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Interview with Missy Lyons

Well it's Friday one again whew it's 2007 and we have already gone through a week. But like every Friday here is another interview... Read and enjoy!!

1.Kelly: Missy Tell us how long you have been writing and what got you into writing romance?

Missy: It feels like I have been writing forever. I really started writing for the fun of it when I was about 13. My father encouraged me to write and many teachers told me I had a gift for it. Then as I grew older I focused on other things in my life. I got married. I got a job, and a house. As much as I enjoyed writing, I never thought I could make it into a career. It’s funny how we always come back to what we love doing though.
I started writing again when I was on a waiting list to get into nursing school. The year long wait was agonizing, so I began to write to soothe my soul. As for why I write romance, romance seems so natural to me. We all are looking for a special someone who we can share our lives with. Why not the characters in my stories too? It was not long before I found my local RWA group and began attending the meetings regularly.

2. Kelly: Your first book out is called Naughty or Nice. Tell us about it.

Missy: Well, Naughty or Nice is a little holiday romance I dreamed up, shortly before Christmas. I wanted to write a story that would be fun to snuggle up with in front of a warm fire to warm your heart. Here is a little bit about it.
Jenna Peterson is a little wild, and never turns down a dare. She sat on Santa’s lap, but it wasn’t to see what she was getting for Christmas. When she pulled down his beard and saw how cute he was, she couldn’t resist a kiss.
When Scott signed up to be the local mall Santa, he never expected to have two hot girls sit on his lap or one to capture his heart. Scott soon found out that earning Jenna’s trust wasn’t as easy as he thought. She seemed determined to stay on Santa’s naughty list.

3. Kelly: I have read Naughty or Nice and your love scenes are hot! Do you find you have problems keeping your love scenes fresh and exciting?

Missy: Not yet. Each character is unique. Their personality and moods play a role in how the scene plays out. If they are shy and inexperienced, they ask a lot of questions. If they have not seen their lover in three years, they savor the moment alone together, worshipping their lover’s body as they would a temple. Taking every moment slowly to make the memories last. Sometimes the characters are hot and heavy and they are so drawn together the sex scene is sizzling. Emotions play a big part in the characters sex lives.

4. Kelly: What else is coming from Missy Lyons in 2007?

Missy: I have two contracted works
*Bound By Desire *is a BDSM love story coming out from Phaze in the summer of 2007. Here is a little bit about it:
Denise is a woman whose personality has always come across as an A type of personality so she has been attracting men that are the exact opposite. Men who are shy and not very confident. Men that just ask to be dominated. She has always wondered what it would be like to be dominated in the bedroom. Just once she intended on finding out. She received an invitation to play at a BDSM party. She attends the party disguised, and dressed as a sub.

*Closing the Deal* is a contemporary romance, and it will be released this April from Phaze. Here is a little something about it:
Revenge is a powerful motivator. After the millionaire playboy Bruce Withers told his lawyer Dian Wright that he expected her to sleep with him or lose her job she vowed revenge no matter what the cost. She flew to Nashville to close the real estate deal he wanted in an attempt to get her job back or teach him a lesson in manners, only to meet the sexy twin heirs. She was drawn to them both with an unexplainable primal attraction that caused a little chaos, the opportunity for adventure, and the chance for revenge.
*Blood Ties* is not under contract and it is a vampire revenge story.
Priscilla Dupris had waited 229 years for her revenge and tonight was the night. Tonight would be the night that her maker was destined to die. He had wooed her and kissed her, and in her innocence she had offered her neck to him. He took that offering and so much more. He took away her innocence.
He gave her his blood in return and then mysteriously left her to die in the sun. Why would he do something so evil? Priscilla didn’t care why anymore. All she cared about now was that she finally had the opportunity to have her revenge on the man that made her what she was today.
I have seven other stories I hope to get written this year, but it will be a while before they are submitted

5. Kelly: I know Missy Lyons is your pen name any story behind how you got it?

Missy: At first I was not even planning on using a pen name. I am proud of my work and enjoy sharing it with others. However, when I read my first stalker story about another author, things changed, and I decided a little privacy may be a necessary evil.
Missy has been a nickname of mine since I was a child. I wanted to use something that I would be able to hear and would automatically turn around if someone said my name in a strange place like when I am signing books for instance. Lyons is English and I have always had a fascination with cats, so the choice was natural for me. Missy Lyons just sounded so natural it just fit me.

6. Kelly: Where can readers find your book and find out more about you?

Missy: Naughty or Nice is now available at:

I have a personal website you can visit at
If you are an author as well I have just established a blog called The Writer’s Corner. I hope it will be a place where we can share writing wisdom with each other. I also hope to hear from upcoming authors and useful information to know in the publishing industry. Here is the address:

7. Kelly: Tell me what is your favorite body part on a guy?

Missy: Oh my! With so many parts to choose from that is a hard one!
My favorite part to look at would definitely be a man’s bared chest. My favorite part to tease is a man’s neck. It is a very sensitive and erogenous zone, for a place that doesn’t seem sexual.

8. Kelly: What is your inspiration for writing?

Missy: I swear it is the voices that told me to do it! I can’t fully explain where the voices come from, but once they are in my head they can tell you all about their life story and what has happened to them. I would like to say it is real life or something else that triggers the story, but they are something that evolves over time.
Sometimes it might be one sentence that starts it. Or one word, like immortal. What was it like to be an immortal? Was the idea that triggered my Blood Ties book. From there I explore each characters personality and their motivation. Why are they acting like they are? What do they want from life right now?

9. Kelly: Where will readers be seeing you chatting in 2007?

Missy: I try to participate on the Mardi Gras yahoo group at:

You will also see me on the Phaze yahoo group:

I have an author day scheduled on April 6 at:

I also have a personal yahoo group that discusses upcoming events as they happen:, and if you have a myspace account you can be my friend at

10. Kelly: I like to ask this question. (smile). Naughty or Nice is turned into a movie who would be playing the roles of your characters?

Missy: Kate Beckensale from Underworld and Johnny Depp. Hey a girl can dream right?

11. Kelly: Missy what would you want your readers to know most about you?

Missy: I am just as down to earth as everyone else. I am just a country girl trying to make it in the big city. I have a family, with one adorable little girl. I have been married over ten years to the same man and count my blessings everyday.
I was born in Santa Maria California and I was a one of four girls. I spent my summers catching lizards and chasing after snakes, climbing trees and swimming at the beach.
I love to hear from my readers and you can contact me from my website.

12. What kind of advice would you give to people that want to become writers too?

Missy: You become a writer by writing, so do it everyday. Don’t stop if someone naysays what you are doing. You become better by practicing. Each story I write is becoming better written as I learn more about the craft.

That Guys and Dolls was the new and upcoming author Missy Lyons. Her book Naughty or Nice is a steamy look into what Christmas can really be like between two new lovers. Trust me I read the book and it is Hot!!
See you next week luvvies where the interview will be with Ayn Amorelli.
Dahlia Rose

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