Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Warm and Fuzzies :)

How was everyone's Thanks giving? its time to gear up for the Christmas season. "Presentsssssss *drool*..LOL

If you saw the pictures in my photo albums, my holiday was hetic but so much fun. I have not been home to NY in three years so catching up with everyone and trying to do everything was a marathon. But I would'nt change thing. The best part was I got to see my dad. Between my not being home and his constant work schedule I have not seen him in the three years I have been gone. My mom always came to visit but he was so busy he could not come with her. Phone calls are our thing.

We got into New York about 1 am and he stayed up and waited for us to arrive. The bestest thing was as soon as I walked through the door he pulled me into one of those big bear hugs I misssed so much. I have never been hugged so tight and let me tell you I hugged right back..LOL. From there the holiday only got better and better. For that I was blessed.

So now I am back home and back to a hectic work schedule. I have to focus on wrting because the morning sickness I had cut into my wrting considerably. There were days I could not even get out of bed except to run to the bathroom. But that is all over (knock on wood..LOL) and I back to my keyboard. I take off early to rest but other than that I am more focused than ever! I gave up everything to focus on becoming an author. So I can't fail at this because it is not only me I have to worry about. It is my kids who gave me the green light to go for it. My goal is not only succeed but to show them dreams can come true no matter what age you are. There is no fall back on Plan B in this for me, so I wil work my fingers to the nubs....

Thats some deep thoughts huh?..ok back to me being somewhat insane..LOL

The holiday season I have no signings planned. There is way to much going on. visiting family and I am hosting a Christmas party! Yayyyy fun! But from January 2009 I will be back on the road hanging out with the readers and no if you rub my tummy a genie won't jump out but a baby might kick you..LOL.

Look out for my new Year signing schedule in 2009!

My newest release The Darkest joy has been doing very well and making rave reviews. I felt so thriled because this was a different style of writing for me and I am glad it was well liked. Maelting A Frozen Heart will be released On Friday December 12th so By all mean pick a copy of this holiday treat and see what Jack Frost is up to :) Touching Evil and The Song of Calypso are the novels you should look out for in 2009. YES! they are almost done!

To all of my blogger readers, friends and partners in crime..heh heh heh. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe, blessed and prosperous New Year. "Dahlia doing the Spock fingers" :)


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