Friday, March 23, 2007

Nichle Nighte ready for thr writing world....

I had the opportunity to meet a new writer*Nichole Nighte* currently unpublished but full of wonderful ideas. She wanted everyone to see a little bit of what she can do and I posted an excerpt of her book on the blog today! I can see that she will be one of the up and coming new writers very soon... Take a look at what she has for us today!

Reading my first romance novel left me like a blank sheet of paper, very empty. It seemed like it took forever for the plot to thicken and the excitement to hit a high. As I bitterly read "the end" I thought to myself "you could have done a better job than that". As I grew, so did my creativity and my ideas for a good romance novel.

My style of writing is one that I personally created; but like most things people don't understand, it has not been embraced. My romance novels are exciting from the beginning of the book to the end; without lacking interest and/or a good plot. I also believe a little romance needs a little laughter. In my book "Choices" your attention is kept from beginning to end.
The story line takes place in Orlando, Florida and like most young women coming out of a relationship, we tend to be vunerable when we think we have found Mr. Right all over again. We don't think that the decisions we make have consequences. We live for that day, that moment; not realizing that the people around us will be affected whether positvely or negatively.
Below is a few paragraphs selected from Choices, enjoy.


“DaRien, get up, right now! You have less than an hour to get dressed and get to work.”
“Payton, please don’t start this morning.”
“You want me to start after they fire you?”
“Darn I almost forgot about the arena, it’s my first day.”
“DaRien, you are going to learn the hard way.”
“I’ll be ready in a minute Payton.”
“You need to be to work at least fifteen minutes early to make a good impression.”
I immediately jumped out of bed, showered and put on a pair of blue slacks and a nice light blue blouse, I threw my hair in a neat pony tail, and grabbed my sensible shoes. I was very excited because this was my first job since I moved to Orlando. My excitement turned to nervousness as I thought about working around NBA players. Even though my looks allowed me the pleasure of being with any man of my choosing, I did not desire to fall in love again. Payton is always telling me that, “Although you are not running around in the streets you’re not running for the Lord either.” I did not mind the advice, but every since Payton gave her life to Christ she has been a thorn in my side. She nags me when I go to the clubs, she doesn’t allow me to drink wine or listen to my kind of music in her house. She’s always saying, “when you give your life to Jesus you need to live a certain way.” From what I’ve seen at the clubs and on Sunday mornings when I did go to church; I couldn’t tell the difference.
Payton dropped me off at the arena and without delay I went to Mrs. Winters, office and waited to be invited in.
“Come in.”
“Good morning Mrs. Winters, I’m DaRien Washington.”
“Yes, your fifteen minutes early I like that, come have a seat.”
I sat down tentatively ready to begin my workday and thought Payton would be gloating if she knew her advise had come to roost.
“DaRien before we get started I’m going to give you a tour of the arena.”
I thought to myself “I’m glad I wore my practical shoes.” I innocently followed Mrs. Winters down a lengthy hallway until we came to a set of double doors. Before she opened the doors she gave me a speech on how not to get mixed up with sin. Then she continued explaining that trouble lurked behind these doors. When she finally opened the doors I thought “hmm”, because all I saw were the Orlando Bandits team practicing and running drills.
“Mrs. Winters are you sure this is trouble?”
“I’m warning you DaRien stay clear or you will have to suffer the consequences.”
Mrs. Winters showed me the cafeteria, and then she took me to the security booth to get an electronic key pass for the parking deck. The tour lasted about thirty minutes, but it felt longer. When it was finally over Mrs. Winters took me to what I later found out was my office. She gave me a stack of papers to fill out as she informed me on what my job duties included. The job seemed simple enough I just hoped with my track record I would not blow it.
By the time I finished filling out the paper work it was lunchtime. I was headed to the cafeteria, but Mrs. Winters insisted that I have lunch with her. I figured anything for free; unknown to me at that time Mrs. Winters invited her nephew Evan as well. Evan stood about six feet five inches; he was caramel in color, with wavy jet-black hair, and a body that did not miss putting in time with free weights.
“DaRien this is my nephew Evan, Evan this is DaRien.”
