Saturday, December 20, 2008

And The Winners Are!!.......

Hi guyz and dollz!

Well I couldn't pick only one winner for a free copy of my book. So I picked three!! LOL

Tameka, Deidre and Tabitha are the winners of a free copy of Melting A frozen Heart! Enjoy the book guys its already in your email. :) Congrats and let me know what you think of it!

Now I am off to begin cooking and decorating for our Christmas party tonight! I'll post pictures tomorrow :)

Hugs and Cheesecake every one!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Memories of Christmas in Barbados & A Chance To Win An E-book!!

This time of year always brings me memories of home. The smells of Barbados at Christmas is something you cannot forget no matter how long you have been away. If I close my eyes long enough I can still taste the bite of the sea salt in the air and feel the energy of the island.

My mother and father always seem to get gifts into the house even though we kept watch closesly..LOL..The sugar canes rustled with the a cool breeze in the day time. While at night every start seemed to be even bigger and brighter when we laid out on the lawn. The sea was always calm and while we played in the surf we would talk about what we think our gifts would be for christmas.

With mom cooking all our favorite dishes in the kitchen on Christmas Eve. My dad showing up with cases and cases of drinks for us, family and friends that would be coming by. We were all filled with excitement. I long to relive those days again. By next year or maybe 2010 I plan to be on a beach in Barbados with my family. Me with my laptop blooging that I am home for the holidays. Rob on the verandah sipping some kind of drink concotion with my brothers. While we watch the kids play in the surf like I used to...I plan to recreate my Christmas experience for them in every possible way. Until then I will tell them my memeories and see thier wide eyes fascination about everything I remember about being home for the holidays.

I have complied a little picture tribute to show everyone my isalnd, my home at Christmas.

Snow on the mountain. This plant gives off a wonderful exotic smell and its leaves only turn white in December for Christmas. This was our version of snow. Only it smelled better

Christmas candlle. Like the snow ont he mountain this plant only flowered and gave us this beautiful bouquet at Chrstmas time.

The lightsof the Bay in Bridgetown while we all dance and partied to celebrate. Of course when you are older you would be a little drunk..The nights are never that cold on an island.

Even the parliment building where our laws are governed show the Christmas Spirit with brightly colored lights.

We deck out our homes as well with lights to inivte one and all to come and see.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and my pictures. And hopefuly one day I will see you on a beach next to me enjoying my home at the holidays. As Bajans would say..."Just give me shout!" And we'll enjoy some rum punch and some tuck band music to a Caribbean Christmas beat!

Don't leave yet!! You can win a copy of my newest holiday release Melting A Frozen Heart! It has made record sales in the first few days of release and now I am giving you a free copy. Just leave me a comment and I'll enter you in a drawing for a copy of the book!

From the Dahlia Rose Clan to you and your family. We wish you peace, love and blessings for this holiday. may 2009 bring you prosperity and so much more.
Hugs and Cheesecake!

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