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This is the first installment of a book I plan to write just for my blog. Each week will be a new installment of Apparition. A story of a ghostly girl who is stuck and is looking for help to find out who she is and how she can be free. In the process can a ghost find love from a man who is helping her. A man that is flesh and bones? I hope you will come back each week to find out what happens next.
************************************************************************************* Apparition
By Dahlia Rose
She walks like the whisper of the wind. Her feet never touch the ground, not is she seen by day. But still she watches as the children play in the park. Their joyful laughter peals out at they ride the carousel in Central Park. At night the massive lawns are empty. In the winter the benches are clod and lonely. But it is only at night when all is silent except the distant sirens or who will brave the park at nigh that she can be free.

As much freedom as an apparition can have. She cannot touch, connect eat, only feel and be there in that time. Such is the existence of Josephine to live this way day in and day out, year after solitary year. She cannot even remember her last name or the circumstances that brought her to where she is now. She has been stuck in limbo that long. Some see her, while running in the park or taking a stroll through the small piece of paradise in a big concrete city. They will catch a smell of her light perfume or see the wisps of her misty blue dress. If they try to follow she disappears quickly. Sometimes it is out of fear or just a game to pass the time. What else is there to do when you are in between worlds?

But then there are the ones, the ones that she can sense will help. Then she shows herself, beckoning them with a outstretched hand and a plea in her soft brown eyes. No one has ever stayed long enough to find out what she needs. What keeps her on this earthy plain? What stops a lonely apparition from moving on? They run or choose not to believe what has appeared in front of them. So she walks the hiking paths and lonely roads of Central Park. Waiting for the day someone will help her escape. Waiting for the day that this person will be brave enough to help her answer the questions, she has long forgotten.

Interview and Hoilday Contest!!

I was interviewed by the Siren of Seduction...Sabrina Luna. She is one great person and a kindred spirit. I met her for coffee last sunday and we could have sat and talked for hours. But the boyfriend had to go back to work. (A soldiers work is 24/7). Any way you can read her questions and my answers at her blogspot...( As to my own Contests.There are two going on at my websites....I am full of the holiday spirit!! Or full of spirits in general...(smile) 1.( Until 12/29 you can enter the contest. Go to the website and click on the contest link. Answer the question and email the answer to the address listed. First prize winner wins a free ebook copy of my book Love and Lights. 2nd and 3rd place wins a free ebook copy of any book offered at ( The second contest is at My yahoo group..( I love Nora Roberts books Don't you? Well for anyone who joins my group by 12/31. Will be entered to win a hard cover copy of Nora Roberts book *Angels Fall*. So go to it and good Luck!!..Smooches dahlia Rose

Hot Toddies for everyone!!

So its what nine -ten days until Christmas> Time has flown by this year. I started out on an old laptop that froze every two seconds. Writing shorts stories and now I am contracted for three books one being a full length novel and I have more on the way. Freaking A!! Could life be any better? My kids are driving me crazy with thier updated Christmas lists. LOL..I mean each day something else gets added on. So its up to me mom (i.e Santa) to pick the best things to get them. The boys want moon shoes. Tell me what are they going to do with small trampolenes built into shoes? I can see it now...Chirstmas evening before dinner. Me taking two boys to the ER where they have broken somethings jumping around on Moon shoes. Nope I think they are off the list. At least mommy will be getting a very special gift from the big man in her life...tee hee. No not that! that's just a filty thought! That will be later (smile) after the dinner and the broken body parts i shall sit and have a glass of wine and relax. and breath a sigh of relief that another holiday has passed with me being my gracefull self. I'll keep you posted and hopefully No injuries will be hand by any of the smaller members of my clan...I wish every one peace love and hot run filled toddies...notice the key element is rum. (smile) Dance on a table if the modd so inclines you to and be happy.... Smooches.Dahlia

Love and Lights

“Love and Lights” is a Christmas story like no other; Rachel is home in New York for the first time in three years at the request of her parents. She left New York after her boyfriend Victor Cantrell a cop in the New York SWAT Team broke up with her on Christmas Eve. She shows up on her parents East Manhattan building only to find that they are gone and her unexpected guest is none other than her ex Victor.
She is furious her parents left her in this position and decides to leave for home, but the small problem is that the airports are closed because New York is in the middle of a blizzard, so she has no other choice but to stay in her parent’s home with the man who broke her heart.
Victor has his own agenda, he was hurt in the line of duty and his career in the SWAT team is over, it took him nearly dying to show him that he was wrong for pushing her away. His love for her never faded in the three years they were apart, but he thought he was protecting her from hurt by breaking her heart. Now with the help of her parents he came upon a plan to win her back. Rachel decides even though she has to stay in the same apartment with Victor she does not have to even speak to him, but hearing him in pain and seeing the extent of his injury causes her to do the only thing she could and that is to help. But theses two have a tendency to get under each other’s skin and soon fire works erupt when Rachel goads him and he answers back in the only way he knows how. It is available now and

