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A Day with Destiny Blaine!!

Sexy cats and kittens...I have another great author interview for you. This week is my girl Destiny Blaine!!... She is so much fun to interview (laugh)... here is what she had to say and Matthew Maconaughy, watch out!! LOL...You'll see what I mean..So read on!!

1. Dahlia: Hi Destiny! You are in my interview chair today thanks! Can you give us a little background on your writing career?

Destiny: Hi Dahlia! Thank you so much for having me today! I’ve been writing for so long that if I’m not careful, I’ll reveal my age! Still, I really didn’t start writing for my only income until 2005. In the fall of ’05, I started writing as a ghost writer and found my way into non-fiction. I am the author of four non-fiction books, one which was released at the end of 2006 and three more due out before March of this year. The titles are under my other name. I also have several things out as a “ghost”. I finally found my way to erotica romance this past fall and Mardi Gras Publishing published my first erotica fiction story, Murder by Numbers.

2: Dahlia: What do you hope readers will take away from your books when they read them?

Destiny: I’d like for readers to have some element of surprise when they read my erotica-suspense stories. Of course, I’d like for the reader to like what I write enough to recommend the story to their friends!

3: Dahlia: Tell us about the book/books you have out now and where they can be found?

Destiny: Everything I have out in this genre is a Mardi Gras Publishing title. They have all three of my upcoming series: The Seductive Mistress Series, The Tellers: Triangles of Deception, and The Truth Chronicles all of which will have varying story lengths. Currently, Becoming a Mistress, Murder By Numbers, and A Christmas to Remember can be found at their website (

4: Dahlia: Your book “Becoming a Mistress” was very sexy and appealing. Is this going to be a series and was it hard to write?

Destiny: Thank you so much! Yes, it is in a series (Seductive Mistress).
Becoming a Mistress was very easy to write. Labeled a Mistress, the second one in The Seductive Mistress Series was very difficult to write. I don’t know why exactly but it was. The third one, and in my opinion the best one so far, Betrayal of a Mistress was the easiest to write and as I said, I think it is the best in the series so far!

5: Dahlia: Valentines Day is around the corner. Do you have a favorite or worst memory of the day?

Destiny: When I think about Valentine’s Day, I think about how spoiled I felt on Valentine’s Day when I was growing up. My mother wanted us to feel like we were very special people on Valentine’s Day. She always made heart-shaped pancakes and had little gifts for us to open at breakfast. After dinner, we had heart shaped cookies and a box of those sweet-tart type heart shaped candies. While it seems silly, I just remember how she made such a big deal out of Valentine’s Day and today, I do the same for my children. I think kids remember these days more than adults unless of course, you marry on Valentine’s Day (smile)!

6: Dahlia: Is there any genre you would want to write or currently trying your hand at?

Destiny: Honestly? Right now? No. I want to get away from a lot of the ghost writing I’m doing right now and just write erotica romance, erotica mainstream fiction and a couple of more non-fiction books. That’s what I’d like to do for the next few years. I have two non-fiction projects that are close to my heart. One is a gambling project and the other is based on a true story that I may even use for the plot of a fiction series later on.

7: Dahlia: If there was one place in the world you could visit where would it be and why?

Destiny: Barbados. I saw your pictures and fell in love with the place. If I received an advance on a book right now that could take me there, I’d leave tomorrow with my family. It is gorgeous and I must visit there someday.

8: Dahlia: What is your inspiration for books Summer Neighbors? Can you tell us more about it and when will it be released?

Destiny: I don’t have a release date yet for Summer Neighbors but I am very excited about it. The setting is in Rogersville, Tennessee and on a quiet area of Cherokee Lake. The actual setting of the story is only about an hour from my home. A friend of mine owns this lake cabin that isn’t all that fancy but the setting is just gorgeous. Recently, I stopped by there after a really long day and as I stood there talking to my friend, I couldn’t focus on the conversation for the beauty of the setting.

It’s a place I would love to go sometime and just sit by myself and breathe the fresh country air. I think because I could picture the setting in my mind, it was easier to describe the scenes in the story. The lake and the area definitely inspired me to write the story.

Summer Neighbors is a novella about love before “love at first sight” but I can’t give away the story line yet because I don’t want to spoil it! The couple in Summer Neighbors will
face their share of trials and tribulations coupled with a huge scandal and devastating secrets.

9: Dahlia: Tell us about your down time. When Destiny Blaine is not writing what is she doing?.

Destiny: Right now, I don’t have down time at all. That is going to change soon though! I do have children and both of them play on traveling sport teams so when I’m not writing, I’m typically at a ballgame or a practice for one sport or another! Even then, my laptop goes with me!

