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Author Interview With Kiera Black!

1: Dahlia: Welcome to the blog Kiera! Tell us how your journey into the writing world began?

Actually, I’d had a dream about these characters several days running and they were quietly driving me insane. When I couldn’t find a book to read that would shut them out, the DH told me that maybe I should write their story down. I never looked back after that.

2: Dahlia: Your book currently out The Protector Destiny is out now! Could you tell us more about it?

Sure, Elizabeth is a writer. She writes about the eternal battle between werewolves and vampires. Sam is the ultimate Alpha wolf, king of the Loup-garou. He reads one of Elizabeth’s books and knows he needs to find out who she is because she knows entirely too much about their plight. Once they meet, all hell breaks loose… LOL

Here’s the official blurb and you can read an excerpt on my website where there is a purchase link if you’re interested in it:

What happens when an independent, strong-willed woman meets an alpha male? Now imagine their meeting occurs while Elizabeth Winters is under attack. Her assailant is among the undead, a vampire: the most feared and reviled of Earth's legendary creatures. Intent on coming to her rescue is Samuel Woods, the leader of his people and Elizabeth's one true mate. She is the Protector's destiny. Together they stand between the undead and the enslavement of all mankind.
They are members of the Loup-garou, modern-day werewolves, destined to protect humanity from vampires, while roaming the world in search of their other half. From the mountains of Upstate New York, to the Saskatchewan region of Canada, Sam and Elizabeth find themselves battling not only the undead, but traitors from within. Can they find the traitors in time, or will an ancient enemy destroy their love before it even begins?

3: Dahlia: I know the book is going to be a series. How many will there be and when is the next one due to be released? Can you give us a sneak peek into book two?

Well, so far there is three written and scheduled for publication. Depending on how the sales are, and if readers want it, there will definitely be a fourth story and I have ideas for several others as well. The Protector’s Jewel is scheduled for release in September, and The Protector’s Keeper is scheduled for release in December.

Here’s the prologue for The Protector’s Jewel but keep in mind it’s still unedited…


Out of breath and virtually out of options, Anna bent down and gathered her daughter in her arms. How could she tell her precious child goodbye? How could she not? No other way existed, not if Alyssa was to live through the night.
“When I say run, I want you to head into those trees over there, sweetie.” She tried to keep the terror, the sorrow from her voice. For her daughter's sake, she needed to remain strong and in control for just a few more minutes.
“But momma, I...”
“Promise me, Alyssa. No matter what you hear, or see, you'll stay hidden in those trees until daybreak. Promise me.”
Alyssa clung to her mother’s arm and began to argue, but Anna stopped her. “Please, do this for me, baby.”
“Okay, momma.”
“And you remember who to contact if we get separated, right?”
“Yes, momma.”
“Good. I love you, baby.” Anna clutched her daughter to her breast. She needed to show Alyssa how very much she and cherished her daughter, wanted to feel her girl in her arms one last time.
Time had run out. She needed to get her daughter to safety. All that mattered was her little girl’s life. With tears trailing down her cheeks, Anna kissed Alyssa one last time before gently shoving her toward the safety of the woods.
“Now, baby. Go! Run! Run into those trees and don’t look back.”
Anna watched her hurry into the woodland. She only regretted one thing. She wouldn’t live to see her baby grow into womanhood. In fact, she didn’t expect to live through the night. She only hoped that Alyssa would stay hidden until dawn, until it was safe.
Anna continued to stare into the woods long after Alyssa disappeared from view. She felt the evil one closing in but couldn’t pull her gaze away from where she’d last seen Alyssa. Not yet. There were precious few moments left and she needed to use them wisely. After one last prayer for Alyssa’s safety, Anna focused all her attention within to release her inner beast.
The change came quickly, as though her other self knew time grew short. The world hung suspended for just a moment as though Father Time waited to witness what was about to unfold.
A wrenching in her spine caused the muscles to spasm. Then bones popped and snapped as Anna’s arms and legs shifted and changed, forcing her to drop down to all fours. Her mouth and nose changed into a lupine muzzle, hands and feet became paws, and a glossy black pelt covered her smooth skin.
Born of an ancient race known as the loup-garou, or commonly referred to as Weres, Anna was about to face her people’s most feared enemy. The Vampire. From the beginning of time, vampires stalked and hunted the werewolf population. Many Weres went into hiding, while others placed themselves in harm’s way by becoming Protectors, defending not only their kind but also the human population.

