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We are coming up on the home strecth of Appartion! Here is this weeks installment!

This was the second time she kept him waiting at his apartment Jared thought as he paced the length of his living room. He looked out his window that faced the street as if expecting to see her coming to his apartment walking up the block. He made a sound of frustration in his throat wishing that he could keep track of her. He was going to have to talk to her about is disappearing act as soon as she got upset. Until they found her body, he needed to know she was ok. How could he do that if she just faded away when something made her unhappy?
After she faded away they had reunited Jenny with her brother at the hospital. Little Jenny was examined and found she was just bruised from a beating but he had not had the chance to molest her once again. Her father had been charged and led away blubbering and crying. Talking wildly about an avenging angel trying to kill him and screaming for his daughter’s forgiveness. As Jared watched him being driven away in the back of a police car still yelling as he passed, he wondered about Josephine and what power she possessed to do that to a grown man.
A faint breeze blew his curtain and Jared whirled around hoping to see her, disappointment was written on his face when she was not standing in front of him barefoot and wearing her blue dress. He couldn’t take the waiting any longer he strode to the door grabbing his coat on the way and letting it slam behind him. He crossed traffic amidst angry blaring horns when he stepped into a busy vehicles path. Some one yelled a rude comment about people jaywalking towards him as he stepped on the side walk on the other side of the street. Jared’s response was the universal finger that spoke volumes. He was in no mood to deal with idiots in cars. His frustration was growing as he walked deeper into the park knowing exactly where to find Josephine.
Reached the familiar spot where she first appeared to him and yelled her name. “Josephine!”
When there was no response he yelled again. “Josephine you get your spirit butt out here right this instant!”
“Why are you yelling Jared, you look like a crazy person yelling into the air.” Her quiet voice came from behind him and he whirled to see her standing there.
“Crazier than I have been for the past few of these weeks? Why do you keep running off like that?”
“I need to think Jared, I was trying to understand what happened today.” Josephine explained.
Jared made a frustrated sound in his throat. “Why couldn’t you figure it out at the apartment with me?”
Josephine opened her mouth to speak but Jared held up his hand. “Ah…my turn to talk. You appeared in my life and it had been upside down ever since, I enlisted my best friend who thought I was crazy by the way to enlist in finding out who you are. You can’t just run every time you get upset. I worry and you have to understand that its not you alone anymore it’s all of us.
Josephine kept silent until he was finished. “I’m sorry Jared, I didn’t think. I am so accustomed to handling things alone, well as much things as a spirit has to handle.”
Jared heard the lack of mirth in her voice and stepped closer to her. He longed to be able to hold her and to reassure her, until that time came he could only say the words and hope she saw it in his eyes. “You don’t have to anymore Josephine, don’t you understand you have me now!”
“I know Jared.”
“Now tell me what happened today honey. When we saw you were lit up like a Christmas tree and almost translucent. The energy in the room was so thick it made my hair stand on end.”
Josephine sighed and turned away. “I don’t know one minute I was comforting Jenny and then he came to the door and tried to tackle me. It was like anger infused me and I was like a battery that was filled to the brim. The energy had to be released and- and that happened!”
“Ok,” Jared said slowly trying to understand. “And why was he screaming and crying like that what did you do? Hit him with a whammy energy bolt?
“Gosh no! I don’t know how I did it, but I think I projected all the fear and hurt he inflicted on Jenny into his head but ten fold. I could sense his thoughts too it was weird being in his head.”
“Hmmmm we’ll figure it out Josephine, don’t worry and look at the bright side you save Jenny.”
“Good point, I just didn’t understand it at the time and it scared me.” Josephine said.
Just then Jared cell phone rung in his pocket and he answered the familiar number. “Hey Max what’s wrong?” He asked assuming the worse.
“Hey where are you man, I got some news” Max said.
“I’m in the park, what’s up?”
“I’m on my way, find Josephine and meet me by the entrance near you house. I think I found her body dude!”
“Really, that’s freaking great! We’ll be there pick me and we’ll take the cab you are in. where are we heading?” Jared asked excitedly.
“No cab man I’m in the shelter van and we are heading upstate to Rochester. She is in a long term care facility there called Angel’s of Mercy.” Max said.
“Freaking excellent! We’ll be waiting.” Jared said and flipped his phone shut.
Josephine looked at him curiously. “What? What did Max say?”
“He thinks he found you!” Jared said with a big grin on his face.
Josephine squealed in pleasure and rushed into his arms forgetting that she was only energy. For a moment their bodies merged and Jared eyes closed as her energy rushed through him. He gasped out her name as she felt all her emotions running along every nerve ending of his body. He felt her fear, hope anger, attraction for him, pleasure and love. She loved him! She came out on the other side of his body and he could only drop to his knees in the grass. It lasted only a few seconds but it left him breathless.
“Oh gosh Jared! Are you ok? I am so sorry, I forgot!” she said concern filled her voice.
I’m fine- I’m fine,” that was unbelievable, incredible! He managed to say as he slowly got to his feet. “I could feel you, everything that makes you!” You love me?”
Josephine looked down shyly to the grass at her felt and could only nod in response. She loved him.
“Hey, he said softly. “I love you too.”
Her eyes flew to his face and the radiant smile that filled his heart with joy spread across her face. “Really?”
‘Yes really, now come on we have to meet Max and go upstate NY, you are there in a coma.”
They pair crossed the park quickly, one seen and one unseen but both filled with hope and love. If Max had found her, her ordeal would be soon over and they could be together. Maybe just maybe there was a happy ending waiting for Jared and the apparition he loved…Josephine

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