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Apparition Part 6..Finally!!

Hey my sexy cats and kittens. Here is a new installment of *Apparition*. After my hell with the file i called geeks on call and they found it for me..I love those guys!!..So read and enjoy the newest Part of the story.... Smooches

Night turn into day in New York and Jared slowly woke up to see Josephine looking at him intently.
“You know looking at me while I sleep is a little creepy.” He said sitting up.
“And lying in bed with a spirit isn’t? She countered.
Jared grinned. “Good point.”
After their dance last night Jared and Josephine talked until the wee hours of the morning. He knew he would have more in common with a woman who could walk through walls, than with women he dated in the past. They both shared a love of books and great music, jazz particularly. Josephine told him about her love of Etta James songs and when she sang a few bars of her music. He found out that she had a vice that could melt a man when she sang smooth husky and sensual. Today she would go with him to the shelter and they would start looking for more information on where her body could be.
“Are you going to tell me why you were staring at me?” he asked.
“I was wondering what will happen if you and Max can’t find my body. I will be like a ghost trapped forever until my body dies.” Josephine replied softly. “I’ll have to go back to the park and just wait until I can move on.
“That’s not going to happen we are going to find you and if the worst happen you are going to stay here with me.” Jared said firmly.
“I couldn’t do that Jared, you have a life to lead. You will get married and have children. Imagine having to explain to a girlfriend slash perspective wife “Hey honey this is my ghost she lives with me.”
“Funny girl,” Jared said with a smile. “How about this, before we make any decisions we try to find you first?’
“Ok, we’ll do that,” she said with a small smile.
The phone rang and Jared rolled and grabbed it from the bedside table and said hello. It was Max on the other line.
“Hey Max what’s up?”
“Trouble man, the kids you sent here a few weeks ago. The father found them last night. He kicked out the night counselor and beat up the kid pretty badly and took the girl.”
“Shit! I’m on my way anyone called the police?” Jared asked he rolled out of bed and pulled clothes out quickly to get dressed.
“Yup, but they said expect it at a shelter for runaways, you know how they are. The kid John told them his father sexually abuses his sister Jenny that why they ran away. After that they were ready to look. The night counselor is fine, but John is in the hospital. He gave me an address of where his dad likes to hole up.”
Jared listened intently to what Max was saying his face had turned to stone when he heard of the father mistreatment of his daughter. No child should be used that way. “Gimme the address and I’ll meet you over there.” Jared wrote quickly and hung up.
“What’s going on Jared?
He explained to her what had happened as he pulled on his sock and then a pair of beat up sneakers.
“Let me come with you? Josephine said
“No it could be dangerous.” He replied looking for his keys and snatching them up.
“Jared, I’m a spirit, but thanks for caring. It’s more dangerous for you, if you go in and he is armed you could get hurt, or Max or the girl. Remember I can walk through walls.”
He looked at her contemplating and said “Come on.”
“I’ll be downstairs.” Josephine disappeared and Jared went out the door shaking his head. He would never get used to her doing that. Appearing and disappearing at will, hopefully they could find her and he would not have to.
He hailed a cab and was heading to the address that Max gave him a few minutes later. The cab driver looked at him as he sat in the back seat carrying on a conversation. with what seemed to be himself. The cab driver shook his head sadly New Yorkers were crazy.
The ride seemed to take forever to Jared. From the east side to Hells Kitchen took forever especially in morning traffic. Finally the yellow cab pulled up in front of a building Jared would call squalor and filth. The city leaders never wanted to see this part of New York where people lived in places that were beyond poor and children grew up laying next to drug dealers. Max got there soon after, he leaned over and pad his cab and stood next to Jared.
“Hey man,” he greeted Jared. “So how do we do this, go in blazing?”
“No we send in a little bird to have a peek.”
“What bird? What are you….”
“Hey Max.” Josephine said next to his ear.
Max jumped and whirled around. “Jesus! You have to stop doing that. So we are sending her in to see where he is holding Jenny?”
“Yes, she can get in without being seen, if he sees us coming he might hurt her.” Jared explained.
“Ok guys I’m going to go see, stay outside the apartment until you hear me call for you.” Josephine said.
Both Jared and Max nodded and started up the steps of the dilapidated building and Josephine faded from view.
“That ‘s amazing how she does that.” Max commented.
“Yes it is.” Jared agreed.
The building smelled of old urine and rotten garbage. The hallway lights flickered on and off. Other than that lowly light the hallway was dim, peeling paint on the walls and the doors of the apartments looked rotted and broken. They went up the stairs to apartment number two B and waited outside for Josephine voice.
