Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dahlia Rose Nation!!

Hi Hi Cheeky Dahlins

Whew! Its been a hectic first three month in 2010 and I have just got a breather to say hi and tell you whats going on.

I hope you saw all the new covers on the aside of the blog. That's been my main focus is writing because of all the deadlines I have to meet. I have made these books intense and really focused back on my contemporary works. Erotic with a hint of Caribbean Spice, well you got it!! And I want to take summer off for some relaxing with good books and my family.

Guess what? I am starting a new hobby. What pray tell you say?... Well I am starting a garden in our backyard. Our very large family has moved into a new home (I have my own office now..Picture below) and I am endeavoring to begin gardening to relax. So I am going to plant Tomatoes, strawberries,blueberries, cucumbers, red and green peppers, beans, and fresh herbs! It might seem crazy but I already dug out the garden plot and I have my list ready and heading to Home Depot. I'll be posting pictures of my progress so stay tuned.

Brenin is getting huge! He will be one in May and we are planning a huge bash with a bouncy house on the front lawn. Granted I think a few adults might be in said boucy house. But its all in fun. Friends and family will be coming to celebrate with us and below is a pic of our ten month old comedian. Every day he does something to make us smile. He is proegessing in leaps and bounds and I am so very proud of him. He along with our other four kids own my heart with a special piece for my DH Rob. Who is two classes away from graduating College!

Deanna my oldest will be eighteen in July. I am tears constantly lately looking at her and remembering my cute baby girl. Now she is a woman asking us to buy her a car (ssssshhh she is going to get it to..don't tell her..LOL). She graduates from High school in June and that's going to be another tear jerker. We are on the hunt for the perfect prom dress. I was almost in tears in the mall on Saturday looking at her pick dresses. No more ribbons in her hair and little patent leather shoes and bobby socks. Treasure your babies my dahlins, they grow up so fast.

Hmm what else. Oh yes.. I will be a part of Con Carolina again this year! I am looking forward to seeing everyone again and Yes yes yes! We are heading to Dragon Con this year once more..ATL Dahlia is coming to party once more!!

My life is full and blessed in so many way and I am very happy to get to share it all with you.

As for my writing I have a ton of books on the waiting list to be released. Thirst just came out on Saturday and it already making wonderful sales. Here is ia list of what to expect from me and I hope you enjjoy them all if/when you buy a copy.

Under The Big Top (

Black Gold (

Private Dancer (

Darling With A Gun (

Hot Lips and Cherry Lillipops (

They are a few more but I shall keep you updated on those.

Well my dearies, it time for me to go enjoy a piece of cheesecake and get back ot my manuscripts. Its raining outside and they say tornado warning on the Television. Be blessed in all things and thank you for being a part of my world!

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Hugs, Cheesecake and Smooches!
Dahlia Rose

My new Look for 2010 (Gone now! LOL)
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Sugar Bear (i.e Brenin)

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