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Gracie McKeever."Author of Between Darkness &Daylight!"

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Just a litle update that Our guess blooger Sabrina Luna will not be here next week as before said. She will be on her mini book tour to promote her new book "Hot Pursuit" coming out with Mardi Gras Publishing. And she will be here on May 3rd! Look out for her!

And now to Our interview with none other than Gracie McKeever!

1: Dahlia: Gracie! Thanks for doing a blog interview with me this week! First off, tell us how you started on this road to writing?

Gracie: Hi Dahlia! It’s wonderful to be here and I thank you for squeezing me into your busy schedule! I’ve been looking forward to sitting down with you for months . Now for that first question… I’ve been on this road to writing since I was a kid (about seven years old). I can barely remember I time when I haven’t written. I’ve been on this current road to publication since about 1994 when I sold my first mainstream story—Forgiven—to a new genre magazine out of Colorado.

2: Dahlia: There are many titles under your writing belt that capture the reader’s interest. Are you a plotter or panster by nature?

Gracie: I’m a little bit of both, depending on the story and the characters, and even the length of the piece I’m working on. I tend to plot a little for longer works, like novels and some novellas, not so much for short stories. Since most of my stories are character driven, my focus is more on the characters than the plot to begin with. I like to start out with detailed character backgrounds rather than an outline. I find when I know my characters, they lead me (and the story) where we need to go. Once I’m into the story I may start outlining scenes and chapters as they come to me, but to sit down and write out an entire outline before I even start the book doesn’t work for me. I do fashion at least a 50-word premise before I start and use that as my reference point and then plot along the way.

3: Dahlia: What current releases do you have for the readers? (Between Darkness and Daylight happens to be one of my favorites.)

Gracie: I’m so glad you enjoyed Between Darkness and Daylight, Dahlia and thanks for letting me know ! I have several releases out from three publishers so far. My most current, 2006/2007 releases are from Siren Publishing ( Manifest Destiny: The Matchmaker 3; Nine Inches of Snow and the Ebony Princess; the previously mentioned Between Darkness and Daylight; In Plain Sight; Spells Cast in Shadows; Predator’s Salvation: Sisters of Emsharra 2; Terms of Surrender: The Matchmaker 2; Guardian Seductress: Sisters of Emsharra 1; and my first erotic romance and title with Siren, Beneath the Surface: The Matchmaker 1. From Fictionwise ( I have a couple of re-releases: my first published novel ever, New Life Incognita; and Desert Dreams. From Awe-Struck E-Books ( three of my oldest titles are still available: Dancing in the Dark; Flames Past; and Miles to Go.

4: Dahlia: Tell us about a few of your writing accomplishments?

Gracie: Besides being published, which is a major accomplishment in itself for me and one I value, some of my books have finaled and placed in several writing competitions and contests: Desert Dreams Quarter Finalist 3rd Annual New Century Writer Awards (NCWA) 2000, Novel Excerpt Category; New Life Incognita, Finalist, First Annual Dream Realm Awards 2000, Fantasy Category; Desert Dreams, Finalist, World Romance Writers (WRW) Crystal Globe Awards 2002, Best Overall Romance; Eternal Designs, Finalist, 5th Annual NCWA 2002, Novel-Novella Category; Flames Past, Romantic Times 2002 Award Nominee, Best Small Press Paranormal Category; and Between Darkness and Daylight, Finalist, 6th Annual NCWA 2003, Novel/Novella Category. Unfortunately, no actual wins yet. However, a couple of my recent titles have garnered some reader and reviewer accolades: Terms of Surrender was the Ecataromance Reviewers’ Choice Winner for 2006; Beneath the Surface was voted Best Story of 2006 by Romance Erotica Connection (Tabitha Lyons, its heroine, was voted Choice Heroine ).

5: Dahlia: Gracie you wrote your first erotic book in 2001 what did you write before your step into the erotic world?