4: Dahlia: What are you currently working on now Kiera?

Two things really, besides the edits for The Protector’s Jewel. I’m working on Draco’s Choice, an urban dragon shifter/vamp story. You can read the blurb for it on my website, and I’m also working on my first erotic romance, Seducing Serena. It’s a shifter ménage. This one will be a short to test the waters so to speak, but I’m hoping once it’s finished my agent will find a home for it. Same with Draco’s choice, actually.

5: Dahlia: I have been dallying around in your website and I read your bio. You have moved around a lot, does this give you in insight when you are choosing the setting for your books?

Oh sure. Living as many places as I did, it’s a bit easier coming up with settings for my characters. I’ve lived in foreign countries, big cities, tiny towns, villages and even military bases, by the beach and up in the mountains. All those locations are definitely fodder for my imagination.

6: Dahlia: Do you only write in the paranormal genre? Is their a new genre you would like to try?

Well, so far The Protector’s Series is paranormal romance. A shifter/vamp sort of paranormal. I’d like to try my hand at maybe writing some urban paranormal/gothic or sci-fi/futuristic and I definitely want to write a little steamier too. But, I can’t see myself writing straight contemporary or historical.

7: Dahlia: What are some of the goals you have set for yourself in your writing career?

Well, my only real goal was to get published. I’d love to see my books in paper, but even e-book meets that one goal I’d set for myself. To me, it’s telling the story that is the most important reason I write. But, I sure wouldn’t turn down a million dollar deal… LOL

8: Dahlia: What scenes in your books that you find difficult to write?

Sex scenes, definitely. I blush all the way through. And forget writing them if the DH is in the house. It ain’t happening… LOL

9: Dahlia: What would we find you doing behind the scenes Kiera, what does a day of relaxation look like for you?

Wow… I don’t know if I can remember what that is. LOL… Seriously, a day of relaxation is a day where I can just kick my feet up in the recliner, have a stack of two or three books to read, a coke sitting next to me with the radio playing in the background. To tell you the truth, I get one of these every time I get a new Christine Feehan book, or any of the other auto buys. I have no patience, so I wait for the mail carrier, attack him at the door, then lock myself in the apartment until I finish the book, pushing house work and deadlines to the bottom of my priority list.

10: Dahlia: I have read some of your book and it is very thrilling and sensual. Where did the inspiration for The Protector Series come from?

My dreams really. I read many shifter and vamp stories—heck a lot of paranormal all together—and I dreamed the basic plot of this one. After that, I had no choice but to write it because the characters were so real and alive to me at that point.

11: Dahlia: What do you think is the sexiest spot on a man’s body? J

I’d love to be all PC about this and say his smile, but it wouldn’t be the truth. His butt, definitely a man’s butt is what gets my attention first.

12: Dahlia: If you could have one hot guy for a day to do your bidding who would it be and what will he be doing?

Oh heck, only one? Pierce Brosnan. And honestly, I’d have him scrubbing the tub and all the other household chores that would allow me to ogle his behind…

13: Dahlia: Who are some of your favorite writers? Do you find it hard to get personal time for reading between your writing schedule?

There are so many. On my keeper shelves I have: Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Janet Chapman, Nora Roberts, Kay Hooper, Catherine Coulter, Jory Strong, Lauren Dane, Tianna Xander, Bonnie Rose Leigh, Linda Howard, Robin Owens, Angela Knight, and I’ve recently added Jacquelyn Frank. I’m sure there are a bunch I’m forgetting though.

For my favorites... I make the time. For new books, or authors, I try to read at least a couple books a week into my schedule.

14: Dahlia: Kiera tell us three things that you could not live without?

My laptop, my personal library, and Coca Cola…

15: Dahlia: Where we can find out more about, any contest you have going on and your books.

You can find out more about me and what I’m up to at the following places:
My MySpace
My Yahoo Group

Let Kiera thrill you down to your toes with her new book. If book one can be so exciting, book two will leave us all breathless!
Until next week luvvies!
Smooches ~*~Dahlia Rose

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Kim Robinson said...

Kiera I dream my characters too and they will not shut up until I get up and do their bidding, it's like five in the morning they start badgering me to get up and write what they showed me in my dreams. The funny thing is that when I research their names I am finding out that these are folks from the other side who want their stories told
Keep doing what you do

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