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Apparition..Pt 3

Ok guys the story is picking up...(smile)...Read on about the apparition Josephine and Jared....
Walking with an apparition. Jared shook his head and smiled, with his hands folded under his head he replayed the night’s event in his head. Walking though the park as the night’s shadows took their hold. With a woman who could bee seen only when she wanted to be seen. Jared laughed aloud at how many times people passed him and swore he was talking to himself. When he looked over he could see her but they could not.
“Do you know how long I have been here?” Josephine had asked him.
“We think almost two years.” He had told her.
“We?” she asked.
“My friend Max helped me find you in the missing person’s data base.” Jared explained. “He thinks I am crazy because I thought I saw a ghost.”
“So I am dead? They found my body?” Josephine asked sadly.
“No I haven’t found your body….Wait you don’t know if you are dead?”
Josephine replied. “No I can’t tell if I am or not. I never have seen any bright light or anything. I’m just here. I feel connected to something. I just don’t what.”
“I thought you would know how you….Why don’t you have shoes?” Jared asked.
“I do remember that.” Josephine laughed. It was a pretty sound almost magical Jared thought as he heard it flow from her lips. “I loved to walk across the grass in this park bare foot.”
“Ok you do know about crack pipes and needles right?” Jared said.
“That was when I had a body Jared. Now it really doesn’t matter does it?”
“I guess not. Have you ever tried to remember what happened to you?” He asked her quietly. If it was something traumatic he wanted to bring it up gently.
“I have but all I feel is like my head hurts. It hurts so badly then I see darkness. There is nothing but pitch black.”
“Maybe it happened here in the park?” Jared suggested.
“No I came here…No one could see me, no one could hear me and at first I was so confused and no matter how much I tried no one could help me. I came to the park because it was the only place I remembered being happy.” As Josephine explained his heart went out to the woman who was so alone.
“How old are you Jared?” Josephine asked. “Do you know how old I am?”
“I’m thirty and when you went missing you were twenty two. So you are almost twenty four now.” Jared had looked at his watch then and saw it was well after eleven. “Its late I have to go Josephine. But I will be back tomorrow, I promise. Hopefully I will know some more.”
“Ok Jared.” He voice was sad as she turned to walk back in to the park.
“Hey, don’t worry, I’ll be back.” He assured her.
“I know. Good night Jared.” With a wisp of a breeze she was gone.
Jared had slowly walked back to the entrance of the park that led to his street. Now he lay in bed with his eyes close thinking of Josephine. He had figured out that she was lonely. That he was basically the first conversation she had with any one in a long time. He should have stayed with her longer so she would not feel so alone. Shit! He cursed himself for his stupidity. There was a small breeze that blew the drapes in his bed room. Jared lazily opened his eyes and saw her standing by his window.
“What the…!” he almost fell out of bed in his surprise. “How did you get in here? What am I asking? You are a ghost, you can get in any where. I thought you couldn’t leave the park.”
“I never said that.” She teased. “I said that I went there because it was the only place I remembered being happy. I followed you here.”
“Great a ghost with a sense of humor.” Jared muttered. “You could of told me.”
“Can I stay here with you? The park is nice but I miss being around people.” Josephine explained.
“Uh… sure I guess so, I mean you won’t be eating all my food.” Jared joked.
“I miss food to!” she said excitedly and sat on his bed. “I see people eating hot dogs and pretzels. And I wish I could have one. Can I sleep here with you?”
Jared looked at where she was setting, he knew she was there but her body did not even make a dent in the soft mattress. The timid question and Jared’s eyes flew to her face. Without a second thought he pulled back the covers in invitation.
“Sure, you can sleep here with me.” He replied. She needed a connection and he would not refuse her that.
“Her smile was shy as she slipped between the covers. “Thank you. I get so cold in the park.”
Jared was amazed that her body made a form under the blanket and he could feel her against him as she curved her body next to his. She was not solid by know means but it was like an energy that he could feel. There or not, he could smell the light scent of her, he felt desire curl inside his belly. Jesus now he was attracted to a ghost he thought. They fell asleep that way, with her curved against his body. All the things he thought he knew about ghost was being proved wrong. She slept and even murmured in her sleep.
In the morning she woke up and roamed his apartment. Looking at everything as if it was new to her, chattering a mile a minute as he made breakfast. She sat next to him and asked him how his juice, eggs and toast tasted. She wanted details and closed her eyes as if she could taste them herself as he explained. There was a knock on the door and Max strode in without waiting for an invitation to enter from the other side of the door. He saw Jared sitting eating breakfast on the sofa with the TV blaring GMA.
“Hey buddy, I bought some donuts to go along with those eggs.” Max said jovially as he walked in. “Got any coffee? I think I got some more info on your Josephine.”
Jared turned looked as if someone was next to him and nodded. Then he looked at Max once again.
“What are you looking at buddy? Max asked curiously. “Why are you nodding like a bobble head?”
“Tell me what the donuts taste like.” Max right?” The voice came from behind him and Max turned and dropped the bag that held the sweet pastries.
“Jesus H Macy!” Max yelped and staggered back towards the center of the room.
“Max meet Josephine our ghost from the park.” Jared said, he was laughing and wiping his mouth.
“Get the hell out of here! She is real! She is god damn real!” Max exclaimed.
“Yup, now if I am crazy, you are to Maxwell.” Jared smirked.
“Hey,” Max warned pointing at him. “You want a beating.”
“Maxwell is a lovely name.” Josephine soothed. She walked over to stand next to Jared.
“And that came from a ghost.” Jared said approvingly.
“That is the information I had for you Jared.” Max said. He was slowly getting over the initial shock of seeing the apparition known as Josephine in Jared’s apartment. “She may not be a ghost. There is no Jane Doe’s matching her description in the police files. Not in the last two years.”
“What do you mean?” Jared said in confusion.
“I might not be dead?” Josephine asked. Did she dare hope for this miracle?
“Nope,” Max said smugly. “What we have here might just be a case of her spirit being out of her body. I am thinking that she got hurt and had a near death experience. She got lost and forgot where her body is. She is probably lying somewhere in a coma. Find the body and the spirit can go back.”
Max words left them reeling. Find the body and she could go back. Could it be really that easy?

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