“Nice to meet you DaRien.”
“Same here.”
“Well if you two will excuse me I have to go to the little girls room.”
“DaRien, how do you like the job so far?”
“I can’t say, I really haven’t done anything, but fill out paper work.”
“I hope this won’t embarrass you, but you are very beautiful.”
“Thanks,” I said as I bit into a slice of pizza.
“Are you from around here?”
“No, and from your accent I can tell you aren’t either.”
“I was born here, but when my father died my mom moved back to Cuba. After her death a few years ago I moved back and now I live with my uncle who is the owner of the Orlando Bandits.”
“So how does that make you related to Mrs. Winters, she is black.”
“My mother was Cuban and my father a man of color. Mrs. Winters is my aunt on my father’s side of the family and the owner is my mother’s step brother.”
“Oh,” I said as I nervously grabbed the unopened two-liter bottle of soda. In my haste I knocked the bottle on the floor and fumbled to pick it up. After recovering the soda I sat it on the desk and without thinking opened it. Why did I do that I don’t know. The next thing I remember outside of looking like a fool; was soda spraying in my face and all over my clothes. When the soda ceased from squirting all over me so did my screams.
“DaRien, are you okay?” Evan asked as a grin came on his face.
Wiping my face with a paper napkin I replied, “Yes, I just feel like a fool.”
“You shouldn’t we all have our unforgettable moments,” then he helped me remove the soda from my face.
Looking into his eyes my body began to tingle as he leaned in toward me. Then Mrs. Winters came running in, and there was a distinguished looking gentleman with her.
“Is everything okay?”
“Yes, Mrs. Winters I just lost control of the soda.”
“DaRien put my jacket on so you can cover yourself.”
I looked down then turned around in haste, you could see through my blouse and my bra, I felt so x-rated. I reached behind me so Evan could hand me his jacket and once I got situated I turned around being even more embarrassed.
“DaRien, this is Carmine Santiago, the owner of the Bandits.”
“Nice to meet you, but why do you seem familiar to me. What’s your mother’s name?”
“My mother and father died when I was three, my aunt Naomi raised me.”
“Sorry, to hear that, but its something about you that reminds me of someone I knew a long time ago.”
“Mrs. Winters if you don’t mind can I call it a day and continue on tomorrow?”
“I don’t have a problem with that, do you have a way home?”
“No, my car is not running and with my first check I’m going to put it in the shop.”
“I’ll give the lovely lady a ride home,” Even replied.
“Wow,” I said as Evan escorted me to his vehicle.
Evan drove a midnight blue Lexus jeep with all the extras: custom made rims, blue leather interior, and a double sunroof. Evan had plenty to say and a short amount of time to say it. By the time we reached my driveway I knew almost all I needed to know about him and he had no clue on what I was like. After inviting Evan in, I made my way to my room to shower and change. I yelled to Evan, “just give me about five minutes to change.”
“Thanks, Evan here’s your jacket.”
“I don’t have to be anywhere soon.”
Oh, okay, how about a movie?”
While watching the movie I could feel Evan’s eyes on me, which made me tenser than before.
“Why are you starring at me?”
“That obvious?”
“DaRien, I don’t know what it is about you, but I want to get to know you better. The Bandits are throwing a private party at DJ’s, would you like to go with me?”
“When is the party?”
“Next Thursday at ten.”
“What’s the attire for the evening?”
“Casual to dressy and please don’t come half stepping. You have to come correct when you are on my arm.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“I mean if you don’t look good, I don’t look good and I have to look good.”
“I think maybe you need to take your highly conceited self on home, because being here might be beneath you.”
Evan looked at me strangely, “you have a mouth on you, and I’m going to have to fix that. My woman knows her place.”
“I’m not your woman. And from the looks of it I will never be and I’ll take a rain check.”
Evan grabbed me, “I don’t take no for an answer and when I come to pick you up Thursday you better be here and ready, do I make myself clear?”
“NO”, I’m not going and that is that, you don’t scare me now get out.”
“I’m leaving, but next time you are going to feel me.”
“There won’t be a next time.”
As he left he lightly tapped my face, “we’ll see, we’ll see,” he stated as he walked to his jeep laughing.
