Friday, January 12, 2007

Interview with Ayn Amorelli

Kelly: Ayn first and foremost from a girl who loves anything paranormal. I have to ask, Why such a love of the paranormal?

Ayn: I’ve always loved mysteries, the more complex, the better.

Kelly: How long have you been writing? What is the muse for such wonderful books?

Ayn: I’ve been writing all my life, ever since I learned how to hold a pencil, and have always been curious about everything I see. To stop my continuous questions, my mother taught me how to read so I could learn the answers, myself. Then too, I was an only child, and had to play by myself at time, so I developed an active imagination. I think my curiosity and imagination and reading and love of words which came from reading from the time I was three all combined to spark the muse.

Kelly: I know your last name has a cool meaning Ayn that has a romantic twist. Care to tell us about it?

Ayn: By a stroke of good luck, I married an Italian whose last name, Amorelli, means ‘Little Lovers’ in Italian LOL, and decided it was the perfect name to use for my steamy romances.

Kelly. You write under both Ayn Amorelli and Ayn Hunt. Tell us why?

Ayn: When I first started writing books, I wanted something simple that people could remember, so I chose my maiden name, Hunt for my Gothics. Then, when I branched into writing steamy romances, I realized my married name of Amorelli would be a perfect fit for that genre.

It also prevents confusion for the readers. When people pick up a book by Ayn Hunt, they expect stories about ghosts, psychotic killers and haunted houses. But when they buy a book by Ayn Amorelli, they know they’ll be reading torrid romances containing graphic sex.

Kelly: Your writing background is amazing! What are you working on now to entice our imagination?

Ayn: I’ve just completed my fifth book, The Wayward Governess, which I’m revising for a publisher who requested it. It’s an historical romance about a young American heiress who gets stranded in London, and goes to work for an unconventional earl as a governess to his two daughters.

Kelly: Where can your readers and fans find out more about you and your books?

Ayn: At my websites, and, where I have excerpts of my books, which can all be bought at, as well as and my publishers.

Kelly: I see you started to host a chat called *Hunts Corner*. Could you elaborate on that and how people can join?

Ayn: This is a brand new writers’ chat on AOL covering news writers can use, which I’m very excited about. Each week I discuss different topics for writers, such as The Dreaded Synopsis: What it is and isn’t; Tricks of the Trade: Promotion; Outlining versus the Pantzer Types of Writing; Good Second Jobs for Writers (and how to get them); Researching Techniques for Historicals, etc.

It’s not in protocol, just a loose question and answer format, where we discuss whatever anyone wants to, which pertains to the Topic.

It comes on every Sunday night at 8 p.m. CST, 9 p.m. EST, in Chapter One. To get on the mailing/reminder list, just send an email to me at and I’ll make sure they start get on it.

Kelly: You have been married for 34 years! I say wow to that. Are these books and your vivid writing part of what keeps Mr. Amorelli happy (smile)?

Ayn: Well, I believe in lots of research for all my books, so of course, hubby and I do a lot hands-on research for my steamy romances

Kelly: What would be the favorite erogenous zone on guys for Ayn Amorelli?

Ayn: Mercy LOL. I think I’ll pass on this question.

Kelly: I like to ask this question. (smile). They Hollywood big wigs loved one of your books and wanted to make it into a movie. Which book would you like to see on the big screen and what superstars would you have play your characters?

Ayn: That’s a hard one. For The Haunting, a good actress to play Jessica would be Nicole Kidman. And for Brent, George Clooney. For Contract Bride, a good actress to play Kayla is probably Catherine Zena Jones and for Bob, Brad Pitt.

Kelly: Ayn what would you want your readers to know most about you?

Ayn: That all my books are packed with entertainment, from the first page to the last.

13 Kelly: Finally Ayn, which would you prefer to see a guy wearing Boxer’s or briefs?

Ayn: Briefs LOL. It shows their, um, you-know-what better than Boxer’s.

Ok Guys and Dolls!
That was the woman who can make a haunting sexy, Ayn Amorelli. Read her short stories and she’ll pull you into a world that will keep you coming back. I’ll be one of those joining *Hunt’s Corner* to take advantage of what she can teach me.
Smooches Luvvies…See you all next week
Dahlia Rose

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