Sunday, August 24, 2014

San Francisco State of Mind

 “I travel for inspiration. Sometimes it helps me develop a character and other times it just helps me see the world from a different aspect and flare. Plus, you get to buy cool stuff.” – Dahlia Rose

San Francisco is like New York on a slant! There were so many parts and vibes of the city that reminded me of New York but with a different twist! San Fran has a great bohemian, earthy, eclectic flare to it. It has the energy of New York, yet with a casual feel. I guess you would have to visit both cities to truly understand what I mean.  The city is filled with vintage and tea shops, art shows, juice bars, cool spaces, and wonderful seafood restaurants. Everything is painted unusual and the people are super friendly. So welcoming that we found out the community gets together and feeds the transient homeless people in Golden Gate Park. I thought that was amazing and just adds to the warmness of the metropolis. 

It is also a squeezed together, compact-city. All the houses seem like they are hugging each other and holding on to one another, battling the gravity of all the hills. Because San Francisco is a hilly city! Tressie Lockwood (my partner in crime) and I had the eventful opportunity of catching a cab down Lombard Street. If you have been there you will know what I’m talking about. If not, trust me if you have motion sickness issues it’s the type of street so uphill that you will vomit just looking at it before entering any vehicle! We probably needed a few doses of ginger and Dramamine before and after our cab ride! Ha!

Of course, our driver started from the top of the hill and flew down the street leaving us holding our stomachs. We were in a constant incline. I felt like I was going head over heels because the top of the street is super windy and high. We thought we were going to fly off of the city itself and into the bay and die. Once we got to the bottom of the street I prayed to God with thankfulness and vowed to never get into a car again.

Other than our Lombard street fiasco, Tressie and I fell in love with the city.  We had a delightful time! We went from Lombard to Haight Street walking, eating, socializing, wearing sunglasses and visiting a bunch of San Fran must-see places! It was a nice balance of business and pleasure. And, Haight Street by the way, reminds me of the village in New York. It’s such a funky cool area filled with interesting people! 
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the dining, which is one of the biggest highlights. We ate at several restaurants but my favorite place to dine was Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Warf. The food is incredible. We actually ate there twice and I ordered the seafood platter both times! It was fresh and delicious! As an added treat, you can often find seals sunning right by the restaurant on the Pier. You should see them laying out clumped together living the “good life.” I swear they all need to be wearing sunglasses because they look so cool. We don’t have seals in North Carolina so it was a big deal to us. 
 It’s like combining great food with National Geographic! The restaurant also sits right on the bay so you can also see Alcatraz from your seat which is a bit eerie and makes for a great murder mystery. There is something enchanting about seeing one of the most notorious prisons in American history.

None-the-less, the city stirred inspiration and energy into my psyche. The combination of great seafood, witnessing the le se faire lifestyle of seals, meeting fresh faces and taking a break from my day-to-day was a real treat. The trip was just a reminder to always try and carve out time and space for yourself to reflect- even if you only go as far as your living room. But, if you have an opportunity to visit the bay area you should go! And, when you do, send the city my LOVE! :) 

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Dahlia Rose,

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