Dahlia Rose Bio

Hello to those who don’t know me I’m Kelly Ann King with the Alias of “BajanDahlia” or “Dahlia Rose”
I was born on the little island of Barbados, I grew up with the sand between my toes and the smell of fruits and the sea in my nose. My mother always said I was too intelligent for my own good and my dad, well I was daddy’s little girl until I became a teenager, then I became a rebel. I fell in love with romance and erotica at an early age, reading my aunts Loveswepts and Mills & Boons novels. Stories of dark dashing men who saves their women or love that conquers all filled my head and I began doing something I found I loved. I began to write, my friends read my little stories and some were anxious to see more, some said my head was filled with filth, but on a small island where church was a Sunday thing and most functions was built around the church what else could they think. I knew different I knew that the thought of a kiss that melts your bones and a love that could surpass time was something to look forward to. I wanted that prince on a white horse. My dreams of being a writer were put of for awhile when I became a mother at the early age of sixteen, my daughter Deanna 14 now and my biggest supporter) was never counted as a mistake in my life, Her and I braved a new world by moving to New York city. I loved her from the moment she was conceived and four kids later, (G’kar 9, Kaine 5 and Lillinah 3 none of them would ever think they were not wanted. But alas the other half of the parent unit was not to be.
My best friend whom I tell everyone is my sister was also always in my world she is my life line and when things became low she was always there to pick me up and keep me going. I have known her since she was five and I was seven. She has been there for the birth if every one of my kids. In a relationship that spans over twenty years I could not imagine my life with out her. Together we can be the goofiest of people laughing at things that adults would call childish, but keeps us young heart. Together me and Cathy can be immortal children but when either of us needs the other we are there and instant always having each other backs. So as a single mom of four of the brightest stars in my universe I began to write again but this time because of a love that found me in the strangest of ways, the internet.
He encourage me to write again from letters I sent him and because he showed me the love that I looked for was not just a fantasy but could be real in his arms. Coerced by a friend I put my profile on a love website and met my dream man, He was in Iraq at the time and my soldier took my breath away, we went from exchanging emails to him calling me from overseas every night. By the time he came home we were a year into our relationship and never even met but he knew all about me and I about him. Our first meeting he came to New York to see me, I was so nervous I almost threw up in the cab but from there we have not been apart since. He is my “Bid daddy” and without him in my life as well as my kids, and my best friend my world would be a bleak place. I want to bring the love I found to my readers through my words and show that erotica and love go hand in had, that sexuality is so much better when you find your soulmate. In love nothing is taboo, just talk listen, live and love.
My first book which has just been accepted to be published is based on him and our lives, he showed me how to dream again and to love again. So I hope you who I count as friends on the internet or otherwise will visit my page often and chat with me through emails IM or what ever means. Till we speak know that love can be found in the strangest of places and no one should never give up on true romance. My Motto is to “Live life in Love and Love the life you Live” I hope everyone could find a piece of that in life.

Step Into My Erotic Paradise "All are welcome"

Dahlia Rose,

Author, mother, lover, friend she is a rainbow of openness never to be defined. Defining her would be like trying to block a bullet. But, if you tried and happen to stumble upon her in wikipedia, you would find that she has lived nine lives and has warmed a million hearts. She has done more than most and navigated everywhere loving freely and forever changing her hair. A light to this world who uses her being to unfold secrets and keys that lay beneath destinies and blessing. She worships the moon and tattoos her dreams in books. A lioness brought here to conquer the sun with a pen…no war…love as a weapon to win. With Love as her sweater constantly warming you and I with words.

A best selling author of contemporary and paranormal romance with a hint of Caribbean spice. She was born and raised on a Caribbean island and now currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her five kids who she affectionately nicknamed "The children of the corn” and her biggest supporter/long time love. She has a love of erotica, dark fantasy, Sci-fi and the things that go bump in the night. Books and writing are her biggest passion and she hopes to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of her books