The days flew by fast as I learned the ends and outs of my job. I had not met any one who could take my mind off Dontay until today. As I sat in the cafeteria minding my own business I heard his voice. Looking up I saw a chocolate skyscraper with a smile that lit up a room and eyes that could entice you right out of your clothes. I tried not to stare but I was like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle.
“It’s not nice to gawk.”
“I’m sorry are you talking to me?”
“Yes I am, I know I look good and everything, but if you are going to look intently at least close your mouth.”
“You can’t be serious?” “I’m not, I’m Malcolm and you must be all into me.”
“I got up and walked away.”
Getting back to my office I could not get Malcolm out of my mind. As I pondered on when I would see him again there was a knock at my office door.
“Come in.”
“What time shall I pick you up Thursday?”
“I told you “no.”
“I want to apologize for my behavior and I came to beg for your forgiveness.”
“I forgive you, but I’m not down with being a battered woman.”
“It won’t happen again, I promise now will you please come with me to the party Thursday?”
“Yes, but if you act a fool on me again and I’ll have to show you what I’m working with.”
Evan offered to drive me home and I gladly accepted, because as usual Payton was out doing something for one of her church members, which meant she forgot about me again.
Finally, it was Thursday and I could not wait to get home. The mechanic was almost finished with my car; they were waiting on a part to come in from overseas. I don’t know why since I have a Ford. I unbelievingly called Payton and to my surprise she would be able to come and pick me up.
“Payton, I know you don’t think I appreciate the little things you do for me, but I do.”
“That’s nice to know DaRien, I’m glad to be of service.”
I handed Payton an envelope.
“What’s this?”
“Its five hundred dollars for you, I’m making my own money now and its time I repaid the favors.”
“That’s nice of you, but are you sure?”
After convincing Payton to take the money, the ride home was filled with silence. Payton and I use to communicate well with each other, but lately dead silence has filled our environment. I know its because she is saved and I’m not. Pulling into the driveway Payton asked me if I had any plans and if not would I like to go with her to a revival they were having at the church. I informed her that I had other plans and to my amazement she left my “no” at being “no”.

Getting dressed I could not help but think if Malcolm would be at this gathering and if he was, did he bring a date? I must admit that I looked exceptionally glamorous tonight. My skin seemed to shine with radiance and my green eyes had an extra sparkle. While waiting for Evan, Payton gave me a lecture on tithing. Did I want to hear what she had to say? “No.” Did I sit and listen anyway? “Yes.” Thank goodness Evan pulled up when he did, because Payton was actually boring me to death with her Christian talk.
Chapter 2

I did not wait for Evan to knock on the door or blow the horn. Before he could even turn the car off I was standing on the passenger side of his jeep.
“DaRien, you look beautiful, I’m impressed.”
“Thank you, I did not have to try hard, it comes naturally when you are this gorgeous.”
“Slow your roll my conceited friend, it takes more than looks to make it these days.”
“Maybe so, but that rule does not apply to me.”
“Whatever, lets go, before we’re late.”
“”What I have to open my own door?”
“Sorry about that, let me get it for you.”
I thought to myself if this was Dontay I wouldn’t have to ask. As I enjoyed the scenery I could hear Evan faintly bragging about himself. After five minutes into his conversation I blocked him out and my mind took me back to my last night with Dontay.
It was the night before Dontay and I were to go on our honeymoon.
“Dontay, I love you.” “I love you too baby girl, but we need to get some rest if we are going to Las Vegas.”
“You know I can’t go to sleep unless I have some ice cream.”
“I forgot to get some.” “Its still early, go to the store and get me some, I’ll make it worth your while.”
“That’s what you say, then when I come back with the ice cream you will be sound asleep.”
“You’re right I can wait until tomorrow, Dontay.”
“No if my baby girl wants ice cream now or three o’clock in the morning she’s going to have it.”
“That’s one of the reasons why I love you so much.”
“Earth to DaRien.”
“What, I’m listening.”
“No you are not, because if you were you would have answered my question by now.”
“I’m sorry my mind drifted for a minute.”
“I hope you keep in mind what I’ve said.”