I do gamble some. I grew up in a family of sports bettors so I guess it’s in my blood. We also had horses when I was younger and I never could leave the track alone. Now, there’s a simulcasting place close to my home so I can bet on horses when I get the urge. I don’t gamble like I used to and that’s a blessing! I spent the last year writing on a lot of gambling related topics and really did burn out on it. In fact, recently I was in a casino town on a writing project and found I shopped more than anything. The money I would have thrown on a craps table went for new clothes. So, I’ve come to the conclusion, the more you write about something, the more you burn out on it. Oops! That’s not a good sign for my husband given my choice of writing now! (laughs)

10: Dahlia: So Destiny tell us what are some of your favorite things in life? Foods, colors etc

Destiny: Dahlia, I like too many foods so I won’t even go there! Purple and red are my favorite colors. I’m a reader and love to collect old books. Oh yes, and I love music! I’ve been told I am vocally challenged but it’s only because my family seems threatened by my extraordinary voice they claim has an undeniable southern twang! (laughs) My favorite musician is James Blunt with Wise Men being my favorite song.

11: Dahlia: I like to ask this question. (smile). Destiny which book of yours would you like to see turned into a movie and who would play your characters?

Destiny: (smile) Wow! From short stories to the big screen! I like the way you think! Probably The Tellers: Triangles of Deception beginning with A Christmas to Remember. I’d want Brett Favre to leave the NFL behind and become my NFL character (Corby) and I’d want Jennifer Anniston to play the main character of Cassie. Steve would have to be played by Matthew McConaughy because there isn’t a sexier man alive! (and I tell my hubby this so it isn’t a big secret!)

12: Dahlia: Can you tell everyone about your websites, where they can find out more about you and what we will be seeing from you in 2007.

Dahlia: My loop on Yahoo is where I am on a daily basis unless it’s a Saturday or Sunday and we have ballgames! It’s
And my website is In 2007, my goal is to have at least three titles in each series completed and with some measure of luck, released before the end of the year! Also, I hope to finish my futuristic romance novel Raven which has become my “pet project”. It’s one of those you hate to let go and who knows, I may not finish it until someone comes along and tells me they want it. Then, I might let it go. It’s just one of those I’ve poured my whole heart into and I guess I’ve had a hard time letting it go!

13: Dahlia: If you could have one hot guy for a day to do your bidding who would it be and what will they be doing?

Destiny: Dahlia, Matthew McConaughy would never make an appearance again on the big screen! Hands down, Matthew McConaughy! Move over Penelope because here comes Matthew’s Destiny!!!! (fanning my face just thinking about him)

14: Dahlia: What are you goals for your writing career?

Destiny:My goals are to keep writing in this genre and to keep growing a readership base. I hope I can continue to have fun writing because I’ve had so much fun with my writing career. I’ve been very fortunate to meet great people along the way and I hope to continue making friends from around the world.
I am doing what I love and I just want to keep doing it!

15: Dahlia: You have been receiving great reviews for your books. Tell us how does that make you feel especially when you saw your first review?

Destiny: Oh my goodness. If you’ll look at my Yahoo group, you’ll laugh. I always say too much about a good review. The truth is, I’m impossible to deal with at home. I typically read it to my husband and I’ll ask what he thinks about it. Then, I’ll read it again and tell him I can’t believe it. Then, I’ll tease him and tell him I’m almost famous (laugh). He quickly reminds me of what my son told me when my first non-fiction book came out.

He said, “You know Mom, if you ever do become famous, we won’t know it because we live with you. So, really, you’ll never feel famous. I’m sorry about your luck.”

My son always makes me laugh. Of course, fame isn’t what I want—I want what every mother wants, time. If I have time with my family, then I’ll feel like my work is finally paying off and if I meet great friends along the way, I’ll feel like I’ve received a just reward for doing what I already love to do anyway!

Ok Guys and Dolls!
Destiny Blaine and her books that are filled with suspense are out there, so pick up a copy. Becoming a Mistress made me want and go out and work in an office so I can jump my boss’s bones… (Smile There is much more to come from this author so watch out Destiny is coming!!
See ya all next week!
Dahlia Rose

Thank you for having me!
Destiny Blaine

Apparition Part 6..Finally!!

