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A Day with Destiny Blaine!!

Sexy cats and kittens...I have another great author interview for you. This week is my girl Destiny Blaine!!... She is so much fun to interview (laugh)... here is what she had to say and Matthew Maconaughy, watch out!! LOL...You'll see what I mean..So read on!!

1. Dahlia: Hi Destiny! You are in my interview chair today thanks! Can you give us a little background on your writing career?

Destiny: Hi Dahlia! Thank you so much for having me today! I’ve been writing for so long that if I’m not careful, I’ll reveal my age! Still, I really didn’t start writing for my only income until 2005. In the fall of ’05, I started writing as a ghost writer and found my way into non-fiction. I am the author of four non-fiction books, one which was released at the end of 2006 and three more due out before March of this year. The titles are under my other name. I also have several things out as a “ghost”. I finally found my way to erotica romance this past fall and Mardi Gras Publishing published my first erotica fiction story, Murder by Numbers.

2: Dahlia: What do you hope readers will take away from your books when they read them?

Destiny: I’d like for readers to have some element of surprise when they read my erotica-suspense stories. Of course, I’d like for the reader to like what I write enough to recommend the story to their friends!

3: Dahlia: Tell us about the book/books you have out now and where they can be found?

Destiny: Everything I have out in this genre is a Mardi Gras Publishing title. They have all three of my upcoming series: The Seductive Mistress Series, The Tellers: Triangles of Deception, and The Truth Chronicles all of which will have varying story lengths. Currently, Becoming a Mistress, Murder By Numbers, and A Christmas to Remember can be found at their website (

4: Dahlia: Your book “Becoming a Mistress” was very sexy and appealing. Is this going to be a series and was it hard to write?

Destiny: Thank you so much! Yes, it is in a series (Seductive Mistress).
Becoming a Mistress was very easy to write. Labeled a Mistress, the second one in The Seductive Mistress Series was very difficult to write. I don’t know why exactly but it was. The third one, and in my opinion the best one so far, Betrayal of a Mistress was the easiest to write and as I said, I think it is the best in the series so far!

5: Dahlia: Valentines Day is around the corner. Do you have a favorite or worst memory of the day?

Destiny: When I think about Valentine’s Day, I think about how spoiled I felt on Valentine’s Day when I was growing up. My mother wanted us to feel like we were very special people on Valentine’s Day. She always made heart-shaped pancakes and had little gifts for us to open at breakfast. After dinner, we had heart shaped cookies and a box of those sweet-tart type heart shaped candies. While it seems silly, I just remember how she made such a big deal out of Valentine’s Day and today, I do the same for my children. I think kids remember these days more than adults unless of course, you marry on Valentine’s Day (smile)!

6: Dahlia: Is there any genre you would want to write or currently trying your hand at?

Destiny: Honestly? Right now? No. I want to get away from a lot of the ghost writing I’m doing right now and just write erotica romance, erotica mainstream fiction and a couple of more non-fiction books. That’s what I’d like to do for the next few years. I have two non-fiction projects that are close to my heart. One is a gambling project and the other is based on a true story that I may even use for the plot of a fiction series later on.

7: Dahlia: If there was one place in the world you could visit where would it be and why?

Destiny: Barbados. I saw your pictures and fell in love with the place. If I received an advance on a book right now that could take me there, I’d leave tomorrow with my family. It is gorgeous and I must visit there someday.

8: Dahlia: What is your inspiration for books Summer Neighbors? Can you tell us more about it and when will it be released?

Destiny: I don’t have a release date yet for Summer Neighbors but I am very excited about it. The setting is in Rogersville, Tennessee and on a quiet area of Cherokee Lake. The actual setting of the story is only about an hour from my home. A friend of mine owns this lake cabin that isn’t all that fancy but the setting is just gorgeous. Recently, I stopped by there after a really long day and as I stood there talking to my friend, I couldn’t focus on the conversation for the beauty of the setting.

It’s a place I would love to go sometime and just sit by myself and breathe the fresh country air. I think because I could picture the setting in my mind, it was easier to describe the scenes in the story. The lake and the area definitely inspired me to write the story.

Summer Neighbors is a novella about love before “love at first sight” but I can’t give away the story line yet because I don’t want to spoil it! The couple in Summer Neighbors will
face their share of trials and tribulations coupled with a huge scandal and devastating secrets.

9: Dahlia: Tell us about your down time. When Destiny Blaine is not writing what is she doing?.

