
So a few months back, I did a guest blog spot where I wrote about Caribbean Ghost stories. Most of you know I am from the island of Barbados and moved around alot before settling in North Carolina. But I always missed my home and even though I haven't visited in awhile..It holds a special place in my heart. We are planning to take an extended trip there for a year or two. So my kids can reconnect with the place where mom was born and see how simple and fun it was to grow up there. Plus it gives Robert a chance to live on an island and fish, and relax. There is nothing better let me tell you that :) Yes I even know how to surf, scuba and free dive...Thought I probably wouldn't do it now..LOL

But anyway, back to the ghost stories. Halloween is such a great time. My birthday is next week and anyone can tell you I love this HOLIDAY!! The house is decorated and our costumes are all ready for the Halloween parties and trick or treating :) needless to say I plan to have fun fun fun!!

From every part of the world they are stories that mystify us as children. We can sit, listen with wide eyes even as we grow into adult hood and still be captivated. Ghosts, spectral visions, voodoo, demons, all terrified us but yet we wanted to hear more. Well I'm from the island in the Caribbean Sea and I will give you a private tour into the ghost stories of our island. Things that seem unbelievable but have been seen by me and many of the islanders. From a race of tiny evil demons meant to terrorize, to a spirit who cannot rest. I will tell you all. Plus my favorite story of the island that has taken a special place in one of my upcoming books :) Join me in a journey to the parts of the island no one ever gets to see. If you dare!..

Demons Collecting Debts?

On an island ever resource is used to help make money. Some people are better off than others and for that reason "coolie men" came to be formed. The rich and the middle class could afford to go into town and buy what they needed. While the poor had to find other means to take care of their household and family. Coolie men were men who drove cars; they were able to ship their wares from overseas. From clothes to towels, shoes to pots and pans they had it all and they sold it out of the back of their cars. But for people who couldn't afford it they had a weekly payment plan. You could get what you need and pay small installments until the debt was gone. Call it an older version of a credit card payment except you didn't get bad credit if you didn't pay. You got something much worse. Demons
If you bought from them you dared not pay your debt because every one knew that the Coolie men dealt in the black arts. And those who did paid with terror and fright for the entire family. You would know if someone in your neighborhood didn't cover their debits. A group of men dressed in black would come to where the street begins that leads to where you live. There they would perform a ritual and etch symbols into the ground. No one dared stop them, but everyone one knew what was to come. From the time the sun set and the streets got dark. The sugar canes would seem to go silent from the wind passing through them. Nothing could be heard everything was deathly quiet. Mothers would give their children a night snack quickly and as you sat you could see the fear in her eyes and she worried the hem of her apron. Everyone would go to bed early and wait for the sounds to start.
Chains rattling, the sounds of howls like devil dogs that sent chills down you body. Sisters would huddle together in bed and say prayers that nothing could get inside the house. Brothers even though they pretended to be brave would not hesitate to let a younger sibling climb into bed just to be secure. You could hear your mother and father in their room whispering in hushed urgent tones and even their voices were scared. The wiring to the lights would burn out and the smell of burnt wire would fill the house even though the lights still blinked an eerie red. This was just as the demons passed by, Imagine what the family who incurred the debt had to go through. Houses were built close together and you would know soon enough. Scream of terror would fill the night air, and voices begging for mercy or help would be heard. But no one dared step outside to aide them they were on their own until morning. The sun would rise and the day would start again. Children would get ready for school and head out walking past the ones who had demons befall them. Outside the coolie men would be standing on the steps and money would be exchanging hands. The next night everyone would breathe a sign of relief because the neighborhood was safe once more. Children could go outside and chase fireflies whole parents sat on steps and talk to their friends and neighbors. No one would speak of the night before where terror kept them frozen in their beds.

