Friday, March 30, 2007

The Dahlia Rose Update!

Well my lovelies. Spring has sprung. I am going to be moving this weekend. A concept I do not love to do. Oh how I wish I could wake up tomorrow morning and everything be moved and in its perfect place! (yeah we don't have moving fairies do we? LOL). I have endeavored to get everything moved and put away by Sunday afternoon. Wish me luck!

On the writing front my love lost love found story called "An Eternal Flame" was contracted by MGP! Woo Hoo. It is s story of Simone who lost her love (a firefighter) when the towers fell on September 11th. His bestfriend Julian promised to take care of her and now he has fallen in love with her to. Even though five years has passed Simone still grieves. Will Julian be able to heal her borken hreat and show her love can still bloom?

I just finished "Of Gods & One Woman" and has sent it out for submission. It is my contemporary version of a greek god love story. Ares God of war knows that mortals have forgotten about the days when gods ruled. He is tired to sitting on the sidelines and watching the battles go one without him. He has been watching Sasha Green, she is a modern day crime fighter who helps the inncent the best she can. But one night she is killed and Ares begs a favor from his brother Hades to give her back her life. What does Sasha pay in this deal? She has to let Ares fight side by side with her and oh yes! he wants her to be his lover. This book is filled with hot erotica and sensuality and love. When Ares figures out he has feelings for Sasha he goes a bit balisitc Sasha has a fire cracker personality and Ares power means nothing to her. Plus Discordia Goddess of mischief is Ares ex- lover and none to happy that he has feelings for a mortal. she has revenge planned and it will not be pretty. Wish me luck and hopefully I'll have a contract for this very soon.

"The Collette Saga" is my vampire trilogy and the who series had been contracted by Star Dust Press. It is of sisters born as vampires, the only ones ever born from a vampire mother. from the time of their birth, their destiny has been written. Sola, Luna and Willa are three hundred years old this year and they are the only ones who can find the three pieces of the Lazurus Amulet. Each piece alone can allow the vampire who wears it to walk in the daylight. Together the amulet is the most powerful thing on this earth. They have to find it before the ultimate of evil vampires Carthos want to find it for him self so he can fill the world with carnage. The sisters has been chased from birth, humans who know vampires exist would rather see them dead before the amulet fall into the undead's head. Vampires want them to find it so that they can take it from them and walk the world. Hunted from both sides the vamperious ladies have to each turn a companion to help them find the amulet. Will they succeed in thier quest. In the Collette Saga book one is called "The Heart of Sola. Look for it coming soon from Star Dust Press!

And do you like "Coffee sex and a little bit of the paranormal" well that is the theme of "The Midnight Muses". A group of writers from Charlotte NC that I am part of. Along with Sabrina Luna, Crymsyn R. Hart and Eliza Gayle we formed this group to promote in our area and hopefully soon you shall see us in a book store near you! We get together for coffee and a whole lots of chatting." These ladies are excellent writers and I am happy to be in such wonderful company. Want to know more about us? Well friend us at our myspace site
We'll see you there!!
Well my groovy cats, That is all of my updates for now.
Remeber live life in love and love the life you live!
Dahlia Rose

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