Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Build-A-Bear and A Birthday! What Is A mom Supposed To Do!

Today was my daughter's 4th Birthday...Happy Birthday Lily!!

Liillinah Rachel Tabitha-Mae was born at 2 am on this day with mom happily under the influence of many numbing drugs. Now here she is four going on forty and can sing any Hannah Montana and Cheetah girl song. She thinks she is a princess/ fairy and who could blame her.. her mom lives in a wold of fantasy everyday..LOL

She is having her offical birthday party on Sunday. Where some of my closest friends get to come over and play princess. Yes that does include Crymsyn Hart and Sabrina Luna as well.. LOL I am going to ask nicely for them to wear the princess hats as well. (Pictures will be coming forth with..shhhhhh!)

But until the party we had to get her a gift on her actual birthday. Robert's gift to her a trip to Build A Bear. . You cannot let a four year old girl loose in a store like that and not expect some sort of drama. First off her eyes widened to the size of saucers when she stepped into the build a bear store in the mall. It took 25 minutes for her to decide on the Pink leopard bear who was named by Lily "Miss Kitty". Then we stood in line to wait for her to stuff her new toy. Well Robert stood in line, I chased Lily around the store as she tried to pick up everything imaginable for the bear. Finally time for stuffing and she did it beautifuly. (That's my girl). She kissed the little heart and made her wish tucking it inside her bear before the sewed her up. It was very sweet.

I came to find out that you cannot leave Build a bear without that bear being decked out in clothes and other accessories. OMG! A Four year old trying to chose the perfect outfit for a bear is stressful. We went from disney clothes, to cheetah girls clothes, to shoes to hair bows. By the time we were done the bear looked better than I did. (LOL) Some tears were shed when I refused to buy Miss Kitty a plastic wardrobe filed with clothes but I made up with a pretty purse. Ms Kitty was registered given a birth certificate and we paid for her!

All and all the bear was happily held in her new owners arms. Lily was all smiles which was the best thing ever. I always say I would to anything to make my babies smile and this was one of them. If they had Build a bear over a lava pit, I would have gone acrossd the litle tiny rope bridge to make sure she was happy on her birthday. While I felt like I needed a drink and a valium. Even poor Robert who is always so high and tight looked a bit frazzled. But he gave Lily a wonderful birthday gift and for that he got a big hug and a few kisses on the cheek. talk about little girls having the power to melt a grown man's heart!

Anyway I posted a pic or two for you guys to see my little girl with her new best friend Ms Kitty. Stay tuned for Pictures of her birthday party :) Heh Heh It should be fun fun fun!
Smooches... Dahlia

Lily Holding Miss Kitty!

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Destiny Blaine said...

A mom like you never runs short on ideas. Love the picture, the blog and your books!


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