Hey my sexy cats and kittens. Here is a new installment of *Apparition*. After my hell with the file i called geeks on call and they found it for me..I love those guys!!..So read and enjoy the newest Part of the story.... Smooches

Night turn into day in New York and Jared slowly woke up to see Josephine looking at him intently.
“You know looking at me while I sleep is a little creepy.” He said sitting up.
“And lying in bed with a spirit isn’t? She countered.
Jared grinned. “Good point.”
After their dance last night Jared and Josephine talked until the wee hours of the morning. He knew he would have more in common with a woman who could walk through walls, than with women he dated in the past. They both shared a love of books and great music, jazz particularly. Josephine told him about her love of Etta James songs and when she sang a few bars of her music. He found out that she had a vice that could melt a man when she sang smooth husky and sensual. Today she would go with him to the shelter and they would start looking for more information on where her body could be.
“Are you going to tell me why you were staring at me?” he asked.
“I was wondering what will happen if you and Max can’t find my body. I will be like a ghost trapped forever until my body dies.” Josephine replied softly. “I’ll have to go back to the park and just wait until I can move on.
“That’s not going to happen we are going to find you and if the worst happen you are going to stay here with me.” Jared said firmly.
“I couldn’t do that Jared, you have a life to lead. You will get married and have children. Imagine having to explain to a girlfriend slash perspective wife “Hey honey this is my ghost she lives with me.”
“Funny girl,” Jared said with a smile. “How about this, before we make any decisions we try to find you first?’
“Ok, we’ll do that,” she said with a small smile.
The phone rang and Jared rolled and grabbed it from the bedside table and said hello. It was Max on the other line.
“Hey Max what’s up?”
“Trouble man, the kids you sent here a few weeks ago. The father found them last night. He kicked out the night counselor and beat up the kid pretty badly and took the girl.”
“Shit! I’m on my way anyone called the police?” Jared asked he rolled out of bed and pulled clothes out quickly to get dressed.
“Yup, but they said expect it at a shelter for runaways, you know how they are. The kid John told them his father sexually abuses his sister Jenny that why they ran away. After that they were ready to look. The night counselor is fine, but John is in the hospital. He gave me an address of where his dad likes to hole up.”
Jared listened intently to what Max was saying his face had turned to stone when he heard of the father mistreatment of his daughter. No child should be used that way. “Gimme the address and I’ll meet you over there.” Jared wrote quickly and hung up.
“What’s going on Jared?
He explained to her what had happened as he pulled on his sock and then a pair of beat up sneakers.
“Let me come with you? Josephine said
“No it could be dangerous.” He replied looking for his keys and snatching them up.
“Jared, I’m a spirit, but thanks for caring. It’s more dangerous for you, if you go in and he is armed you could get hurt, or Max or the girl. Remember I can walk through walls.”
He looked at her contemplating and said “Come on.”
“I’ll be downstairs.” Josephine disappeared and Jared went out the door shaking his head. He would never get used to her doing that. Appearing and disappearing at will, hopefully they could find her and he would not have to.
He hailed a cab and was heading to the address that Max gave him a few minutes later. The cab driver looked at him as he sat in the back seat carrying on a conversation. with what seemed to be himself. The cab driver shook his head sadly New Yorkers were crazy.
The ride seemed to take forever to Jared. From the east side to Hells Kitchen took forever especially in morning traffic. Finally the yellow cab pulled up in front of a building Jared would call squalor and filth. The city leaders never wanted to see this part of New York where people lived in places that were beyond poor and children grew up laying next to drug dealers. Max got there soon after, he leaned over and pad his cab and stood next to Jared.
“Hey man,” he greeted Jared. “So how do we do this, go in blazing?”
“No we send in a little bird to have a peek.”
“What bird? What are you….”
“Hey Max.” Josephine said next to his ear.
Max jumped and whirled around. “Jesus! You have to stop doing that. So we are sending her in to see where he is holding Jenny?”
“Yes, she can get in without being seen, if he sees us coming he might hurt her.” Jared explained.
“Ok guys I’m going to go see, stay outside the apartment until you hear me call for you.” Josephine said.
Both Jared and Max nodded and started up the steps of the dilapidated building and Josephine faded from view.
“That ‘s amazing how she does that.” Max commented.
“Yes it is.” Jared agreed.
The building smelled of old urine and rotten garbage. The hallway lights flickered on and off. Other than that lowly light the hallway was dim, peeling paint on the walls and the doors of the apartments looked rotted and broken. They went up the stairs to apartment number two B and waited outside for Josephine voice.
Josephine was already in the room and she looked around. Cockroaches crawled around the little apartment. The sofa was filled with cigarette burns and on it laid a foul looking man. His clothes were dirty and his snores filled the air. On the old coffee table in him sat a spoon and lighter, probably the remnants of his last fix. Still invisible she crossed over to the door way that led to what she only could assume was the bedroom. There on a saggy old bed pushed into a corner laid a small girl covered in a blanket. Her body shook as she tried to conceal her sobs. She was curled into a tight ball beneath the thin blanket. Josephine felt her heart break for this little girl and then such rage at the man that did this to her. He took this little girls child hood and shattered it.