As I mentioned before, my first story ever published was a mainstream title. My first efforts at novel writing followed the same vein, but always had a romantic element until in 1998 when I wrote my first out-and-out romance (of course with some genre-bending and crossing elements) in New Life Incognita, a New Age paranormal urban romance complete with a hero, heroine, a bad-ass villain and the requisite happily-ever-after. The bulk of my stories have been romance ever since (I do have a few horror stories available for free from my website at

6: Dahlia: Could you give us a little insight into what you are writing now?

Gracie: I actually just this week finished Zack and the Dark Shaft, an adult fairy tale (angels/bdsm/interracial/reincarnation) and my second effort featuring a M/M romance. I’m hoping to start work (again) on the 4th book in my The Matchmaker series, this one entitled Emilia’s Emancipation. I also want to lay the groundwork for an adult fable or myth in the next week.

7: Dahlia: Are there any scenes in your books you find are difficult to write? Why?

Gracie: Initially, I was shy about writing explicit love scenes in my books until I realized how much fun and liberating they are. Now love scenes are some of my favorite scenes to write! The difficult scenes come when I’m dealing with totally alien territory where I have to apply research (let’s say something involving a character’s profession that I don’t really know much about other than my research). Sometimes it’s hard to know how much to include in the interest of needed information and how much is story and character. When you learn a lot of interesting facts it’s tempting to just info-dump and put it all out there to share your knowledge with the reader. Then there are settings. Again, if it’s a place I’ve never been, it’s sometimes difficult to get the exact tone and flavor of a city or town right or know how/where to stop describing once I do get the tone and flavor right.

8: Dahlia: Where do you see your writing career going from here? What Goals have you set for yourself?

Gracie: This is always a tough question for me, Dahlia, as I don’t consider myself good at projecting. Where I’d like to see my career going is to expand my current fan and reader base in the small and independent publishing ranks to encompass major print fans and readers. I would love to be published in some NY anthologies (and have so far been accepted for Zane’s short story anthology, Caramel Flava 2, towards that end). I have another short story under consideration at another erotica publisher, Cleiss Books and have my fingers crossed for that one. Other than this, I’m just looking forward to staying my current course with the appropriate adjustments here and there, and knowing that it will get me where I want to go, which is continued publication in my favorite genres and increasing my readership and exposure—my two main goals—even if I don’t ultimately get picked up by a major.

9: Dahlia: Behind the scenes Gracie, when the computer is off and your writing is done for the day, what would we find you doing?

Gracie: You’ll probably find me catching up on some much-needed sleeping and reading and going to the movies. Other than these, I like to go bowling, channel surf and just generally be a couch potato when I’m not spending time with my family. With the weather about to warm up I’m looking forward to walking a lot more, playing some outdoor sports like volleyball, handball.

10: Dahlia: Out of all of your books which one was your favorite to write and who is your favorite character? Tell us why?

Gracie: Wow, that is another tough question, Dahlia (you would think I’d be used to them by now ). I’d have to say Spells Cast in Shadows was my favorite book to write as it was one of the first books where I stretched my muscles at genuine world-building. I’d dabbled in some earlier works like New Life Incognita where I delved into the wiccan belief system, but though the book had several supernatural elements (in the psychic, wiccan hero, and his reincarnation as a woman) the story still took place in the “real,” contemporary world. Then there was my djinni romance, Desert Dreams, where I explored djinni mythology, but again, though the characters were from another “world” with otherworldly powers, the story still took place in the “real,” contemporary world. In Spells Cast in Shadows I actually created a universe parallel to ours (Sapphira) as well as an alien race of beings (the mythological centaurs aka Sapphirans) and their counterparts and one-time enemy, the elves of Oreias. One elf in particular (Demogorgon Loxias, the Black Elf) has recently joined the ranks of the Sapphiran Directorate, a character and position which plays a pivotal role in the storyline. As for who is my favorite character, I’ll have to go with Genesis from Guardian Seductress (the second story where I explored a parallel universe (Emsharra) and different, alien beings at war (the Inanna and Sebitu—or the mythological succubus). Out of all my heroines, Genesis Enki is someone I admire the most, specifically for her cool under pressure, and her vulnerability and strength. Though a larger-than-life, alien being, she is still relatable to me as a woman with needs, mainly her need to love and be loved and accepted despite all her arguments to the contrary.