Murder+ Cover Up= Restless Spirits

The morning was broken by a horror that no one could ever imagine. It couldn't possibly be happening here! These things only happen overseas. Overseas is what islander usually called America or the UK. But it was happening and it left the entire island frozen in fear. A girl dead in the cane fields killed on her way to work. She had left early in the morning when the sun was on its way to brighten the sky. On her way pass the rows and rows of fields that held the islands biggest resource she was attacked. Brutalized in the worst possible way by more than one man then her throat was cut. They left her for dead but she was not. Bleeding profusely she tired to crawl out from the middle of the tall stalks of sugar canes hoping a passing car could give her help. But her attackers came back and finished the job.
They found her because some one passing saw the blood trail she left from the road. They once sleepy neighbor hood was now filled with constables and news reporters from the local television station. The police knew who it was who did the deed but because they had no evidence they could do nothing. One of the men was a man of stature in the community and that alone held him unaccountable. So this poor girl was buried without justice or so everyone thought. A mother's grief fueled by anger, hate and loss is a powerful thing. While she cried over her daughter's body she whispered words that would cause a stir for years to come. Words that kept her daughter's soul from resting in peace.
The first time her ghost walked out from the cane fields the man that saw her ran all the way home screaming her name in terror. She comes out from between the fields and stands there still dressed in the clothes she died in, her throat cut and blood soaked. When the lights of an oncoming car hit hers, she darts back into the tall sugar canes while the driver tires to regain control of his vehicle and his racing heart. If you see her in person she reached out in a plea for help. I saw her once when I was growing up and the sight has been etched in my memory forever. A group of friends and I decided to walk to the beach late one night. The water is warm and to sit there and watch the cruise boats circle and listen to the music was something to be enjoyed. We left home not expecting to see anything except the pristine white beaches under a full moon. We never got to the beach. As we passed the beginning of the fields I saw a flash of white and my heart lurched. Laughing it off as rabbits playing we continued on, until we were frozen in out steps. She stepped out fro the place she died and stood in the middle of the road staring at us. Eyes wide and scared she looked around as if trapped in the same nightmare. Her eyes fell on us again and she held out her hands to us in a silent entreaty for help. We stood and watched in fascination or was it horror as she stepped towards us? I can honestly say I wanted to see what would happen next. Would her touch be cold? Would I be able to see her death through her eyes or would she pass though me and I would feel her presence as if it was mine. Her neck was the most horrific as she stepped closer with arms outstretched begging for help we could see her wound. The gash was harsh and torn like of she was cut by an unsharpened piece of metal. The light of a car could be seen around the bend coming closer. When the lights hit her she darted back from us and dashed back into the cane fields' once more. By the time the car past we could still see her peeking out between the sugar canes. We ran then and as I ran I felt the fear take over my fascination and I picked up speed racing a head of my friends. We never went back down that road at night again. But the story does not end there.
After that four men died, all in strange circumstances. Before they all died they each spoke of a woman's ghost that would not let them rest. This included the man who had high standing the community. He was alone when he died, ashamed and left even by his family. The sugar canes fields were cut down and uprooted, they made way for new homes and neighborhoods. But they still say that she is still seen there. Instead of coming out of cane fields she darts between the houses, confused about where she is and stuck in the endless cycle. Even though her attackers are gone why does she still stay? Shouldn't vengeance be the thing that lets her cross over into peace? Or is it because her mother never retracted the words that kept her from the afterlife? Do those words keep her here in this world and unable to find rest?

These were stories that were passed told to us as children growing up. The one I did sometimes I wonder if it was a hallucination. Did we all see what we saw because of the tales told to us? Or did we really see a ghost? I know they are things in this world that are unexplained. I think that is why my books tend to go towards the paranormal and unexplained. There is one more story that I have that will intrigue you but I shall hold on to it for a little longer. I won't spoil the secret but you can read bout it in my novel coming soon from Sugar and Spice Press. ( There the story of the pirate Samuel Lord will be revealed and it is twisted in with the story I have weaved around it. "The Song of Calypso" has more of the Caribbean between its pages.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope I have left you with the urge to share your own paranormal tales.
Hugs and Cheesecake!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Great Advance Review For The Darkest Joy!

Come see what the reviewers are saying about The Darkest Joy!

My upcoming release with Amira Press
October 24th 2008 (

Just in time For Halloween!
A Fallen Angel who searches for redemption by finding love in the arms of a human woman.
And the demons of hell who will do anything to stop him!

Bitten By Books reviewer Virginias says....