Who knew what Evan was talking about? During the entire conversation I was enjoying memories of my past and it made the present seem so uninteresting. After Evan parked his jeep, I patiently waited for him to escort me out on the passenger side, but to my dismay he proceeded into the building as if he was unaware that I was not on his arm. By this time I was somewhat frustrated, so I let myself out and hastily joined Evan at the door. Before we entered I politely motioned Evan to the side so I could have a few words with him.
“What is your problem?”
“What are you talking about DaRien?”
“Look I may not be all that to you, but I am a lady and you need to start treating me like one.” “Please, forgive me my mind kicked into business mode.”
“And that means what to me?”
“I’m not here for just play, I have some work to do also.”
“If that is the case maybe you should have come by yourself.”
Before I could get another word in Evan rudely walked away. I don’t know if this was his way of treating women he thought needed to be trained or if he was just obnoxious like that. At this point it didn’t matter, because I followed him like a lost puppy. I felt like I did not have a choice, because I was in a place surrounded by strangers.
Entering the hotel ballroom I was inundated with awe. The upper crust, high society, rich and the famous filled the extravagantly decorated halls of the hotel. I felt somewhat underdressed, but as I watched the people passing by me going in either direction I became more comfortable with my attire. I lost Evan in the crowd so I made myself comfortable on a near by barstool.
“Can I get you something to drink miss?”
“It depends on how much it’s going to cost.” The bartender laughed, “it must be your first time, all the drinks are free.”
“In that case I’ll have a Zima with a twist of lemon.”
“Coming right up.”
As I patiently waited for my drink I scanned the room to find at least one familiar face, hopefully Mrs. Winters, but due to the abundance of people I failed at my task.
“Here you go miss.”
“Thank you,” I said as I reached for my drink.
Its amazing how a person can be in a crowd of people and feel alone, so I took myself back to a time when I was happiest.
“I love you to DaRien, I’ll be back in a bit.”
“Wait a minute, I want to go with you.”
“No, it’s not a good idea.” “That’s why I want to go, please.”
“Okay, get dressed, I’ll be waiting in the car.”
As I put my clothes on I thought about our trip to Las Vegas, I wanted to honeymoon in the Bahamas, but when a trip is all expenses paid for who can complain. I could not stop from smiling as I dressed. Before I put my shoes on I heard gunshots, which wasn’t strange in this part of town. I quickly made my way down stairs to Dontay’s car, but there was no sign of him. As I walked around to the driver’s side of the car what I saw made my heart stop. Dontay was lying in a pool of blood.
It felt as if I was in some bad dream, like I was trying to wake up but I couldn’t. Slowly with tears in my eyes I walked over to him and checked his pulse, he was barely alive.
“Dontay, baby can you hear me.” In a low and strained voice he said, “I love you baby girl.” “I love you too, just hold on,” I said crying franticly.
A crowd began to gather, but all I could see was the love of my life slipping away from me. I guess someone called 911, because I could hear sirens moving closer and closer. I leaned in to Dontay and kissed him as he took his final breath. When the medical team through the sheet over his face I knew then that it was all over and my life would not been the same. Each day I wake up with the guilt that if it weren’t for me Dontay would still be alive.
I could feel the tears trying to emerge from my eyes as I regained my composure and remembered where I was. Then I gulped down my Zima and asked for another. I knew drowning my sorrows in alcohol would not help, but it sure would make me forget not forever, but just for a little bit.
“You make the evening look so lovely.”
“Thank you,” I said as I turned around to see who was paying me the compliment, it was Malcolm.
“I might be wrong, but your face is jacked up, are you okay?”
“I’ll be fine, a few more of these, (I took a sip of my drink) and I’ll be right before you know it.”
“I hope you didn’t drive.” “No, I came with Evan, who apparently doesn’t remember he brought me. I have not seen him in the last hour.”
“Well I’m sure he will turn up soon he is probably in the back where the club is.”
“That sounds like some concern coming from you, Mr. I’m all that.”
Malcolm grinned, “maybe, maybe not.”
