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December Book List Release Dates and Blurbs

Tempest The Wolf
Release Date: December 6, 2013
Dahlia Rose Unscripted
One year later and Tempest is still with her wolves. Life is good and the Cormina pack is thriving under Alex and Dom’s leadership. There is still the underlying factor of her dream that’s bothering her and the vision keeps coming and getting stronger. Why was she running, why did she feel that gut wrenching fear and why were her men not talking? Each time they avoiding her questions and Tempest had enough. She needed the truth and she needed it now. Snuggled between her men, another vision sends her running like the very night she met Dominic and Alex.  When they found her in the forest with a bite to her shoulder. The look on their faces old her their worst fears had been realized. Now Tempest is in the fight of her life, one that goes on her body and that may take her soul. She’s not pure blood that means Dom and Alex may lose her to a pack of werewolves or even worst, The Guardians.

Substitute Daddy
Release Date: December 13, 2013
Amira Press
Rancher Matthew Ryder knew how to make money work for him. From the time he was twenty, he turned his father’s failing business into a multi billion-dollar enterprise. Computers, software, finances, and corporate takeovers, he could handle them all. But nothing said home to him like leaving the city behind and heading to his ranch in Nevada. His father’s love of horses was his, and he had the best horseflesh and cattle in the state. But when tragedy strikes, and his best friend was killed in an accident on the ranch just before Christmas, Matthew was left wondering what life was about. In town he found a pregnant fiancée that Lance never spoke about, and he wondered what other secrets was kept from him. Matthew found himself wanting to protect the beauty and her unborn child. He’d made a fortune and still something was missing. Maybe she and her baby were the people to fill that void.
Grace Reid was an ebony beauty who carried herself with poise. She was heading back to Georgia the day Lance was killed. He was a cheating, lying bastard, and she was better off raising the baby alone. She had fully intended to be at her mama’s for Christmas, but her doctor had already given her the bad news that she was too far along to travel, and now she was stuck in Roman, Nevada. With her money dwindling and no prospects, Matthew Ryder came knocking on her door. It seemed that Lance had kept secrets from them both. She went from living in Lance's dingy apartment to waiting to have her baby in a mansion on a ranch. With the attraction between her and Matthew, she wondered if she was making another stupid mistake. Did he see her as another thing he could buy with his money, or did he really care? She had her baby to think about. Being tossed aside when he got bored wasn’t an option. Would love or money win when the day was done?
Sealed With a Kiss
Release Date: December 14, 2013
Sugar and Spice Press
Dreama Bell was just like her name. She believed in her dreams and lived her life vicariously. Her family shook their heads at her series of adventures, and in their close-knit fold, she was called a gypsy. The family vacationed in Vermont every Christmas holiday, so when she planned to spend it in Bermuda on a beach, no one was surprised. Little did she know that a walk on the beach would change her life forever. Someone grabbed her in the dark intending to assault her, Dreama fights for her life. When a pair of big burly hands dragged her attacker away, she sees the handsome face of her protector. Sergeant Thomas Holden was a Navy Seal on leave and taking his own vacation. Passion bloomed, and Dreama followed her instinct and her heart straight into his arms. Would a whirlwind holiday romance lead to her happily ever after? Or would her hero in uniform leave her dreams shattered in paradise?
Mistaken Identities
Release Date: December 21, 2013
Dahlia Rose Unscripted
Stasia Copeland thought she’d left Charlotte behind, the people, the ridicule and a crime she didn’t commit.  Her family didn’t care and being a bar manager was a lot better than being a prison. That was until a face from the past was sitting on her doorsteps and everything came flooding back.  Bryce McDowell was looking for his sister and she could still see the anger from the past in his eyes. He was one of the people who believed the worst of her so when he asked for her help, Stasia had every intention to tell him no and go on with her life. Until he said he would help her clear her record or clear her name so she’d finally be free to live her life. Stasia didn’t expect the gut wrenching need he caused when he kissed her or held her in his arms. When it was over she planned to leave Charlotte for good. So how could she be falling for a man who hated her and blamed her for his sister’s down fall?
My Daddy Is A Hero At Christmas
Release Date: December 25, 2013
Dahlia Rose Unscripted
Sofia Everett volunteered in the call center of the USO based out of Walter Read Hospital in Bethesda Maryland. She considered it one small thing she could do for the active duty member of the military and their families especially around Christmas time. Taking wish lists for Santa to bring a mommy or daddy home or a special gift from Santa…. Oh yes she could do that. But when the little voice on the other end asked for his daddy to be better after being hurt while deployed, it broke Sofia’s heart.  After finding out six-year-old, Anthony O’Neil’s name. Sofia learned his father was in Walter Reid hospital recovering and took the extra time to take some gifts over to him and his father hoping to cheer them up. She certainly didn’t expect the cutest little boy she’d ever met who shared the same startling green gray eyes of his father.  
Captain Christopher O’Neil had a voice that reminded her of sandpaper and bourbon. A great combination in her book and the instant connection she had with him and his son only made it better.  Being alone in the world meant that Sofia treasured family and the holidays so spending it with Chris and his son was a big deal. She was almost to the point where she could let go of her reservation and let them in when a kink was thrown into their smooth working engine. Chris’s ex made an unwelcomed appearance intent to make a play for the two people she’d come to care for. Sofia was torn, should she walk away and let them find each other once more or fight for the man she’d fallen in love with?

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