11: Dahlia: New York is a busy place, does the hustle and bustle of the city hamper
your creativity or enhance it?

Gracie: I’d have to say the hustle and bustle of the city does a little of both— hampers and enhances my creativity. Sometimes I can feed off of the busy lifestyle and pour that energy into my characters and their story lives. Other times I’m so busy or swamped that I can’t find the time to write and when I do finally get the time to sit down in front of my computer at home, I’m too tired or burned out to come up with anything worth writing about.

12: Dahlia: If you could have one hot guy for a day to do your bidding who would it be and what will he be doing?

Gracie: One of my own heroes/guys or an actor? If it’s one of my heroes, I’d have to go with E.J. Vega from Beneath the Surface. And as to what I would have him doing? Hmmm, sexual slave sounds like a nice duty for him . I’d love to do to him what Tabitha did a couple of times: tie him up and have my way with him until he begs for mercy. If it’s an actor, I definitely chose Karl Urban for all the same duties as E.J. Mmm-mmm…yummy. Sexual slave, yep, that’s the ticket.

13: Dahlia: Who are some of your favorite writers? Do you find it hard to get personal time for reading in between writing and building your story lines?

Gracie: The only reason this one could be a tough question is to narrow the answer down enough so that it’s not going on for days . Here are a few favorites: Octavia E. Butler is my mainstay. Then there’s Shannon McKenna, Michael Barnette, Lara Santiago, Melodee Aaron, Sherilynn Kenyon, Dennis Danvers, Nancy Kress, Tina Wainscott, Erin McCarthy, Laura Baumbach, Willa Okati, Ally Blue, Elisa Adams, Joey W. Hill… I just recently started Camouflage by new-to-me author, Joe Haldeman (he was reco’d by a MySpace friend who has some of my same reading tastes and thought I would enjoy it). It’s early in the book and it’s a short read, buy I see some similarities to Octavia Butler’s Wild Seed (which I loved!). The voice and style are definitely different and original, but the premise is comparable and well-executed. Since Ms. Butler’s death, I’ve been searching for an author who could fill that void so I’m looking forward to finishing Haldeman’s book and maybe checking into some more of his work. As to your question about finding the time to read, it’s definitely a balancing act, but I have to feed the muse in order for her to work for me. I can’t not read. One way or another, I get it in (if it’s on the exercise bike, in the bathroom, on the train/commute to work) I feed .

14: Dahlia: Do you write full time? Or are you only Hot Erotic Author Gracie McKeever at night?
Gracie: I have a full-time 9 to 5 and I’m Hot Erotic Author Gracie McKeever at night and whenever else I can squeeze in the time to write (again, on the train/commute to and from work, etc. ).

15: Dahlia: Where can the your reader or anyone else find out more about you, any contest you are running or new releases?
Gracie: Readers can visit me at my website or, if they’re on MySpace, they’re welcome to visit and Friend me at I have a blog there also, and I try to update it as often as possible. As for contests, I run one in my newsletter (The G-Spot) every two months and the prize is usually one of my own titles. Readers can visit to find out how to enter and for full contest rules, and/or to subscribe to The G-Spot. The current contest deadline is actually today (4/20/07), so interested readers still have some time to enter for a chance to win a copy of Between Darkness and Daylight. Readers can also visit Siren Publishing, Awe-Struck E-Books or Fictionwise for more information about me and my work.

Before we wrap things up, I’d like to thank you again, Dahlia, for giving me this forum to communicate with my fans and readers and especially I’d like to thank you for this wonderful haven and service you’ve created for us authors to get the word out about our work!

There you have it folks in the words of Gracie McKeever. She loves to hear from her readers so let this city girl know how much you love her books.

Ta ta for now!
Smooches ~*~Dahlia Rose

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