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July News! Hot Books For Summer!

Well my sexy cats and kittens!

Summer is here and boy its a hot one! I'm melting but in a good way. LOL. I have had a lot going on and in my little slice of the writing world its been heaven.

First off our little author group The Midnight Muses has completed it first anthology and it was accepted by Whiskey Creek Torrid! My own story in the anthology is called "Scaredy Kat," A story of a witch who learns the true meaning of her powers when she sends a spell through time and brings a warlock from another realm. We are absolutle thrilled and Look out for Midnight Encounters ! A muses halloween anthology very soon!

Also The Midnight Muses willbe live and in person at The Charlotte Literary Festival on August 11th and 12th. This event will be att he Blake hotel and Marshall Park in Charlotte NC. So come on out and meet and greet us. They will be tons of goodies and giveaways at our table!

Next here is my new releases. There were three in the last frew weeks and here are the little blurby :)

The Lovers Diary
James and Dahlia, two lovers who have an intense love and
Passion. Write about their love and life in the pages of a journal
The Lover’s Diary depicts the entries that they make. Each story
is filled with love, emotion and the intense passion they share for
each other. Dahlia has been hurt in her life and she has a fear of losing the one thing she hold dear.. “her James”. James see every
wall she puts up to hide her emotions. And he knocks them down
every time. He wants to show her that no matter what he will be there for ever.

Their love is key to their sexuality and this book is filled with
steamy, sensual erotic lovemaking. This books is fictional but it is written with a lot of the emotionalism from my own life and love.
I found my prince charming that broke through every barrier I put
In his way.

The lover’s Diary is for the lover’s both men and women. A
Tribute to those rare loves that we find that burns out heart and
Enflames our souls. Soul mate’s can be found in the strangest of
Places we just have to keep looking.

(Available now at

Paradise Found

Kelly runs in the park, three nights a week as she has always done since moving to Lovely Charlotte NC, but this time she sees something she shouldn’t, a manic who is posing his recent victim. He thinks that he is going to be immortal and he must accomplish this by taking the heart of women. He has done it before and now since Kelly has seen him, he has decided that she will complete his process. Kelly has stepped into this killer’s line of fire and now she is in danger. The one thing she remembers and passes on to the police, is the killer is a soldier. Lieutenant TJ Chapel does not want this to be one of his men, and when he questions Kelly they start out on the wrong foot. But soon they are thrown together, the only way he can protect Kelly from a killer who seems to know their every move is to take her to where she grew up and Island in the Caribbean. There is the lush island and the crystal blue see, Kelly and TJ find passion and Love in the midst of Danger. Will Kelly be able to escape the madman’s clutches? Will they be able to find Paradise in each other’s arms?

(Available now at

When Angels Fall

Do you long for someone to spend eternity with? Well, Christopher Demonte does. Being a vampire has worn on him. Sometimes he longs for the bliss of death, until he meets Alana James, a shy sexy witch who practices green magic in New Orleans. For the first time in five hundred years, Christopher passed on his curse of immortality to save her life. Does she thank him? No, she does not. Instead she curses him for making her part of the undead. Slowly she learns to accept her new life, not knowing that the vampire in her has made her more powerful that she could possibly imagine. But someone else knows and wants to covet her for her power and as revenge against Christopher, his sire Mason, who has made a pact with an unknown evil. He wants Christopher to suffer. One, because he would not accept his gift to rule next to him in a world of death and blood. And two, because Christopher would not become his immortal lover. Now Christopher and Alana are in a race for their lives from Mason and his evil minion. They run from the Streets of New Orleans to the lush paradise of St. Lucia. With passion and love in the mix with these two vampires, will they be able to overcome the evil that surrounds them? Will they be able to have an eternity of love?

(Availaable now at

Now there are a few coming soons for me as well. so I'll list them here witht hier blurbs for you guys to see!

Of Gods and One Woman

Aries God of war, all powerful and a warrior for thousands of years. Now in modern times mortals has forgotten the ways of old and gods have been placed in the history books. Aries long for battles and he is tired of watching from the sideline as the world wages its wars. Until he met her a modern day crime fighter that takes on the battles on the street alone. She fights for the weak and defenseless and she completely captivated Aries. One night as she fights she is killed and Aries ask his brother to put her soul back into her body.
Sasha Green knew one minute she was fighting with a group of thugs and then her soul was out of her body. The night gets stranger when she finds herself in the underworld staring at Aries and his brother Aries who is telling her that she is dead. Her soul can be replaced in her body but for a price. She must let Aries fight with her and oh yes, she must become his concubine. Sasha has no other choice but to accept his offer is she wants to be alive once again. But she is not going to go down that path willingly.
From the very beginning Passion and heat flares between the god of war and the mortal woman who he stands with to fight the evils of the street. Soon there is something neither of them expected…Love, and danger as well. Will a mortal and a god be able to fit love in between battles and all the obstacles they must over come?

(Coming soo to Aphrodite's Apples

The Collette Saga

Sola Collette’s birthday looms on the horizon in a few weeks and so does her destiny, a fate that is tied in with her sisters. Three girls born of vampires three hundred years ago whose hearts only made one beat before they lived life as part of the undead. Their destiny is to find the three pieces of the Lazarus Amulet, the most powerful thing in the vampire world. Each piece allows the one who wears it to walk in the daylight. When it is combined it has more power than ever possibly imagined. Both human and vampires alike wants this treasure and they will go to any lengths to get it from the sisters. Each sister quest is to find their piece of the amulet. The amulet can only be destroyed when the pieces are joined together, and each sister has promised to do so. To keep it would only mean the constant threat to mankind. There is one who covets it most of all, Carthos. He is one of the most ancient of vampires and he sees the amulet as being his. To walk in the daylight and drink the blood of humans, Carthos wants to bring hell on earth. The journey begins with Sola and the prophecy is written that each sister must find their mate and make this one person into a vampire. It is only then that the couple will find the amulet from the clue they have been given. It will only end when the amulet is joined and destroyed. Sola has found her mate a tough New York cop names Gideon Godspeed. With everyone hunting her and Gideon, will they be successful in their quest? Or will the immortal love they find be blown away in the ashes of their bodies.

