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Interview with Larianne Wills

Dahlia: Today we have Larriane Wills aka Larion Wills with us on the blog! I had the most wonderful pleasure of meeting this author in person and she is absolutely charming! Welcome Larriane!

1: Dahlia: First off tell us how you got into the world of writing?

Thank you, Dahlia. I’ve happy to be here. Before I start answering your questions I want to tell you what a pleasure it was meeting you and you fiancee. It was a thrill for me to meet someone I’d met online, visited with, and whose work I’ve read. I promised not to blow your image so I’ll only say I admire someone who does as much as you do. Okay, now how I got into the writing world. An accident actually. I don’t mean I accidentally wrote something. I’ve been doing that for years, but finding a publisher who liked what I wrote happened by accident. I was a web surfing for agents with the thought I mind that I needed an agent ( who knew the ins and outs that I didn’t) to do the submitting for me. There was this little box on the side of some page I ended up on with a funny looking kangaroo. It was a publisher, not an agent, but I thought what the hell (hope cussing is okay here) and gave it a click. I cruised their site, liked what I read and thought why not, eliminate one step by going to a publisher instead of an agent and save 10%. I send in a submission, they send back that they wanted the manuscript. Four weeks later they send back a nice letter telling me they liked the premise, but thought it was weak in the middle. I asked if I worked on it would they read it again. I revised it, send it back and they accepted it. That was The Knowing. I sent in four after that, they’ve accepted all four. I can tell you I walked round in a daze for quite awhile.

2: Dahlia: The Knowing was such a compelling story. Could you tell the readers more about it?

It’s a historical fantasy, a world and time different from our own. Garran is a man trapped by fate, knowing he was hunted and why. He didn’t believe he could change his fate, just stay ahead of it, and held himself back from allowing himself to love He fought off his attraction to Fayahstella, walked away from her, but fate again kept him from walking away from Miranna even though he knew it could never be. That’s one part of the plot. Garran staying free of the betrayal and intrigues of two countries and two powerful religions, an evading army and assassins sent to kill him is another. I promise it isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

3: Dahlia: Do you have any new releases we should know about and where can we find them?

Looking Glass Portal came out just a few weeks ago. It’s a science fiction, very little romance, but lots of suspense. It’s in a science fiction setting, but not loaded with a lot of technical facts or supposition, just a good story with alien humanoids and creatures on a space ship. The tag line is, ‘are like minds connected even through the vastness of space with what is legend and myth in one world reality in another.’ That’s how I get away with having a Pegasus. What you can do with sci-fi is wonderful. It’s available online in print at and in e-book formats at Swimming Kangaroo Books. Links for both to take you straight to them are on my website. After that three romances, soft, sensual, and historical, will be released in Oct, Nov, and Dec of this year, all under the pen of Larion Wills.

4: Dahlia: What are you working on now?

Getting myself organized so I can get back to writing. I told you at first I felt like I was in a daze. Well I can out in a jumble with things I’ve never had to deal with before, editing the books in process and promoting primarily. Promoting really takes a lot of time. I’ve had trouble getting myself to concentrate with so many interruptions. As soon as I get myself settled, I’ll start whipping some more manuscripts into submitting form.

5: Dahlia: Larriane what is a typical day for you like? Is there any set pattern you follow to let our muse out to create?

Pattern, ha, not single one. I take that back. I get up every morning and go straight to the computer to check my emails for new edits to do, then personal messages, then loop messages. From there it depends, maybe a little TV before my shower, before I go on to whatever the day has waiting for me. My muse has been nagging at me something terrible. That’s why I want to get organized. She’s a driving little witch and once I let her out. Everything else goes to the way side. My husband can barely get me to answer, and he’s lucky if he can hold my attention for more than ten minutes. He knows he’s lost me when my eyes glaze over.

6: Dahlia: What are some of the goals you have set for yourself in your writing career?

To get more done and submitted. Beyond that, nothing much at this point. I’m still learning what has to be done after the book is published to make it a seller.

7: Dahlia: Are there any scenes in your books that you find difficult to write?

