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Sweet Dreams By Jordana Ryan "Just released"

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My Bestest BFF Jordana has a new release today. YOu guys know me enough to know I love books and Jordana's Books are not to be missed!

So check out Jordana Ryan's "Sweet Dreams!"

Join Lucas and Gillian as they try to unravel the mystery of who is out to get them and why. As they learn to love each other they also learn to forgive themselves for past transgressions but will they ever be safe from their unknown attacker? Will their newfound love endure? Find out in Jordana Ryan's Sweet DreamsAvailable today. Enjoy this Short excerpt! *HUGS*Jordana

“When are you going to stop blaming yourself for what you couldn’t

Control and come back to New Orleans and do what you do best?”

“I’m not coming back” Lucas said with finality.

“Come onLuke. You were my best detective.”

“Really?” Lucas said snidely. “You could have fooled meespecially

When you pulled me from active duty and wanted me to chase the wind with

Cold cases.”

“There are a lot of detectives out there that enjoy working cold cases. It

wasn’t a punishment. You needed time to heal.”

“I needed to be treated like I always had been. The real reason you took

Me off that case is because you blamed me for Riley’s death. You just didn’t

Have the balls to say it.”

Mark looked at him. Lucas could see the seething anger in his eyes but

He didn’t care. It was about time he laid it all out on the table for his

Supposed ‘friend.’”

“Maybe that’s just what you want to believe.”

“Yeah. You’re right. I want to believe that my best friend and mentor

Turned on me and blamed for me for a bust gone bad.”

“Lucasmaybe you see it that way because you blame yourself. I had

The utmost respect for you. I still do.”

“Had. Did you hear what you just said?” Lucas snarled. “Had. Tell me

SomethingMarkwhen did that change? Wasn’t it when Riley got shot?

Wasn’t it when I failed—”

“It was when you became a coward! It was when you decided to throw

The biggest damn pity party I’ve ever seen. When you decided the world

Owed you something because your partner got killed. That’s when I lost

Respect for you.”

The air between them was thick with tension. Lucas didn’t know what

To say. He wasn’t a coward. He was a realist. In a world that was so damn

Messed uphe was one man. And one man couldn’t cure all the evils that

Existed. Maybe one time he had thought his efforts were enough but that

Delusion had died right along with Riley.

“Excuse me. I have to get back to work” Lucas said. He rose from the

Table and turned his back on Mark.

Sweet Dreams 49

“Keep running if you want. I can’t change that.” Mark sighed. “I came

Here for a reason.” Mark also rose and moved nearer to Lucas. “Rios was

Released yesterday on a technicality.”

“A technicality? We had solid evidence—”

“It disappeared.”

“What?” The stoniness of his voice unsettled even Lucas.

“There is no evidence. It’s missing. Without thatwe can’t get a


“How in the hell could this happen?” Lucas was enraged. He tried to

Control the rising panic. Rios is free. It played over and over in his mind.

The world seemed to be spinning out of control. Lucas couldn’t breathe.

There was a weight on his chest and it was killing him.

“Lucas sit down you look ill.”

He turned and looked at Gillian. From the look on her facehe knew she

Had heard his conversation. He didn’t know whether it was fear or revulsionBut either wayit left him feeling tainted in her eyes. He allowed himself to

Be led back to the table where he had sat moments ago.

“I’ll get you some coffee” Gillian said before she turned and walked


“You know as well as I do Rios had dirty cops in his pocket. That’s why

We never could bust him.”

“Just another thing we can’t prove.”

Mark shook his head. “Not until we find hard evidence of who the leak

Is. You know the code. Cops stick together. Blue blood and all.”

“It’s an honor system! Whoever stole that evidence is not honorable.”

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