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An Interview with Victor Cantrell...SWAT Cop from Love and Lights

Victor is a tough Italian Cop from NY. He won his woman back in Love and lights. We wanted to know more about the man that didn;t stop trying to change christmas for him and Rachel. These question were compiled by my friend and publicist goddess (Melinda). For the sexy Victor. Let's see what he has to say.... Dahlia

1.What got you into a career as a bomb technician?
Victor: Well I first started out as a beat cop and worked my way into the swat team. I loved taking apart bombs. It’s dangerous and I have to admit it is a rush to be able to dismantle something that is meant to destroy. Not only buildings, but lives. To take it apart before it does damage is like taking back the fear a bad guy wants to give the public.

2. Tell us readers what attracted you the most to Rachel?
Victor: Other than the body? (laugh) No seriously. When I met Rachel she was like a flame in the room. She walked by and I swear the air crackled. She has this confidence about her that makes people stand up and notice. A temper that will make you take cover when she gets started. But her heart is what makes everything irresistible. She loved me and was not afraid to say it even when I was. Rachel is the total package.

3. Tell us Victor you have been in hot situations working in the SWAT team but when it comes to Rachel she makes you sweat and be proud in admitting your feelings towards her. Why?
Victor: The situations in SWAT and Rachel are two different things. Swat is a pressure to be successful because if you don’t you die. Rachel is my bomb. When she touches me, I want to just throw her down and ravish her. When she looks into my eyes and tells me she loves me. I can see it. She never expects anything from me other than my love, honesty and trust. How could I not tell her how proud I am that she gave me another chance?

4. What is your favorite holiday and why?
Victor: Of course Christmas is my favorite holiday. It has bitter sweet memories for me. I gave up the love of my life on Christmas Eve and I got her back on this holiday as well. I promised her that Christmas would be perfect from now on. I aim to keep that promise. Always Love and Lights for my Rachel.

5. Three years ago you left Rachel what made you do that and why?
Victor (with a dark look): It was my dumb ass thinking. I had just gotten my promotion to bomb tech. I knew the job was dangerous and I wanted to protect her from the grief of losing me if anything happened. Stupid thought I know, but I loved her so much. The thought of her feeling pain at my death was too much for me to bear. Thinking about the what ifs almost made me lose the love of my life.

6. What part of your relationship with Rachel did you like the most the making up or just being able to talk to her and why?
Victor: Can I say both? (Smile). It is both actually. When we argue, the making op is hot and wild. We get all our issues out in mind blowing lovemaking. But even after that, we’ll lay there and talk. Not about anything in particular we just talk. It could be silly, or we whisper how much we love each other until we fall asleep. She does first of courseand she snores but she will never admit it :)

7. What is your favorite food to eat?
Victor: I’m Italian to the bone. My favorite Food would be a meat ball sub from Tony’s in Manhattan. But If Rachel ever asks you. Tell her I said it was her Shepard’s Pie. (Laugh). It’s really good but it doesn’t beat out Tony’s sub.

8. Do you feel that you are Rachel’s soul mate?
Victor: I can answer that with a resounding yes. I am her soul mate. We are connected in so many ways. I swear she can hear me thinking about her and she’ll call. Plus any other man that looks at her funny I’ll beat him with his own arm. And yes I do have a little bit of jealousy in me. I am not ashamed to admit it.

9. If there was one thing about Rachel that you would remember the most if you two didn’t get back together what would that be?
Victor: Her mouth, she has one of the sexiest mouths I have ever seen. It gives the most amazing kisses. She can say the sweetest loving things through those lips. And she can cuss like a sailor when she is angry (laugh).

10. Tell us about your first night with Rachel was it magical like us women want them to be?
Victor: It was the summer time, and we were on our third date. I took her on a carriage ride in central park. The smell of the horse was awful and we got out early. She leaned her face up to me and kissed my cheek and told me it was good thought anyway. We walked back out and took the train back to my place in Brooklyn. I wanted her to see where I lived. (ulterior motive) but she had the same idea. I put ton some music and had we had some wine. Before I could make a move she got of the sofa and slipped that white sundress of her shoulders and slid to the floor. With the heat of summer on her skin, it glowed and I kissed her every where that night. It was not just magical for her. I was for me as well. I guess I knew that night she would be in my hear forever. Even if I sort of broke her heart a few months later.

11. Do you believe that Rachel is a strong or weak woman for you and why?
Victor: Rae a week woman? Never. I could never use the word weak when it comes to her. She has a inner strength that I loved. And she can open her self up to love even if it hurts. It takes great strength to do that. To be open and willing to love and to take a leap of faith. She has an abundance of strength. I should have thought of that three years ago.

12. When did you realize that you loved Rachel and why not three years ago?
Victor: I always loved Rae, even when I broke up with her. I was so afraid that she would be burying in me. I know how she grieves. She would have been crushed if something happened to me. I was not thinking about the strength. I don’t think I was even thinking of her. I was thinking of my self. If I was in the shoes where I lost her. I know I would not have been able to stand it. It was a screwed up thing to do. I kicked myself ever day for three years for letting her go.

13. I understand that you went through a hard ordeal in your work life. Tell us how your injury I going now?
Victor: My leg is healing nicely. The scaring is there but not so harsh at it was. That is thanks to Rae. She uses cocoa better on my leg and she helps me with my physical therapy. I can’t say I don’t like her in the whirl pool with me. (Laugh).

14. What inspired you to surprise Rachel with those thoughtful gifts to win her heart back?
Victor: When I want something I go after it. Rae was worth every elaborate gesture. I wanted her back so badly I would have done thing to show her how much I loved her. Her mom helped me to come up with some of it as well. Come to think of it if she has asked me to pluck her stars from the sky. Damn if Nasa would not have to put me on the next shuttle up there..:)

15. Tell us what your all time Christmas fantasy would be like with Rachel if you two ever do get married?
Victor: Let me say first off that we are getting married. My plan is another grand gesture. Since I am a retired cop and I do have a few friends in NY t help me pull some strings. We are planning to get married Christmas Even under the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Sounds good doesn’t it? I can’t wait to marry her.

That was the interview with The magnetic Victor Cantrell. The hero from Love and Lights. It is fair to say that he won his woman’s heart all over again. And this man has no intention in ever letting go. Good luck and Merry Christmas.


Robin49 said...

I loved the interview and Victor is so sweet!

Loretta said...

Thanks for the interview with Victor. He has a great love for Rachel and shows it here.

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