Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Perfect Saturday :)

As we work on trying to build careers sometimes we as authors forget to stop and smell the roses. For the past few months I have been on a determinted mission to get on the ball with my carrer as an author. I have to admit that sometimes between being on the computer for countless hours a day to book signings and then more promotions I have been on this fast paced tredmaill that only stopped for a few hours of sleep each night. Except for my usual friday night date night I spend most of my time chained to my precious laptop.

Today I had a moment of clarity and made the decision to stop and smell the proverbial roses. I made today one of these great saturdays. The ones where everything makes you smile..The Perfect Saturday.

But I have to thank Crymsyn Hart for that becuase she was the one who made me think of it. To some who do not know Crym is one of my closest friends and fellow authors here in Charlotte. We had an excellent afternoon together, we ate lunch at the cheesecake factory (Of course I came home with cheescake..LOL) Then we came back to my home and watched the new Alien vs Predator movie. We left the books behind and just hung out and had fun. We laughed, talked about anything and everything and just enjoyed the day.

So after she went home I thought why not let this whole weekend be about relaxing and having fun?

I got up early and made everyone cinnamon buns and a great breakfast! Then me and the darling fiancee lounged around in bed until two in the afternoon. Just watching TV and well*ahem* Moving on!

We got up and went to pick up some items we knew would make the kids smile, plus a great kids dinner. Corn dogs and fries, ice cream for dessert to go along with The Bee Movie. For me and Robert dinner was sushi and steamed dumplings. Yummy!

We set up the tent outside on the grass and gave the kids their gift of waters guns and water shooters. And yes the mayhem ensued! Water, half naked kids and tons of screaming and yelling with glee..LOL. Later we are going to have movie night and then after the kids go to bed a little more mom and Robert time.

I'm glad I stopped and smelled the roses. It was not going to a theme park or an arcade or anything fancy. It was staying home with my babies and the love of my life, drinking a beer and just taking a deep breath. I think the rest of the weekend is going to be dedicated to that. The works in progess will wait until monday morning and work will be there too.

So now here are some pictures dedicated to our day. I am missing because mom was behind the camera. This day was not about me but the people who make me happiest in my life. My 'children of the corn' and my big daddy.

Hugs and Cheesecake!

The crew ready to play or being held hostage???

My little super model to be :)

Robert armed and ready..Do not point that at me!! LOL

Ok they keep coming close to me with that cold water..LOL..I have the camera!!

Robert and Fred safe from the water wars :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Great People and Sold Out Book Signing!!

Good Afternooon Guyz and Dollz!

This week was the week of RT and I didn't get to go this year (hopefuly next year :)

But on Saturday I had a really awsome Booksigning at Waldens Books! The manager told me that people were calling the store to find out when I was going to be there! How freaking cool is that and when I got there the stack of books that was on the table dwindled down quickly. I had readers come up and tell me they loved my books and actully one lady drove all the way from GA to come and see me!

I met this wonderful lady Cindy McLafferty, she is one of those home town heroes whose hubby is overseas serving his country. What makes her great is that she has been running a tupperware business for the last 18 years. Instead of keeping the money she creates care packages to send to out soldiers overseas who might not have anyone to take care of them. She came over and bought one of my books "Paradise Found." because it fetures a military man and then she asked me if I would dontate some of my book to send to Iraq. How could I refuse, I gave her a stack of books and authographed them for the men and women in uniform who might happen to get them.

All in all this was one fo my favorite signings of all times, not only because of the books being sold but because the people were so great to talk to.

And I come bearing pictures to show you!!! Yayyyyyyyy!

Hope you like them and thanks for reading my blog :)

Hugs and cheesecake!


I just got there and sat down, no pictures yet please..need coffee!!

Ok I'm perky now, me and my books :)

Promo bags courtesy of Myself, The Midnight Muses and Bookworm Bags :)

Cindy McLafferty, One great lady with a great cause. Please visit her site and contact her to donate something for our men and women overseas!

I am donating my books, they are being sent to injured troops in Baghdad hospital! Our Prayers are will them for a speedy recovery.

Tell me what you think I'd love to hear from you!!

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