Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at home with Dahlia.....I need a nap :)

Have you ever noticed that we spend weeks and weeks buying the perfect presents. Then on Christmas Morning it takes only a matter of about 45 minutes to totally decimate the perfect wrapping paper to reach the goodies inside? Imagine my house with four kids!! Eeep! They were eyeing them from six am but they were nice enough to let me sleep until about eight am. After that the noise in the hallway was conspiciously made up. From the coughing fits, to the oops I dropped something said really loudly. I was beginning to think they were throwing bricks at my bedroom door...Yeah I knew it was time to wake up (laugh).
I had the foresight to set the coffee maker from the night before. (All hail the elixir of life...caffiene!!) To deal with what was coming I had to infuse with blessed coffee. They attacked each gift like predators in the wild taking down their prey. I watched them destroy all my hard work wrapping each gift with upmost care but there was a big smile on my face. Why? because thier squeals of pleasure and hearing "Mom this is the best Christmas ever!" was gift enough for me to do it again and again for years to come until they are adults.. Even then I just might try to recreate Chirstmas morning for my babies. They might be the children of the corn, but bless them I love all down to every last strand of hair on their heads :)

I have attached a few pics of our morning festivities for you to see. Ok please be fore warned that Dahlia did not get up to put on her face before the pic was taken so..Please be gentle. LOL and do not go screaming into the night...

Merry Christmas my groovy guys and dolls...

I hope each and every one of you had as much fun as I did..if not next year you are welcome to join in our festivities The more the merrier.

Hugs and cheesecake


The Tree loaded with Presents before the mayhem......

Lily eyeing her prey

When Kids attack...Next on Fox

Robot in disguise?? Hmmmm :)

You know they are going to whack each other with these..LOL

15 and she prefers Victoria Secret stuff :)

My little pixie stick and her Barbie cash register... :)

The whole clan..Merry Christmas!!

Step Into My Erotic Paradise "All are welcome"

Dahlia Rose,

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