Four Tombstones For The Darkest Joy!

Caim is a fallen angel who is being punished for a transgression in heaven. But the overall story is very intriguing. The idea that a fallen angel can avoid becoming a demon and being one of Lucifer’s minions made for an interesting book. There is a scene where Bliss has to explain how chicken tenders taste to the fallen angel. I liked the idea that Bliss would be able to help save him and her medical knowledge didn’t hurt to have either. The chemistry between Bliss and Caim is steamy and romantic. I think that Ms. Rose’s story has a lot of potential and if you enjoyed City of Angels, then you’ll definitely enjoy “The Darkest Joy”. I am curious to see if she has a sequel planned for this book to further the story. If you like Ms. Rose’s other work, you’ll enjoy this book. Check it out today.

To read the full review go to...

And pick your copy of The Darkest Joy when it is released on October 24th! And let me know what you think when you read this exciting new tale!
Hugs and Cheesecake

Monday, October 13, 2008

Touch of Evil By Dahlia Rose Unedited Xcerpt

Hey Guys and Dollz
Touch of Evil is almost done and soon going off to the publishers. I wanted to give you a sneek Peak into the empathic world of Iris and the people with her who have been taksed with saving the world from..... Hell.
Enjoy :)
Collin and Neela came through the door and Iris braced herself for an onslaught of emotion. There was none, all she got off of them was calm and peace. It was a blessing compared to how Adam had barreled into the room and his emotion has barraged her. When they came in they had already begun to shield themselves. And she also prayed part of it was that she was getting stronger.
"Ms. Lady I should beat you!" Neela smiled with her hand on her hips. "Bow come here and give me a hug." Her smiled faltered a little. "Can you hug me without you…well you know?"
Iris stepped close to the woman she could call friend. "I can hug you Neela and even if it caused me pain I still would." She embraced the blond and closed her eyes when her embraced was returned. "I have missed you, you know."
Iris pulled away and met Collins stare and calm smile. "I'm getting stronger Collin so you better hug me too."
"I'm glad to see you Iris." Collin folded her in his arms. "Even though it is under these circumstances." As he held her he whispered a private message just for her ears. "I always knew that there was a higher purpose to your gift. You are our salvation and our blessing."
His words hit her heart like an arrow piercing into its depths. It made the situation more real than she ever thought possible. They were people whose lives depended on her, this entire country would live or die depending on her actions. They moved from the foyer to the living room, Irish sat in the overstuff chair near the window. The noise and siren from outside blared in and the low hum of emotions in her head had become louder since she was closer to the source. Adam eyes searched her face, before he went and closed the window. He walked back to the bed room and came back with a bottle of Tylenol and snagged a bottle of water from the kitchen.
Iris took the pills and water gratefully. Neela and Collins eyes were on hers as she swallowed four of the white capsules. "I'm controlling it but it is still a little much."
"Compared to how you were when I last saw you, I'd say it is a miracle you are out here sitting with us." Neela smiled with encouragement.
"We were listening to the radio as we came here. People are making a mass exodus out of ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />California and Las Vega it seems." Collin supplied the information. "Everything seemed to have started from there and is spreading outwards."
"Have you found out anything about the demon Acenath?" Iris asked.
"There were only a few vague references to her in the few texts I had. Stuff like daughter of maliciousness and whore of the defiler whom we all know is the demon Mephistopheles."
"No we didn't all know that." Neela sat back in her chair. "I am still trying to get my bearing on what the hell we saw happen at the shelter. The cops pick the guy up and he went like kitten! And that is after he kicked in a thick metal door and some kind of crap escaped his body!"
"That was an exorcism of sorts." Collin explained. 'I had to be quick about it because I don't know how long we could've held him. People possessed like that have super human strength."
"Possession? Iris asked. "But how would that be possible and to know directly where to go?"
"And how would the possessed person be able to get the information back to this demon chick?" Adam added.
"I don't know, all I can think of is that Acenath is using some of the tricks of hell to find you. Demons and evil are all connected some how." Collin explained.
"We can't do anything until we get more information about her and what she is capable of." Adam concluded.
"When I called the church Arch diocese, I could tell something was up." Collin wiped his hands across his face. 'They were all in an uproar and wanted to know what I had seen, but man they were holding on to some secrets like Fort Knox. They wouldn't tell me a damn thing except that to follow the signs and now would be a good time to rejoin the fold."
