Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sabrina Luna's Book Tour Rolls On!

She's a day early but we are pleased as punch Sabrina is here with us today!!

Hi Everyone! Thanks for joining me on another stop onmy Mini-Online Blog Tour!
Today I’m visiting my fellow‘Midnight Muse’ Dahlia Rose. Thanks, Dahila, for having me here!

My ebook, HOT PURSUIT, will be released this coming Saturday, May 5th, at Mardi Gras Publishing. (

Here’s a sexy little blurb:

When Cassie Meadows arrives home for her parents' wedding anniversary, she's pulled over for speeding by a cop….her ex-boyfriend Steve Tanner. She can't believe her old beau has turned into an Adonis in uniform! Steve Tanner's flame is rekindled when he encounters Cassie too, but she's ready to lead him on a hot pursuit he'll never forget!

I love this story because it’s a reunion story. Two young lovers parted by misunderstandings and now brought back together. It’s about love and forgiveness, but it also has a hardy dose of sexy fun, fast paced action and dash of hometown humor.

If you’ve read VELVET SEDUCTION, you’ll be familiar with some of the supporting characters in the small town of Mount Hill. I think that was one of the reasons I enjoyed writing HOT PURSUIT was to revisit the small town I created for my other novella and get reacquainted with a few of the supporting characters too!

VELVET SEDUCTION is currently available at Mardi GrasPublishing and look for HOT PURSUIT releasing May 5th!

Thx & Hugs,



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+ + + Sabrina Luna Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick

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readingissomuchfun said...

Hello Dahlia & Sabrina,

Congratulations on the new release. As you know i love the sound of this one and I love the cover. Great blurb thanks for sharing :)


Sabrina Luna said...

Thx, Linda, glad you could drop by! Being a 'fan' of VELVET SEDUCTION, I think you'll really like HOT PURSUIT too! ;)

Sabrina )O(

Desirée Lee said...

I love the blog tour idea Sabrina. It's fun to see where you'll turn up next.

Sabrina Luna said...

Rollin' rollin' rollin' keep that blog tour rollin' (sings to the tune of 'Rawhide') Thx Des --my favorite blog groupie! :)

Sabrina )O(

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