Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Dahlia Updates...In her personal life and beyond!

So how is everyone this fine Sunday morning? Charlotte is bursting open with fall colors and it is not as cold as some would think...LOL..Me I think I'd like it a bit colder so at least we could light the fireplace.

Well my world has finally started to become a little more even. The morning sickness is beginning to taper off. But not all the way. This baby does not seem to like grapes..or anything I Like for that matter...LOL..The only thing that I can drink so far is ginger tea and lemondae. Oh and strawberry ice cream is awesome at night before bed :)

I felt better than I have in a the last few weeks so I was able to take advantage of my birthday gifts..finally. My birthday was October 29th and yes I was sick that day. Poor Robert..he had so much things planned but because I had morning sickness 24 hours a day we couldn't even go out. But this weekend was an awesome weekend and we finally got to clelebrate. I got a tons of gift cards from friends and family. Of course they were all mostly to bookstores (they all know me so well). Robert made sure he outdid them all. A wonderful romantic dinner at our favorite resturant where we celebrate all special occasions. A shoppng trip since I really needed to buy some maternity clothes. I am getting a round tummy already and nothing fits. Of course gift cards to my favorite bookstores and the best part of my birthday gifts from him.. A trip to the day spa for mommies to be. I cannot wait to go. We all know muscles stretch and your body has to work harder whenyou are expecting a baby so to have a massage and to be pampered for a few hours will be a welcome treat. They'll have to put me in a char when they are through with me (laugh).

Guess where we'll be for Thanksgiving? Yes! New York City with my family and Friends. Oh my mom and dad are so excited to be having us there. As usual they have gone completely overbaord. But what fun to have a week in NY just enjoying the sights and sounds and yes the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade..LIVE!! Big daddy gets to see New York not the touristy way but the right way...The way it should be seen like if you lived there all your life. There is nothing like NY for Thanksgiving and we plan to have so much fun... Don't worry there will be pictures when we get back.

We'll find out in January whether we are having a girl or boy. And I'm keepiong what we are hoping for under wraps. (laugh).

I am still working hard. My newest novel "Touching Evil" will be done very soon and then I move on to my next working in progress "Hot Lips and Cherry Lollipops.". Both have been contracted even though they are not done. How cool is that. I like seeing my books out there and I like that the readers like to read my work. I can never stress enough that without the readers I would have no career. So to all of them my humble thanks and great blessings I send your way.

I have a to be completed list that is a mile long and has to get done by at least April next year for at least five publishers. Everyday is at least a 16 hour work day for me from the time I wake up until I go to bed. Between my own writing, plus my work for other publishers, promoting and events where I am scheduled to be..I am swamped. But loving everyminute of it. I am doing it all now because when the baby comes (In late may) I will be taking a two month hiatus from any public events and working online promotions only. That way the new little one wil have me all to his/ herself and can be doted on by mom and dad.

To anyone who thinks that being an author is an easy is not..LOL.. writing the book is only half the job. After that the real work begins with editing and getting that book to the readers. I love my job and would not have it any other way.

So my world has become yours again for a little bit. Thanks for letting me share..Comment away you guys know I love hearing from you and have a safe and Happy Holiday. Remember it is a holiday so another piece of pie will not hurt..Those calories do not count :)

Hugs and Cheesecake!

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