Monday, February 16, 2009

Dahlia Updates....Spring time Addition..

Hey Guys and Dollz!

I have been MIA...again..LOL..but for good reasons. My docs have put me on bed rest which could be fun if it was not to darn boring. From the perspective of a woman who is accustomed to moving and shaking...The sitting still is just sucky. :(..But its necessary so I have patience.

Well whats been going on in my world.....Hmmmm *Dahlia tapping Chin*

I have three mansucripts to go before I take my hiatus. I finally finished "The Song of Calypso" and it has gone to the editors. I have Love's Eternal Bite, Touching Evil and Flights of Fancy to go before I go on vacation.

I have been working on writing for three years straight so I am taking a few months off from events and booksignings until the fall. This is time I am going to spend with the new baby and just relax with my kids and Robert. I am looking forward to it. I even have some aweome reps and a publicist taking care of my promotions and stuff until I am ready to work again.

Oh speaking of which I didn't tell you guys the news... Its a boy!! Yes we are thrilled to be having a little man on the way and he is already showing an in utero personality. Those little boy parts were there for all to see...I think he might be an exhibitionisit...*Grin*. The doctors crack me up when they are getting his heart beat and ultrasound. He does not like being messed with so he hides. LOL. They pester him until its like he says *fine go ahead and them let me be* But he loves music when we put the earphones to my tummy and Rob has been playing him scottish bagpipe music. We might have the next braveheart on our hands. His name? Well we have one and I shall keep it a secret until I post his first pictures here after he arrives.

My sister is come to visit in March and has planned a baby shower. She loves games so the guest are sure to have fun...Yes Pictures will be involved..:)
I have to say a public congratulations to her as well because she just got married on Valentines day! That's my girl, she is not only my sister but my bestfriend and I know she will be a wonderful wife and I wish her all the blessing in the world!!

Valentines Day was great for me as well, I might not have been able to do much but as usual me and Robert made it count, with a romantic dinner, flowers,and a great gift. What can I say they broke the mold when they made my charmer of a fiancee.

I want to thank all the authors and my readers who have been sending me items for our little one to be. Ana for the great logo onesie that says "All my aunties are Amira Press Authors." That was too cute for words. And for the awesome blankets. Jamie for the great baby items. Dorian my home girl for the baby pillow and goodies. Tiffany my soul sista for the spectacular quilt her mom made. And everyone else I have missed. You didn't have to do it but you guys I love you for it all :)...I am glad I have not just found readers for my books and authors as aquaintences but friends as well. "My humble thanks*

Now don't think because I am on hiatus until the fall that no books will be coming. Far from it, thats why I am working on now these four will be released through the spring and summer. I hope you will let me know what you think of them when they do debut. I'll be putting up a litst of events in September and until then make sure you keep in touch. Email me as usual with all the juicy tidbits going on in your world.

Hugs and Cheesecake!! Bon Voyage!

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