(Coming soon to Star Dust Press

An Eternal Flame

Simone Collins lost her love when the towers fell on September 11th. Matthew was one of the firefighter lost and her heart was shattered since then. Five years has passed and she has shut herself of from the world, from feeling the only thing she has in her painting and Julian McCall her best friend. Julian was Matthew’s closest friend and brother in arms as a firefighter. He promised to take care of Simone when Matthew died for her sake and the sake of a friend lost. Simone and his friend ship blossomed but now he wants something more. He has fallen in love with the woman that he swore to take care of. Will he be able to show Simone that he can heal her shattered heart with a new love? Can Simone open her heart to the possibilities once more?

(Coming soon to Mardi Gras Publishing

When Love Commands

Major Claire Kirkland is a soldier and she is on her last tour as a doctor in Iraq. She has been overseas for months and when she gets to go home finally she will be retired. The day was harsh when a mortar attack hits there camp and Claire is running back and forth to take care of the injured soldiers. With one of the final mortars that hits a soldier run in with his commander over his shoulder. Sergeant Daniel Butler is hurt and hurt badly. When he looks up and see her above him he thinks she is an angel. He heard her promise that she would find him and he believe her. One of the final faces he saw before he was transported out to the hospital in Germany was her. Months later when Claire was back at work at the hospital Washington DC she did not expect to see Sergeant Butler standing in her office. He remembered her promise to find him and he intends for her to keep that promise. Sparks fly for the these two and they have to fit months of learning about each other into a few weeks before he goes back into the war zone. Will the love that Claire and Daniel found be able to withstand the distance. Will they be able to answer the call when love commands?

(Coming soon to Phaze Publishing

Caribbean Blue

Eli Connors is a stressed out cop from Philly. When he gets an invitation from his friend living on the island of Barbados for a vacation he jumps at the chance. From the time he set foot on the island he feels his cares melt away. Eli soon discovers that the island holds mystery a secret tribe called the Baqeu. He meets one of thier daughters when he hears her signing and he follows the sound. He sees Alison and finds out that this island beauty holds more of a secret than he ever imagined. Alison shows him the beauty of the island that many has never seen. They find love and passion among the coral caves and the lush gullies of Barbados. But remember even paradise holds danger.

(Coming soon to Phaze Publishing

Velvet Leather and Roses

Cooper Jasper was captivated, enticed and enthralled by one woman and he did not know he name. He saw her one night at his friend’s bachelor party and he could not get her face out of his mind ever since. The party was held at a place called Leather and Lace. A kind of strip club with BDSM thrown in. Since he saw her he has been back several times and each time he watched her. This night was different when she walked over and introduced her self as Velvet. She takes him into one of the VIP rooms where she introduces him to a sexy taste of being domineered. Is excited him beyond anything he has ever felt but still he wants more. He has a need to get to know her. Impulsively he asks her out and ever though she has reservations she accepts and tells him her real name…. Billie Carlton. He wants not just her body but to know her mind as well. Billie might be the dominatrix as a job but he intended for her to be his submissive.

Billie doesn’t know why she accepted but she is sitting across a table from a sexy man that for once wants to know more about her than what service her body can provide. While they talk and laugh she fells an attraction for a man in such along time. Cooper is a gentleman and makes sure she gets home safely. Outside her door they share a kiss which leads in to him giving her some of the most explosive pleasure in her hallway. Billie is also hiding a secret that can put then both in danger. Her boss is using the club for more than a place where people can fulfill at least a little bit of fantasy. She is using the club as an escort service for some very dangerous men and women. People who take the sensual form of BDSM and twisted into something ugly and dangerous. Now Billie must trust Cooper to help her and he will show her what real sensuality and sexuality is all about. This book is filled with some hot sexy love scenes and intimate pleasure. Where a man and a woman find out what fantasies they can fulfill for each other. Will love be the happy ending they are looking for?

(Coming Soon to Amira Press

Whew! So that is my news for the month check back often and see whats going on in my neck of the woods. With all the new releases I am going to have one extraordinary contest at the beginning of fall. its my time of the year. The leaves will be turning magnificent colors and The prizes will be amazing!

Smooches, Hugs and Cheesecake!

Dahlia rose

Step Into My Erotic Paradise "All are welcome"

Dahlia Rose,

Author, mother, lover, friend she is a rainbow of openness never to be defined. Defining her would be like trying to block a bullet. But, if you tried and happen to stumble upon her in wikipedia, you would find that she has lived nine lives and has warmed a million hearts. She has done more than most and navigated everywhere loving freely and forever changing her hair. A light to this world who uses her being to unfold secrets and keys that lay beneath destinies and blessing. She worships the moon and tattoos her dreams in books. A lioness brought here to conquer the sun with a pen…no war…love as a weapon to win. With Love as her sweater constantly warming you and I with words.

A best selling author of contemporary and paranormal romance with a hint of Caribbean spice. She was born and raised on a Caribbean island and now currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her five kids who she affectionately nicknamed "The children of the corn” and her biggest supporter/long time love. She has a love of erotica, dark fantasy, Sci-fi and the things that go bump in the night. Books and writing are her biggest passion and she hopes to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of her books