Josephine was already in the room and she looked around. Cockroaches crawled around the little apartment. The sofa was filled with cigarette burns and on it laid a foul looking man. His clothes were dirty and his snores filled the air. On the old coffee table in him sat a spoon and lighter, probably the remnants of his last fix. Still invisible she crossed over to the door way that led to what she only could assume was the bedroom. There on a saggy old bed pushed into a corner laid a small girl covered in a blanket. Her body shook as she tried to conceal her sobs. She was curled into a tight ball beneath the thin blanket. Josephine felt her heart break for this little girl and then such rage at the man that did this to her. He took this little girls child hood and shattered it.
“Jenny,” Josephine whispered.
The little girl sat straight up in the bed, reveal that she swore just a little thin dress in a tiny body. “Whose there?...The voice was small and barely a whisper her dark eyes darted around the room.
Josephine made sure she was sitting on the bed in front of the child before she appeared. “Hi Jenny,” she said with a gentle smile.
“Oh gosh, how did you do that? Are you an angel?” Jenny asked. She heard a sound as her father moved in the other room and her eyes darted to the door.
“You don’t have to be afraid anymore Jenny, I’m here to help you.” She caressed the little girls head. The energy that came from her made the little girls hair stand on edge.
“I knew God would send me an angel, that what you are right!” She whispered excitedly.
“I’m kinda like that, I’m here with a few friends and we’ve come to take you to your brother.”
“Where are your friends?” Jenny asked looking around. “Are they invisible to?”
“No they are outside waiting for me to call them.”
“Who the hell are you!” A voice thundered from at the door.
Jenny scrambled back in to the corner in fear and Josephine stood to face the big man. “I’m here to take Jenny.”
“Bitch I’d like to see you try, I’ll treat you the same way I treat her.” The little girl’s father lumbered forward and tried to grab Josephine who faded from his eyes.
She reappeared behind him, the wind picked up blowing her hair as she spoke her voice had become bold and loud. The wind crackled with the energy she created and her eyes glowed in anger. “You will not touch her! How dare you treat your child like this! You will never get to do this to anyone again!”. Josephine looked at him and he could not break way his gaze from her glowing eyes. His screams began and he still could not stop looking at her.
Jared and Max heard her voice from behind the thin door and looked at each other. With no hesitation Jared kicked it in shattering the flimsy door frame into splinters. The two men rushed in to see Josephine standing in the doorway completely aglow. They could see the energy whip around her and heard the screams of a man in the room.
“Josephine!” Jared yell and her head whipped around to face him.
It was like she was coming out of a trance, she shook her head and her vision cleared. “Jared? What happened?
“Uh you tell me, what was all that about?” Jared asked waving his hands around.
“I don’t know, it has never happened before, he rushed at me and I wanted him to pay for what he did to this little girl and this happened.” Josephine replied. What had happened she thought to herself. One minute she was comforting Jenny the next she was in the mist of an energy storm.
Jared and Max walked over to the doorway and saw the man lying on the floor curled into the fetal position and whimpering. They both looked at Josephine with questions in there eyes but said nothing. Max walked over to Jenny slowly. She remembered him from the shelter and flew into his arms.
“Come on little girl let’s get you back to your brother.” Max said softly cradling the little girl.
Jenny looked over her shoulder as Max passed and asked. “She is an angel isn’t she? What’s her name?
“Max replied to the girl with a smile. “She’s something and her name is Josephine. But you can’t tell anyone she was here ok sweet pea?”
Jenny nodded solemnly. Jared and Josephine trailed behind Max carrying the little girl.
“We are going to have to talk about what happened in there with her father you know.” Jared said softly.
“We will as soon as I figure it out myself.” Josephine was scared, she felt so much power when she was in the mist of the energy she created. There was something else to but she could not tell Jared not yet. All she wanted was to be alone for awhile to try to understand what was happening to her.
“Talk to me Josephine.” He said simply
For some reason She felt trapped all of a sudden and she looked at Jared with an apology in her eyes. “I-I have to go Jared, I can’t talk now, I just have to go for a while”
Before he could respond she disappeared.
Outside the building Max still held little Jenny in his arms. I called the police and an ambulance. Where did she go?” He asked looking around.
“I don’t know but something is up with her” Jared murmured.
“Did you see him on the floor? What did she do to him?” Max asked.
“That another thing we need to find out.”
While the two men contemplated what happened when they were not in the room. Josephine went back to the place she called sanctuary, the park she roamed day and night. For now their all their question would have to wait….

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