"Well shit, if the Catholic Church is in an uproar, we are basically screwed." Neela concluded. "The dreams were bad ass, I'm telling you the Acenath looks like a living dead doll and those look-a-likes she has with her. Can you say creepy?"
"I did find out about those two." Collin voice held no emotion. "They are some bad, very bad news."
"Who are they?" Iris leaned forward and rested her hands on her knees. Behind her perched on the arm of the over sized chair Adam rubbed her back comfortingly. Iris didn't think she would ever feel comfort again after what she was hearing. How could I have gone from the peace of an island to the middle of a war between good and evil in a matter of days?..:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
"Drake and Delilah, their creation was no less than pure evil incarnate. Their mother was a virgin who was stolen by a cult to be the vessel of evil. They used some serious black magic to summon Lucifer himself to plant his seed inside her. He possessed the cult leader who raped the poor girl over and over again." Irish watched a shudder passed through Collins body. Even though he was no longer a priest because of his faith what he knew made him make the sign off the cross on his body. "They held her captive, while the pregnancy gestated, the poor girl started craving bloody meat and flesh while she was pregnant. When those two were born it, she died. Their eyes are like the pits of the damned, they kill, they are cannibals and it took an army of priest to kill them. Then they were buried on holy ground. It took some serious power for Acenath to raise them."
"My god so those two are like the twin version of the anti Christ?" Iris breathed out in horror.
"No, no!" Collin answered hastily. "That is the end of the world as we know it. They are always some demon who thinks they can jump off Armageddon and win the favor of Lucifer. No one knows that he had many children all demons, Drake and Delilah are just two of thousands that were created. Acenath is using them to try to wage her own little war.
'But why, what could she have against the world so much that she has to try to destroy it!"
"I'd like to know that as well." Neela said grimly
Well fuck if we don't find some answers we are royally screwed.' Adam said harshly."
The room was suddenly bathed in a golden glow that caused each of them to gasp. In the middle of the bright light that encompassed the room stood a magnificent presence with white wings outspread. Iris knew who it was instantly, the sense of peace that filled her body made her sigh. As the light faded Selma's smiling face was clear and brilliant. Her wings folded down and she stood in the midst of the group with her hands clasped serenely in front of her. Adam eyes were wide as saucers while Collin had dropped to his knees from his seat. Neela had sat back in her chair and never took her eyes of the angel, with her mouth open wide tears began to fall down her cheeks.
"Selma," Iris whispered.
The angel who was her protector looked at her with kind eyes. "Hello dear heart, I came at your call like I said I would."
"But I didn't call yet,"
Selma's laugh sounded like the jingle of crystal chimes. 'I always watch over you Irish. I knew when you would call even before you did. You all have questions and I have come to answer them. Then tomorrow your journey will begin, for there is a lot that will stand in your way before you can reach Acenath."
"We are leaving the city?" Irish asked.
Selma looked at each of them individually. "Yes you are going to take the battle to her."
"Can I...Why us?" Collin asked hesitantly.
Selma reached out and cupped his cheek. The look of serenity that passed on Collins face was indescribable. "Each of you have fought your own battles with the evils of the world and all of you are connected with Iris. Who else would we chose to take on this charge for the righteous?" Collin, a priest who had been jaded by the sins of the church, but yet you keep your faith and help others. Do you not yet see you help more of the needy and the down trodden without a priest collar around your neck?"
Selma turned to Neela. "You have seen so much in the years that you have served with law enforcement. You have shed so many tears and the angels have cried with you. Even now your tough exterior does little to hide the compassion in you. That is why you protect and serve in your own way and you stand side by side with Iris now." Neela wiped the tears on her cheeks.
Her gaze settled finally on Adam, Iris could sense he held his breath as Selma spoke. "Adam, you fight with your words and with your knowledge. You defend the helpless with your cause. Your righteous indignation in the court room cannot be matched. You have the heart of a Lion and your love of Iris will help her when the pain of all she feels become to much."
Selma smile to Iris was brilliant. "You are getting stronger dear heart. I am so very proud of you."
"Thank you Selma," Iris replied. She tried not to see her as an angel but a friend who stayed the loneliness away when she lived in solitude. 'You said you came with answers for us, how so?"