After that I found myself once again sitting unaccompanied on a barstool drowning my sorrows in liquor. I continued to gaze around the room and my eyes caught Malcolm’s, but I quickly turned away. I did not want him to know that I was interested.
“DaRien, here you are.”
“Yes, I’ve been here for the last hour and a half.”
“I apologize I had a business meeting.”
“Evan I’m tired of you and your apologies, I’m going home.”
“Fine, if that’s what you want to do, but how are you going to get home?”
“I’ll catch a cab.”
“That ride will cost you more than what you are willing to pay.” “As long as it gets me far away from you it will be worth it, now if you will excuse me.”
I offensively brushed past Evan and found a phone in the lobby of the hotel. No sooner than I picked up the phone a consoling voice said…
“Is everything all right?”
“Yes, I’m just trying to get a ride home.”
“I’ll take you if you don’t mind.” “Will it bite me in the butt later?”
“No, but I might.”
I laughed as Malcolm took hold of my arm and escorted me to his car.
The ride home was pleasing, because I did not have to hear an entire conversation about him. Malcolm could actually hold an interesting conversation that left me wanting more of his time and him. Pulling into the driveway I noticed that Payton’s car was not there. I was glad, because I didn’t feel like hearing a lecture on not being saved.
“Thank you Malcolm, I really appreciate the ride.”
“You are quite welcome, but let me walk you to the door.”
If I didn’t know any better, Malcolm could pass for a reincarnation of Dontay, if I believed in that.
“For someone who is stuck on himself you are very thoughtful.”
“Tell me something I don’t know.”
“Wow, you are a tough crowd, let’s see I can’t tell you something you don’t know, but I can show you.”
“I doubt that.” Malcolm turned to walk away, so I stepped around him so he would stop.
“What are you doing?”
I grabbed Malcolm’s tie and pulled on it so his body would follow, then I kissed him. At first he wouldn’t kiss me back, but it didn’t take long for him to change his mind.
“I definitely didn’t know that, is there more that I don’t know?”
“Come in and I’ll show you.”
Malcolm followed me into the house and to my room. Before we could reach the bed my dress was off and Malcolm was now my muscular blanket. His strong sexy arms embraced my body with lots of passion and a touch of caring. Then staleness filled the air as the little voice in my head asked, “Do you have protection?” As the answer “no” filled my ears as I sullenly put my dress back on.
“What’s the matter?”
“If we are going to do this, it needs to be done right, I’m not ready for motherhood.”
“Look, I consider myself to be skilled in this event, I haven’t reproduced myself yet.”
“And you definitely won’t have the opportunity with me, I’m sorry, but I can’t without protection.”
“I saw a store about ten minutes away, I’ll be right back.”
“No, the moment has passed and maybe it’s a good thing, we barely know each other and I don’t casually sleep around.”
“Who said it will be casual, if you are good I’ll come back.”
“I’m sorry, but you need to leave.”
I tried not to get out of sorts about what happened; but it wasn’t easy, it was like losing Dontay all over again.
Sitting in my office I could hear Mrs. Winters coming up the hallway.
“How are we this morning?”
“Good, Mrs. Winters, and you?”
“Fantastic, I have some good news for you.”
“What is it?”
“Our annual charity event Reaching for the Stars is coming up and I want you to plan it.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes I am, and if you do a good job you will be promoted to assistant director.”
“Thanks Mrs. Winters I’ll do my best.”
“I know you will, you have six weeks and a budget of $10,000.00, not a penny more, all I require are copies of the receipts.”
“I’ll get on it right away.”
“By the by DaRien have you talked with Evan lately?
“No, he keeps leaving me messages on my answering machine, but I haven’t returned any of his phone calls.”
“DaRien, plan as you need to. This event is company business so make me aware by providing an agenda at the beginning of each workday. I want to ensure you are paid for your time.”
After Mrs. Winters left my office I sat back in my chair and grinned from ear to ear. I felt like I was finally accomplishing something with my life and I could not wait to share it with Payton. When Payton picked me up from work I informed her of the good news, but she didn’t seem to be very enthusiastic about my good fortune.
“DaRien, it may not seem like I’m happy for you, but I am. I’m just disappointed that you are not giving God the praise for your blessing.”