“Jenny,” Josephine whispered.
The little girl sat straight up in the bed, reveal that she swore just a little thin dress in a tiny body. “Whose there?...The voice was small and barely a whisper her dark eyes darted around the room.
Josephine made sure she was sitting on the bed in front of the child before she appeared. “Hi Jenny,” she said with a gentle smile.
“Oh gosh, how did you do that? Are you an angel?” Jenny asked. She heard a sound as her father moved in the other room and her eyes darted to the door.
“You don’t have to be afraid anymore Jenny, I’m here to help you.” She caressed the little girls head. The energy that came from her made the little girls hair stand on edge.
“I knew God would send me an angel, that what you are right!” She whispered excitedly.
“I’m kinda like that, I’m here with a few friends and we’ve come to take you to your brother.”
“Where are your friends?” Jenny asked looking around. “Are they invisible to?”
“No they are outside waiting for me to call them.”
“Who the hell are you!” A voice thundered from at the door.
Jenny scrambled back in to the corner in fear and Josephine stood to face the big man. “I’m here to take Jenny.”
“Bitch I’d like to see you try, I’ll treat you the same way I treat her.” The little girl’s father lumbered forward and tried to grab Josephine who faded from his eyes.
She reappeared behind him, the wind picked up blowing her hair as she spoke her voice had become bold and loud. The wind crackled with the energy she created and her eyes glowed in anger. “You will not touch her! How dare you treat your child like this! You will never get to do this to anyone again!”. Josephine looked at him and he could not break way his gaze from her glowing eyes. His screams began and he still could not stop looking at her.
Jared and Max heard her voice from behind the thin door and looked at each other. With no hesitation Jared kicked it in shattering the flimsy door frame into splinters. The two men rushed in to see Josephine standing in the doorway completely aglow. They could see the energy whip around her and heard the screams of a man in the room.
“Josephine!” Jared yell and her head whipped around to face him.
It was like she was coming out of a trance, she shook her head and her vision cleared. “Jared? What happened?
“Uh you tell me, what was all that about?” Jared asked waving his hands around.
“I don’t know, it has never happened before, he rushed at me and I wanted him to pay for what he did to this little girl and this happened.” Josephine replied. What had happened she thought to herself. One minute she was comforting Jenny the next she was in the mist of an energy storm.
Jared and Max walked over to the doorway and saw the man lying on the floor curled into the fetal position and whimpering. They both looked at Josephine with questions in there eyes but said nothing. Max walked over to Jenny slowly. She remembered him from the shelter and flew into his arms.
“Come on little girl let’s get you back to your brother.” Max said softly cradling the little girl.
Jenny looked over her shoulder as Max passed and asked. “She is an angel isn’t she? What’s her name?
“Max replied to the girl with a smile. “She’s something and her name is Josephine. But you can’t tell anyone she was here ok sweet pea?”
Jenny nodded solemnly. Jared and Josephine trailed behind Max carrying the little girl.
“We are going to have to talk about what happened in there with her father you know.” Jared said softly.
“We will as soon as I figure it out myself.” Josephine was scared, she felt so much power when she was in the mist of the energy she created. There was something else to but she could not tell Jared not yet. All she wanted was to be alone for awhile to try to understand what was happening to her.
“Talk to me Josephine.” He said simply
For some reason She felt trapped all of a sudden and she looked at Jared with an apology in her eyes. “I-I have to go Jared, I can’t talk now, I just have to go for a while”
Before he could respond she disappeared.
Outside the building Max still held little Jenny in his arms. I called the police and an ambulance. Where did she go?” He asked looking around.
“I don’t know but something is up with her” Jared murmured.
“Did you see him on the floor? What did she do to him?” Max asked.
“That another thing we need to find out.”
While the two men contemplated what happened when they were not in the room. Josephine went back to the place she called sanctuary, the park she roamed day and night. For now their all their question would have to wait….

Step Into My Erotic Paradise "All are welcome"

Dahlia Rose,

Author, mother, lover, friend she is a rainbow of openness never to be defined. Defining her would be like trying to block a bullet. But, if you tried and happen to stumble upon her in wikipedia, you would find that she has lived nine lives and has warmed a million hearts. She has done more than most and navigated everywhere loving freely and forever changing her hair. A light to this world who uses her being to unfold secrets and keys that lay beneath destinies and blessing. She worships the moon and tattoos her dreams in books. A lioness brought here to conquer the sun with a pen…no war…love as a weapon to win. With Love as her sweater constantly warming you and I with words.

A best selling author of contemporary and paranormal romance with a hint of Caribbean spice. She was born and raised on a Caribbean island and now currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her five kids who she affectionately nicknamed "The children of the corn” and her biggest supporter/long time love. She has a love of erotica, dark fantasy, Sci-fi and the things that go bump in the night. Books and writing are her biggest passion and she hopes to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of her books