Yes I know I left you hanging here.. But to see the full story of Iris and Adam. Touch of Evil will be out in 2009.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Exciting New And Updates In My Life

Hey Everyonne

I know have only been posting new releases and other stuff on the blog and not enough about my life outside writing lately. So today I decided to give my blogger friends (i.e YOU!) *SMILE* an update for everything going on in my world. And trust me there is alot. LOL

First thing...I am going to be a mom again :) Yup Dahlia is expecting. I am due around the end of May early June 2009. Don't worry I will still be at Con Carolinas this year just rounder.. LOL. So I am going to be working hard to get all my projects done and completed so that when he/she arrives in the world I can take a well deserved break. Both myself and big daddy are thrilled at our new bun in the proverbial oven and can't wait for him/ her to arrive. I'll keep you updated as time goes on. Now if anyone has a cure for morning sickness. Feel free to email me..LOL. My favorite thing to eat lately is Rum and Rasin Ice cream a few spoonfuls of that makes everything ok.. :)

Secondly I have a few books releasing over the next few weeks.
Sand of Passion in Print with Phaze on October 13th.
The Darkest Joy with Amira Press October 24th.
How to Ruin Halloween for the Grim Reaper on October 27th
Melting a Frozen Heart with Amira Press December 14th

Yeah I know LOL... There is a lot going on and there's more, Waldens books has placed my books on thier Top best seller shelf for African American fiction! How cool is that *Dahlia doing a dance*

Next year I will be having two new novel out with Amnira Press called Touch of Evil and Hot Lips and Cherry Lollipops. Two different books but filled with suspense action and of course ertoica all rolled into one.

2009 will also have me writing for some new top publishers in the industry. I have been invited by Circlet Press to submit and a few others which I am keeping under my hat for now..LOL But you can be sure as soon as I have more information I will be shouting it from the roof tops and celebreating with you all. No alcohol though..LOL

So I think that's it for now. Oh Oh Oh!! you should check the blog and my space in December for my Ho Ho Ho Christmas giveaway! Can you say Christmas treats and prizes Galore! Including a give away of a tote filled with autographed copies of everyone one of my print books!

You know where to find my books on sale, amazon, Books -A- Million, Barnes and Noble, where all major books are sold and of course my publisher websites.

And as always I love to hear from you guys so email me or leave me comment

Blessed Be and Smooches!
Dahlia Rose

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Long Awaited Covers From My I/R Books From Phaze (In Print)

I know I have been talking about them for awhile!
And here they are
The Covers for my new books from Phaze Publishing
In Print

The Collettes Trilogy
Debuting September 29th 2008

Together in one print volume: the exciting sage of the Collette sisters - Sola, Luna, and Willa - and their quest for the amulet and mystical spells that allows vampires to live in the sunlight.

Three sister born of undead parents, they exist in the shadows of humanity. Now as their three hundredth birthday looms so does their destiny. Divided they find love and fate are twisted in one strand of their undead lives. Together they face betrayal and a fight for survival, not only for themselves but for mankind.

Sands of Passion
Debuting in October!

Together in one volume, the passionate bestsellers of Dahlia Rose:
Caribbean Blue: Eli Connors was a Philadelphia cop who was burnt out and just stressed out from the job. So when his friend Mick sent him and invite to visit him on the island of Barbados Eli jumped at the chance. He needed a break, the sun and surf would do him just fine. He did not know he would meet a mysterious woman called Alison on the beaches of the island, from a tribe called the Baqeu. Nor did he know that he would end up running from poachers on the island. Now in paradise he is caught up in the exotic Alison and the passion they created in between the coral and caves on the island. Will he be able to get on a plane back to the life on Philly and the cruel streets that made his heart cold? Or will he stay on the island and follow love's call by the Caribbean blue Sea?
When Love Commands: When Sergeant Daniel Butler met Major Claire Kirkland in the heat of the Iraqi War, it was love at first sight, and he swore to find her after their tours ended. A whirlwind stateside romance, however, was cut short by his next deployment. Now retired from service, Claire continues her work and worries for Daniel's safety, waiting for the love that bonds them to come home.

