Friday, December 22, 2006

Interview with H. Renay Anderson

I had the pleasure of talking with author H. Renay Anderson about her new book release. She is a shy but sweet person, who's personalty comes out in her writing. This is what Renay had to say***

Kelly: Tell us how long you have been writing Renay?

Renay: I have been writing since I was a little girl. I was and I am still a very quite person. Not shy at all, but I express myself best through my writing. My first published work was released in 1996. It was a book of poetry that I self-published. The title was ‘Four Generations Deep’

Kelly: I know this is the second time your book has been released. Tell us did you add anything new to it any more spicy love scenes?

Renay: Yes Ma‘am! I have learned a lot since 2003. That is when it was released the first time. I know it is my book, but I still get chills reading about Valerie and Mitchell’s hot tub scene!

Kelly: I love the title of your book. What was the inspiration behind your book? Tell us more about it.

Renay: This part of the title 'Why Women Wear Shoes They Know Will Eventually Hurt Their Feet' came to me before one word of the book was ever typed on the keyboard. One day I was walking in a pair of shoes that had not quite been broken in yet. The shoes were too tight when I bought them, but were the latest style and all my friends had a pair. When I thought about it I knew when I bought them that the first time I wore them they would hurt my feet. Yet, I talked myself into it by thinking I would break them in by the end of the night if I wore them long enough. Sometimes women pick men for the same reasons. They want a man who is cute, popular, or financially well-off. These women over-look bad habits if he has them or his excuses for not committing. They hope to break him in someday.

The 'After Party' part of the title is just my way of saying that sometimes we spend so much time preparing for big events like social dances and parties that we miss the point of why the party is being given in the first place. We buy new dresses and shoes then end up spending the whole night uncomfortable and bored. Not until we leave to go home or we go somewhere else where we can relax and take off our shoes do we end up having a good time.

Kelly: What else is coming from H. Renay Anderson in 2007?

Renay: I am glad you asked! This has been a great year for me. In August of 2006 I had a short story published in the book ‘Chicken Soup for the African American Woman’s Soul’. The title is ‘Walking the Lessons of Life’. Next my first book ‘The After Party…’was re-released by Mardigras Publishing in November of 2006. Then I had another story accepted in the book ‘How I Met My Sweetheart’ by Amani Publishing. It will be released in February 2007. In addition I had a poem accepted for the upcoming 2007 release of ‘Gumbo for The Soul: The Recipe for Literacy in the Black Community’ Anthology #1.

Kelly: Where can readers go to find about more about you?

Renay: My personal website can be found by going to or they can just type in H. Renay Anderson in, or any search engine.

Kelly: Where can readers find your book?

Renay: Right now it being sold at and

Kelly: If a fan wanted to send you an email. Where could they reach you?

Renay: My email address is

Kelly: What is your inspiration for writing?

Renay: Life or should I say the lives of folks I love

Kelly: Do you have any chats or appearances scheduled? If so tell us where we will be seeing you?

Renay: The After Party …’ was jusr released. I am busy promoting it now and working hard to get somethings scheduled. Please visit my website for updates on my scheduled chats and appearances.

Kelly :One fan wrote your book was inspirational and it should be turned into a movie. Who could you see playing the roles of your characters in Hollywood?

Renay: Valerie is a good Mom and works really hard to take care of her sons. Yet, she is also using work as a shield to keep her from falling in love again. I can easily say that has been me at one or more times in my life. I could see Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls)playing that role.

Kelly: I myself find your book inspiring. Being a single mother and dating it hit close to home. You and your children are a package. I was lucky enough to find a man who loved us all. Tell me Renay is there a personal experience behind your book?

Renay: Some parts of my book are from personal experience. The majority of it is not.
I too have been smart enough to only consider someone who thought of me and my children as a complete package.

Kelly: Before you go, is there anything you would like the readers to know?

Renay: Yes, I want the readers to know that the chapters in my book contain fictional situations, but I am telling the story based on real life and the hard lessons I and other women I know have learned. The readers will absorb the text on every page of this book and linger on the last page pining for more! I can't wait to see what happens next to Valeria and April myself!

That was my interview of the wonderful writer H. Renay Anderson. This inspiring author will have you caught into every word of her book. 2007 look out for her! She will be taking the writing world by storm.
Dahlia Rose

Happy Holidays!

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