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Interview with Crymsyn R Hart

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This is Dahlia Rose with another wonderful author interview. This week is the vamptrees herself Crymsyn R Hart. Crymsyn has built a world of ampires and lost sould in her books and every page leaves you with the urge to become a vampire yourself.
Here is what Ms Hart had to say....

Interview Questions

Dahlia: Hi Crymsyn, thanks for stopping in today!! Your pen name is Crymsyn R Hart. What helped you pick such a great pen name?

Hi Dahlia. It’s great to be here today. Thanks for the invite. Well I used to write under the name Raven Hart, but since there was another author with the same pen name, I decided it would be better to not have people confuse the two of us. But I couldn’t get rid of the Raven so I kept the R. I added the Crymsyn because it was different and I thought it went great with my last name.

Dahlia: Tell us about the book/books you have out now and where they can be found.

My first novel is called Immortal Desires. It is a heart pounding erotic vampire novel where past love and lives come together to reveal a destiny like no other. They can be found at

Dahlia: God and Goblins is your newest book up for release. I love the name can you tell us more about it. Will this be a series? When will it debut?

Gods and Goblins, oh my! is about a regular witch, Kalliope, whose rituals all of a sudden start blowing up in her face. Due to the magickal mishaps, she summons a naked sun god, Lugh, that shows up naked in her bed. To top it all off, a Celtic Death God has come to collect his claim on her to make her his sex slave. While trying to juggle a luscious naked god that treats her like a goddess, she encounters the god’s ex-lover who tries to turn the witch into a bush. Instead, the goddess turns Lugh into the bush. Kalliope is then taken prisoner and while imprisoned is given three magickal apples that makes her the most magickal being the world has seen since Morrigain Le Fey. While trying to avoid her growing lust, figure out her new powers, and avoid becoming an eternal sex slave to a death God, Kalliope has to deal with Lugh’s crazy ex and wonderful naked gods. Oh my!

Gods and Goblins, oh my! is the first in a series, but I don’t know how many there will be at the moment. I’m currently working on the sequel which is called Gods and Frogs, oh my!
Gods and Goblins will be out in late February.

Dahlia: Valentines Day is around the corner. Do you have a favorite memory of the day?

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s not something my husband and I really celebrate. We give each other small gifts, but nothing too big. So I don’t really have a favorite memory of the day. Honestly, I think of the purity of the day has been forgotten and it has been commercialized way to much.

Dahlia: I know you have a love of the paranormal and vampires. What makes these things so special to you?

I’ve always loved the supernatural as far back as I can remember. The first horror movie I saw I was four and it was Poltergeist. The first vampire movie I saw when I remember was The Lost Boys when I was eight and I think I fell in love with Keifer Sutherland. I’ve always been fascinated by ghost stories and the darker side of life. Of course if you asked me, do I believe in the paranormal. The answer is yup. I’ve seen some things first hand. I figured out I was psychic when I was fifteen so it just added to the interesting side of why the paranormal mean so much to me.

Dahlia: Do you have a contest going on right now that you want us to know about?

I have a contest that is running until the end of the month on my site. Those that join my yahoo group are entered into a drawing to win a copy of Immortal Desires. In Feb., I will be running another contest so you will have to stay tuned to see what goodies will be available.

Dahlia: What is your inspiration for books like Immortal Desires?

My inspiration for Immortal Desires was that many of the characters were based on many of my friends. I like to write about vampires because I love the whole idea of tortured souls and fighting the bloodlust. But I see different kind of vampires everywhere. Ones that are dark and sexy and others that are willing to lose their souls for the ones that they love. But Immortal Desires is also based on my main character being a psychic vampire. Inspiration also comes from events in my life as well as modern day theories on vampires.

Dahlia: Tell us about your down time. When Crymsyn R. Hart is not writing what is she doing?

When I’m not writing (smile). That is funny. I always seem to be writing. But when I’m not I’m reading, crocheting, doing puzzles, watching horror movies, spending time with my friends, my husband, and my small zoo. I collect Living Dead Dolls because I think their great and I’m a Goth girl at heart.

Dahlia: So Crymsyn what are some of your favorite things in life? Foods, colors etc

Some of my favorite things…well let’s see.(humming song from Sound of Music. I think I’ve seen the movie too many times.) My favorite color is black and red, but I’m also a Scorpio so that goes without saying. I like to go ghost hunting in cemeteries and taking pictures of the stones as I see art in the stone. I love to cook, but don’t get enough time too. I love Cheesecake. It could be almighty if I had my way of it. I like gothic artwork, dark fairies and dark unicorns. I like anything that goes bump in the night and things that lurk in the shadows. They might be scary to some, but I like to be frightened.

Dahlia: I like to ask this question. (smile). The Hollywood big wigs loved one of your books and wanted to make it into a movie. Which book would you like to see on the big screen and what superstars would you have play your characters?

I think it would be great to see Immortal Desires on the big screen. Who doesn’t love a good vampire movie? I would have to say Angelina Jolie because who would not want to see fangs on her. Ohh baby! For the hero well…I would like to see Heath Ledger. I couldn’t say who would make a good villain though. There are so many luscious hunks out there.

Dahlia: Can you tell everyone about your websites, where they can find out more about you and what we will be seeing from you in 2007.

My website is I have tons of free stories and erotica listed to tantalize anyone who dares read it. There is also a little bit of my background. I have a yahoo group . And a Myspace page @

Besides Gods and Goblins, oh my!, coming out in late Feb. I have a trilogy contracted with Stardust. The three books in the series are called Masquerade, Soul Reaper, and Angelic Cravings. In them we discover the journey of a mortal turned vampire that has to learn about her new existence while trying to discover where her destiny lies with the Angel of Death.

Dahlia: If you could have one hot guy for a day to do your bidding who would it be and what will they be doing?

Hmmm what could I not do with him that wouldn’t upset my husband. (Grin). I would have him give me a full body massage. Cook me dinner, go for another massage. To actually pick who it is. Well honestly I would have to say Johnny Depp. I gotta hankering for him. But mostly I would like to talk to him just to get to know him. The whole star struck thing doesn’t phase me. I think it’s important to get to know people than have other people or the media tell us about them.

Ok Guys and Dolls!
This is the Vamptress Crymsyn R. Hart. With a wicked sense of humor and a love for the unknown she takes us into sorcery, witches and past lives. Check out her website and her books and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I have met her in person and trust me there is much more to come from such a fabulous imagination.
Ta For now and see you next week!

Dahlia Rose

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