Will Daniel survive his dangerous missions to take command of their passion once again?
I hope you like them. let me know what you think!
And thank you to Alessia Brio for the Awesome Covers!

Hugs and Cheesecake!

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Dragon Con 2008! We're Home!!

Hey Guys and Dollz

I had a fantabulous time in Atlanta this year at Dragon Con. We hung out with some of the old friends and made some new ones as well! Between myself and Crymsyn Hart we passed out tons of promotion for our books.

This was Robert's first big event with me when it comes to my promotions of my books! He loved it as much as we did and even got into wearing a gypsy shirt and tunic as a costume!

Whew now I am one tired lady and glad to be home. Doesn't mean I wouldn't do it all over again!

They were too many pictures to post them all hear so I had to create a new album for them! Go to my pictures and see them all, and feel free to comment! Plus on Myspace a list of events where I'll be for September and October with upadtes going up weekly.

But for now, here is a few pictures to wet your appitite to see the rest!

Smooches, Hugs and Cheesecake!

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!

Richard Hatch (The Original Captain Apollo from Battlestar Galactica)
With Robert!

Birds Birds Birds!!

My Cereal Killer

The Demon Gypsy and Her Beau ! LOL
Elvira and Dahlia

The Dark Knight's Nemisis

I was kidnapped by the Joker


Reno 911! LOL

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Look! The Collettes 'Willa" Cover

Hey Hey gang!

It is a good Monday :) School started today and I got my third cover for my vampire series. I wanted to debut it here with everyone!

This series has been getting rave reviews! And all three will together in print on the same day of the final book is released. (September 29th) This is the final chapter of the Collette sisters. Book one brought you Sola Collette and Book was second sister Luna Collette. I give you the first view of the new cover for books 3 and Willa Collette! You can check out the series at (

What do you think?

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Robert "Aka" Big Daddy's Birthday Extravaganza!

It was a sultry summer night in August. And my big guy Robert had his 40th birthday on Friday! Now you know I could not let this past without a few friends, a few drinks and tons of fun that could not be matched. Who says you can't have fun at 40? He sure did!! And guess what we will continue to have fun even when we are old and gray. Age is a number not a state of mind.

He says to remind my blogger buddies that he is forty with no gray hair. I have the pictures to prove it..LOL

So here are a few of the picutres from last night. with a special pic of his birthday present as the very last one. Nothing dirty you guys, get your minds out of the gutter :)

Join me in wishing Robert Happy Birthday with a whole lotta extra love and kisses from me :)

As usual
Hugs and Cheesecake!

Dahlia Looking Fierce

Robert and me

Tiffany and Dahlia

Robert ready to have fun

Tiffany dancing in her seat

The Happy Couple

The rest of the party
Tiffany, Dahlia and Crystal

Picture of the crowd from our spot on stage.
VIP's has its perks :)

Roberts new Tattoo

Step Into My Erotic Paradise "All are welcome"

Dahlia Rose,

Author, mother, lover, friend she is a rainbow of openness never to be defined. Defining her would be like trying to block a bullet. But, if you tried and happen to stumble upon her in wikipedia, you would find that she has lived nine lives and has warmed a million hearts. She has done more than most and navigated everywhere loving freely and forever changing her hair. A light to this world who uses her being to unfold secrets and keys that lay beneath destinies and blessing. She worships the moon and tattoos her dreams in books. A lioness brought here to conquer the sun with a pen…no war…love as a weapon to win. With Love as her sweater constantly warming you and I with words.

A best selling author of contemporary and paranormal romance with a hint of Caribbean spice. She was born and raised on a Caribbean island and now currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her five kids who she affectionately nicknamed "The children of the corn” and her biggest supporter/long time love. She has a love of erotica, dark fantasy, Sci-fi and the things that go bump in the night. Books and writing are her biggest passion and she hopes to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of her books