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Interview VIctoria Blisse

Good Morning and Happy Friday Guys and Dolls!
Today in the interview chair we have Victoria Blisse. She is here to tell us more about herself and her sexy books. So take a read and she waht she has to say!!

Dahlia: Hi Victoria, Nice to have you in my interview chair today. Tell me what got you into writing erotic romance?

Hi Dahlia, actually it’s not a what, it’s a who. My husband got me into writing erotica by introducing me to online erotic story sites and encouraging me to write my own stories. I’ve always written and as a teenager I wrote many short romantic stories and as I began to write erotica I found elements of this romance writing blending in with it and now almost everything I write is erotic romance.

2: Dahlia: Could you tell us about your books and where they can be found?

I certainly can, currently I only have one book available to purchase, that is my Christmas short called “Proving Santa Exists.” which is published by Phaze. If you want to see exactly what’s available and what will be available in the future you can look here:

3: Dahlia: What’s coming from Victoria for the readers in 2007?

My next novella is called “Getting Physical” and will be out on the 12th of March. It’s a romance between two people with self image problems and they meet at a gym. It’s a sweet, sexy story with real, down to earth characters, I am really excited about it’s release.

Another exciting development is that I’ve had a story accepted for the Phaze fury line, and my heatsheet, “Masquerading hearts” will be out on the 7th May. It’s something a bit different for me as it’s a story about revenge and I normally write sweet romance.

Oh, and then in the Summer “Naughty Rendezvous” a BDSM influenced novella will be released –now that is a steamy title that I loved writing, the male character Joe is a real dish!

4: Dahlia: Is there any genre you would want to write or currently trying your hand at?

I love to read fantasy, Terry Pratchett and David Gemmell are my favourite authors, I’d love to have a go at writing a fantasy novel, but it would certainly be something completely different for me and I’d need the inspiration to do so –it’s quite daunting as there are so many really good fantasy writers out there.

7: Dahlia: If there was one place in the world you could visit where would it be and why?

Egypt. Even as a little girl I wanted to visit the Sphinx and the pyramids and find out more about the ancient Egyptians and obviously as a Christian I’d love to bob over to the Holy Land whilst I was down that way to see the places from the bible.

8: Dahlia: Everyone is gearing up for Valentines Day any special plans for you this year or a special memory of the day?

This year my husband and I will be going out for a romantic meal whilst the in laws baby sit for us. It’ll be lovely. My husband is a really romantic soul and always gets me a beautiful card for Valentines Day and writes the most adoring messages in them. I look forward to his card each year and it always brings a happy tear to my eye.

9: Dahlia: If you’re not writing Victoria what would we find you doing?

I’m a full time wife and mother, so you’ll likely find me cleaning or cooking or reading a story or playing a game of make believe.

10: Dahlia: What are some of your favorite things in life? Foods, colors etc?

Red is my favourite colour because it’s so passionate, I’m a big fan of food and I
find it hard to pin down just one meal that I would say is my over all favourite, I
am a big sucker for any dessert with Cinnamon in it though.

My favourite holiday destination is a little town on the North East coast of
England called Scarborough. It’s a lovely seaside place and I’ve gone there on my
annual holiday since being a small child.

11: Dahlia: What was your favorite book to write and why?

Masquerading Hearts came to me in a flash of inspiration and I found it so easy to write, as if the words were just pouring from my fingers onto my laptop. I love it when a story comes like that, pun very much intended there!

12: Dahlia: Victoria If you could see your book up on the big screen, who would be the perfect actors to play your characters?

Taking Proving Santa Exists, I think Jude Law would make a wonderful Jonathan, but he’d have to put on an American accent for the part. In which case maybe Orlando Bloom could pull it off?

Now Jenny isn’t as easy to place because she’s a sexy, short, plump BBW of a lady but I think maybe Kate Winslet could do her justice.

13: Dahlia: If you could have one hot guy for a day to do your bidding who would it be and what will they be doing?

It’d be John Barrowman (Captain Jack of Torchwood fame) and he’d be alternating between talking to me and kissing me. I love his American accent and his juicy lips!

14: Dahlia: Are their any mottos in life you would like to share with your readers?

Variety is the spice of life. I really believe it is and I’m forever using that particular turn of phrase.

15: Dahlia: I hear you like football! Woo Hoo Go Manchester United!! Tell us more about your home town and life in the UK

Well, I live in a town not far away from the city of Manchester over on the Lancashire side of the boarder. Lancastrians are some of the most genuine and helpful people you can meet and their accent is just wonderfully homely.

Life in the UK is wonderful, but then I love my little island. However we don’t all wear bowler hats, drink tea (I can’t stand the stuff) and watch Coronation Street, however we are very passionate about our sports. One man once said that Manchester United was my religion, Christianity my faith. I think he probably had that right.

16: Dahlia: Finally Victoria what goals have you set for your writing career for the year. And where can the readers find out more about you?

Well, I simply want to become more recognized, so I’m going to be doing a lot of promotional work this year. As a new author I think it’s important to get out there and make myself known to the erotica fans. I would love to finish off a novel and get it accepted for publication, too. I have only novellas and short stories to my name so far and I do have a few novels in the works at the moment.

To find out more about me and my books you can check out my website
I love to make new friends via my myspace page, which also has a lot of information about me on it.

Thanks for the interesting questions Dahlia, I’ve enjoyed answering them.

Ladies and gents that was the author who seduces us with her words Victoria Blisse. Her books are a wonderful edition to any e-book collection. Let her heat up your imagination with her sensual style of writing.
Till I see you all again!
Dahlia Rose

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