Destiny: Right now, I don’t have down time at all. That is going to change soon though! I do have children and both of them play on traveling sport teams so when I’m not writing, I’m typically at a ballgame or a practice for one sport or another! Even then, my laptop goes with me!

I do gamble some. I grew up in a family of sports bettors so I guess it’s in my blood. We also had horses when I was younger and I never could leave the track alone. Now, there’s a simulcasting place close to my home so I can bet on horses when I get the urge. I don’t gamble like I used to and that’s a blessing! I spent the last year writing on a lot of gambling related topics and really did burn out on it. In fact, recently I was in a casino town on a writing project and found I shopped more than anything. The money I would have thrown on a craps table went for new clothes. So, I’ve come to the conclusion, the more you write about something, the more you burn out on it. Oops! That’s not a good sign for my husband given my choice of writing now! (laughs)

10: Dahlia: So Destiny tell us what are some of your favorite things in life? Foods, colors etc

Destiny: Dahlia, I like too many foods so I won’t even go there! Purple and red are my favorite colors. I’m a reader and love to collect old books. Oh yes, and I love music! I’ve been told I am vocally challenged but it’s only because my family seems threatened by my extraordinary voice they claim has an undeniable southern twang! (laughs) My favorite musician is James Blunt with Wise Men being my favorite song.

11: Dahlia: I like to ask this question. (smile). Destiny which book of yours would you like to see turned into a movie and who would play your characters?

Destiny: (smile) Wow! From short stories to the big screen! I like the way you think! Probably The Tellers: Triangles of Deception beginning with A Christmas to Remember. I’d want Brett Favre to leave the NFL behind and become my NFL character (Corby) and I’d want Jennifer Anniston to play the main character of Cassie. Steve would have to be played by Matthew McConaughy because there isn’t a sexier man alive! (and I tell my hubby this so it isn’t a big secret!)

12: Dahlia: Can you tell everyone about your websites, where they can find out more about you and what we will be seeing from you in 2007.

Dahlia: My loop on Yahoo is where I am on a daily basis unless it’s a Saturday or Sunday and we have ballgames! It’s
And my website is In 2007, my goal is to have at least three titles in each series completed and with some measure of luck, released before the end of the year! Also, I hope to finish my futuristic romance novel Raven which has become my “pet project”. It’s one of those you hate to let go and who knows, I may not finish it until someone comes along and tells me they want it. Then, I might let it go. It’s just one of those I’ve poured my whole heart into and I guess I’ve had a hard time letting it go!

13: Dahlia: If you could have one hot guy for a day to do your bidding who would it be and what will they be doing?

Destiny: Dahlia, Matthew McConaughy would never make an appearance again on the big screen! Hands down, Matthew McConaughy! Move over Penelope because here comes Matthew’s Destiny!!!! (fanning my face just thinking about him)

14: Dahlia: What are you goals for your writing career?

Destiny:My goals are to keep writing in this genre and to keep growing a readership base. I hope I can continue to have fun writing because I’ve had so much fun with my writing career. I’ve been very fortunate to meet great people along the way and I hope to continue making friends from around the world.
I am doing what I love and I just want to keep doing it!

15: Dahlia: You have been receiving great reviews for your books. Tell us how does that make you feel especially when you saw your first review?

Destiny: Oh my goodness. If you’ll look at my Yahoo group, you’ll laugh. I always say too much about a good review. The truth is, I’m impossible to deal with at home. I typically read it to my husband and I’ll ask what he thinks about it. Then, I’ll read it again and tell him I can’t believe it. Then, I’ll tease him and tell him I’m almost famous (laugh). He quickly reminds me of what my son told me when my first non-fiction book came out.

He said, “You know Mom, if you ever do become famous, we won’t know it because we live with you. So, really, you’ll never feel famous. I’m sorry about your luck.”

My son always makes me laugh. Of course, fame isn’t what I want—I want what every mother wants, time. If I have time with my family, then I’ll feel like my work is finally paying off and if I meet great friends along the way, I’ll feel like I’ve received a just reward for doing what I already love to do anyway!

Ok Guys and Dolls!
Destiny Blaine and her books that are filled with suspense are out there, so pick up a copy. Becoming a Mistress made me want and go out and work in an office so I can jump my boss’s bones… (Smile There is much more to come from this author so watch out Destiny is coming!!
See ya all next week!
Dahlia Rose

Thank you for having me!
Destiny Blaine


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I loved this interview wih Destiny!! Dahlia's questions and her answers made for quite a read..I'll be back to this blog and read Destiny's book "becoming A Mitress"

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