Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Year 2010 and what is coming from Dahlia Rose!!

Happy New Year to all my fabulous Luvvies!!

My Year has been a full one in 2009. New baby, work, work and yes more work. My Three Holiday releases Merry Christmas Baby, All I want For Christmas Is you, Seducing Santa have done amazing sales and top sellers for the publishing houses of Amira Press ( Sugar and Spice Press (

So whats going on with me for 2010? Its crazy but My dahlins you will love it all!

Coming January 8th.... Angel Mine and it will be in e-book and print with Amira Press.

Coming in February... Hot Lips and Cherry Lollipops In E-book and Print with Sugar and Spice Press.

I am going to be in a super Anthology with three other authors for a Valentines release. My story will be called Ablaze. The co authors include Morgan Hawke, Dorian Wallace, and Eliza Gayle so you see I am in good company. :)

What else..Hmmm lets see?

Words of Love will be released in 2010 with Amira Press. Now I hope you will be excited because its the long awaited Part 2 to Paradise Found. The funny story with this is that. I lost this manuscript half way done! My computer crashed and I lost it all! But amazingly enough I found a copy 2 years later and I am now in the process of finishing it and if you think Paradise Found was exciting. Luvvies you have not seen anything yet. :D

There so much more to come.But I'll update you as I go along. My fingers can only type so fast..LOL

Baby Brenin is getting so big. This was his first Christmas and he had a blast! We went to New York for the holiday and spent it with my family. So if you like pictures check out my facebook page and look at our holiday album.
But remember friend me first :)

I'll be having a new website built in the coming weeks and thats exciting. There is so much going on that I do need to let my readers know where to find out about new works and releases.

In June my daughter Deanna will be graduating highschool. She'll be 18 in July and man I do feel old. *ahem only 34 here* but nonetheless. I look at her lately and see her as the cute baby girl that she once was. She has grown up so quickly. Luckily I was there for all the great moments in her life as the years went by. *sigh* Mommas baby girl is going to soon leave for college.

There'll be Book signings, release parties, conventions and so much more for 2010 so let the fun begin!!

Well I'll leave this as To-Be- Continued....

I'll try and I promise to really try and keep my blog updated. Toodles for now luvvies
Dahlia Rose

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