The endings. I always seem to have trouble with the endings. I’ve told the story, wrapped up all the odds and ends, everyone is going to live happily ever after (all my books end happy ever after) but tying up that last little knot is something I usually end up doing over and over.

8: Dahlia: Behind the scenes Larriane when the computer is off and your day is done. What would we find you doing?

Uh, well the computer doesn’t go off until I head for bed, but in-between when I’m not working I read a lot, watch a little TV, every Frid. morning I take my mother shopping, and once in a while my husband and I go out for dinner with friends. Nothing very exciting. We have big family get togethers for holidays and this semester I started American Sign Language classes at the community college. As you know from when we met, I have a pretty severe hearing loss. My daughter is taking the class with me, primarily to be able to tell me what’s going on during those big get-togethers. She decided that at the last one when she saw me sitting off to the side by myself because I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying. She was so determined she shook me out of my procrastination tree to go with her. I’ve got to admit it didn’t bother me nearly as much as it did her. I’ve gotten used to being excluded from group conversations. I withdraw because it’s frustrating, asking people to repeat things, and it tires me out trying to listen. Now I bet that was more than you wanted to know.

9: Dahlia: What genre does your books fall into and are you going to try any future endeavors in a new genre.

You could pretty much toss the manuscripts I have into the air and they’d fall in one or the other. I haven’t written any erotic, werewolves, vampires or shapeshifters although I do have a series in rough drafts that I believe would qualify as erotic. That’s a ways off to submitting. As for werewolves and vampires, I think about it, but at this point I haven’t anything cooking or plans for any genre I haven’t tried.

10: Dahlia: What do you think is the sexiest spot on a man’s body? J

Since we’re not talking about his face, I think it’s a nice firm chest and abs. Maybe nice wide shoulders. Or-we’re talking about hunks right, not the average guy on the street?

11: Dahlia: If you could have one hot guy for a day to do your bidding who would it be and what will he be doing?

If we’re pretending I’m not happily married, I’d want him to do what any red-blooded female would want. If we remember I have a husband, yard work. My yard’s a real mess right now. Ummm as to who? There are so many gorgeous hunks out there. Some one tall, dark and handsome or maybe tall, blond and handsome. Hell I’m not that choosy as long as he’s tall, handsome and not a redhead. Just make him drooling good-looking and well built.

12: Dahlia: Who are some of your favorite writers? Do you find it hard to get personal time for reading between your writing schedule?

Right now I’m into Karen Robarbs, Amanda Quick (in all her names) and JD Robbs to name a few. Any time Elisabeth Peters puts out one I get it and really wish she would do more under Barbara Michaels. As to finding time to read, I do that much like I do my writing, I start a book and only do what I absolutely have to until it’s finished. Drives my husband crazy.

13: Dahlia: What are some of your favorite things in life Larriane. The things you could not live without?

Assuming you mean outside of my reading and writing, I have to have my family.

14: Dahlia: Does your family read and like your books? How do they feel about your writing career?

I have two family members who are readers, a brother and uncle. They’ve both read both books and gotten extra copies to hand out to their extended family and friends. My oldest son who had never read a complete book before has read The Knowing and demanded a copy of Looking Glass Portal. That’s two really good examples of how supportive they all are. They are thrilled for me and proud of me. They brag about me and my husband not only hands out chaps books at the local cafĂ©, he goes with me to all the conventions and book festivals I’ve attended. All of them, close and extended, couldn’t be happier for me.

15: Dahlia. Larriane tell us where we could find out more about, any contest you have going on and your books.

I run a monthly contest on my site as well as updates, excerpts and links for purchase. I’ve got a blog there too although I’m awful about updating it. I am a procrastinator. Guess I better tell you the addy. My email addy is there too.

Larriane Wills everyone, Author and one of the most extraordinary people you could ever meet! Look for her books and check back at her website often. I certainly do!
Until next week luvvies!
Smooches ~*~Dahlia Rose


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Lovely interview with Larriane! We are thrilled to be able to publishe her books-- she has a tremendous imagination!


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