Saturday, October 11, 2008

Exciting New And Updates In My Life

Hey Everyonne

I know have only been posting new releases and other stuff on the blog and not enough about my life outside writing lately. So today I decided to give my blogger friends (i.e YOU!) *SMILE* an update for everything going on in my world. And trust me there is alot. LOL

First thing...I am going to be a mom again :) Yup Dahlia is expecting. I am due around the end of May early June 2009. Don't worry I will still be at Con Carolinas this year just rounder.. LOL. So I am going to be working hard to get all my projects done and completed so that when he/she arrives in the world I can take a well deserved break. Both myself and big daddy are thrilled at our new bun in the proverbial oven and can't wait for him/ her to arrive. I'll keep you updated as time goes on. Now if anyone has a cure for morning sickness. Feel free to email me..LOL. My favorite thing to eat lately is Rum and Rasin Ice cream a few spoonfuls of that makes everything ok.. :)

Secondly I have a few books releasing over the next few weeks.
Sand of Passion in Print with Phaze on October 13th.
The Darkest Joy with Amira Press October 24th.
How to Ruin Halloween for the Grim Reaper on October 27th
Melting a Frozen Heart with Amira Press December 14th

Yeah I know LOL... There is a lot going on and there's more, Waldens books has placed my books on thier Top best seller shelf for African American fiction! How cool is that *Dahlia doing a dance*

Next year I will be having two new novel out with Amnira Press called Touch of Evil and Hot Lips and Cherry Lollipops. Two different books but filled with suspense action and of course ertoica all rolled into one.

2009 will also have me writing for some new top publishers in the industry. I have been invited by Circlet Press to submit and a few others which I am keeping under my hat for now..LOL But you can be sure as soon as I have more information I will be shouting it from the roof tops and celebreating with you all. No alcohol though..LOL

So I think that's it for now. Oh Oh Oh!! you should check the blog and my space in December for my Ho Ho Ho Christmas giveaway! Can you say Christmas treats and prizes Galore! Including a give away of a tote filled with autographed copies of everyone one of my print books!

You know where to find my books on sale, amazon, Books -A- Million, Barnes and Noble, where all major books are sold and of course my publisher websites.

And as always I love to hear from you guys so email me or leave me comment

Blessed Be and Smooches!
Dahlia Rose

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