Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Good Man home for 2008

My Christmas blog was dedicated to my kids; I wanted everyone to see my babies and se what our lives were like on the holidays. This blog is dedicated to the man who holds my heart. If you have ever read my bio or some of my blogs, I have spoken of my guy “Robert” Big Daddy to me. A nick name that has stuck on him from day one. I have never been the sort of woman who could hide my love for him, If fact there were points I want to climb up on something tall and shout it from the rooftops (Laugh). It took 15 years of hurt and four kids later to find my Mr. Perfect. So why not tell the world right?

It has been a month now since my guy has been home. But today is the official last day of his military career. I know he will miss it but I can’t help but be relieved knowing that he will be home for good. Now in between his college courses of which he started while still on active duty. He gets to pick the perfect second job until he gets to pursue his new career. We have never really lived together before now, the first part of our relationship he was deployed in Iraq then I have to spend a few months in New York getting ready to move back to Charlotte. Even then because he was full time military, he could only come home on leave time and weekends. So now it’s us learning how to live with each other full time. It’s been a trip let me tell you... LOL

It’s us learning about each other little quirks 24/7 and trying to blend two strong personalities into one relationship. He is a man of order after 23 years in the military; he likes everything in its place and things done s certain way. I am a non conformist gypsy who takes off her s hoes and throw then in the closets and if there is too much order I can’t find damn thing I need. So we compromise and I try to be more streamlined and he tries to be more ummmm… let’s say loosen up some. This is a new situation for both of us but I would have it no other way. To commemorate our new life together what did we do but go get tattoos. You gotta love a man like that (Laugh).

There are some ups and some downs but no matter what we do what we always promised never go to bed angry. There are two things that I have already come to realize I can’t live without. One is at night, his side of the bed was always empty except on weekends but now it has the big lugs frame right there. We get into bed together and he rolls to his side and pulls me into the crook of his shoulder. He whispers silly things in my ears and makes me giggle. He sings softly sometimes or he just talks about things and I call him a nut a few times along the way. As we fall into silence or begin to doze off he kisses the back of my neck and whispers “I love you sweet pea or I love you baby girl.”

Secondly now he is home he gets to sleep late and since I work from home I watch him sleep from at my desk in the bedroom. Sometimes I can’t resist but climb back into bed with him and snuggle up against his back. I listen to him breath and close my eyes inhaling the scent that only he has. I drop a few kisses on his skin and he mumbles in his sleep before I slide away and go back to my computer keys.

Have you ever heard the Nickleback song “Far Away”…That is us in a nutshell and it will be our wedding song. (Eventually..LOL). Being far away from each other was some of the hardest years of our lives and we treasured every moment we got to spend with each other. I got mad and sometimes I thought I would be able to stand the length of time we didn’t get to be in the same place. But the ending of the song says it best. “I’m getting misty Just thinking about it.

I loved you, I have loved you all along
And I forgive you, for being away for far too long
So keep breathing, cause I’m not leaving you anymore
Believe it, hold on to me never let me go

It’s the simple things I love with him, from waking up in each others arms or acting like kids in the mall. Nothing gets old or routine; nothing is left unsaid or left to fester in anger. We both know how important our openness is to each other. So for 2008 not only am I thankful for a career I love, my children who even though they might try to drive me to drink I couldn’t do without. I am thankful for my guy finally being home with me and the new paths in our life together we are about to take. Even if some of the choices we make are the wrong ones as time progresses. We will face then together hand in hand.

Welcome home “Big Daddy” Welcome Home

To see Pictures of our New Years Eve, you can check my pictures on my space or my blog spot.

To each and every one of you I wish you prosperity, Love and many blessing for 2008.


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Missy Lyons said...

This was a really sweet blog Dahlia. I think we all need to give thanks to those we love once in a while.

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