“You said God doesn’t bless sinners.”
“That’s true, but when something good happens in your life it’s from God, because all good things come from God.”
“Payton let us end this conversation right here. I don’t understand what you are saying and its just making me more confused.”
The next day I walked into the ballroom and the maintenance men had the banner up, but it was slightly crooked. I decided to fix it myself, so I grabbed the ladder they were using and made my way up its steps. My legs became shaky when I looked down and realized that I climbed higher than I intended.
I began loosing my balance and in the mist of trying to hang on, a picture of me hitting the floor flashed in my head. The ladder continued falling backwards while I clutched the steps for dear life. A bellowing scream rose from the pit of my stomach and echoed through the ballroom. Knowing that doom was near I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst. Readily I waited for the sound of my bones breaking, as I opened my eyes to see if I had met my maker. .
“I got you.”
I couldn’t say a word.
“DaRien, DaRien.”
“I’m fine, just a little shaken up, thank you.”
Malcolm gently put me down and turned around and began walking away.
Chapter 3

Enthralled in my work I could feel progress-taking place. When I finished I went back to my office to call Payton so she could come pick me up. I didn’t get an answer so I tried her cell phone and was unsuccessful. I locked up my office and hoped that she was on her way.
When I opened the exit door the heat from the sun ambushed me while making my way to the front of the arena. Time was passing slowly as I continued to wait on Payton. Finally after been scorched by the rays of the sun I headed back inside to call a cab. I hadn’t taken two steps when I heard…
“You need a ride?”
I turned around and replied, “It depends on who’s asking.”
It was Malcolm in a tight burnt orange Jaguar. I must admit Malcolm did his ride justice, but once I got in he would look even better.
“Come on get in, I’ll take you home.”
“Talk about your perfect timing, you have been coming to my rescue all day; you must not be mad at me anymore.”
“I’m not, but I wasn’t mad to begin with just a little teed-off.”
Malcolm grinned as he pulled off into traffic. Our conversation didn’t last long due to the fact that I only lived thirty minutes away.
“I couldn’t tell from the other night, but you are not living so bad yourself.”
“I’m not living at all, this is my cousin’s house, and she won a big settlement about four years ago and with a few smart investments was able to completely stop working.”
“Looks like I’ve got the wrong woman.” “That’s not funny, my cousin is a saved older woman, who would rather cast demons out of you than date you.”
You say some interesting things and it’s hard to find brains with beauty.”
“Thanks, but I know all that about myself, if you want to impress me tell me something I don’t know.”
Before getting out of Malcolm’s jag I placed a piece of paper securely in his hand then I seductively walked myself into the house. I knew he was watching so I needed to make a lasting impression. When I entered the house without delay I put my things away and began cleaning, then I could relax in my bath. I went into the bathroom and lit my vanilla scented candles and turned the local jazz station. I grabbed the phone out of my room, a fresh towel, and washcloth. I was ready to enjoy my quiet time when I remembered I purchased new scented bath oil from Victoria’s Secret. Quickly, I ran to my room and retrieved the bottle off the top of my dresser. Before I could get settled in the bubbles the phone rang.
“DaRien it’s me Malcolm, you answered the phone pretty quick were you waiting for my call?”
“As a matter of fact yours and maybe a few others Mr. Wise Guy.”
“What are you doing?”
“I just hopped into a nice hot bubble bath, my nerves are a little stressed from trying not to fall off the ladder.”
“What lucky bubbles.”
“So, what’s going on with you, I didn’t think you would actually call.”
“Since you made it obvious that you wanted me to, by sneaking your number into my hand, I had to see what’s going on with you.”
“Malcolm, I want to apologize for what happened. It was never my intention to lead you on.”
“Let it go, I already have.”
Our conversation lasted past midnight and finally I gave in and told Malcolm I had a lot of things to take care of. It was also told to me that, “Whoever hangs the phone up first has control over the situation.” When I hung up the phone I went into the den to watch television, I was too excited to sleep. I saw the light on in Payton’s room so I knocked on the door.
“Payton, are you up? I want to talk to you?”
“Everything okay DaRien?”
“No,” I replied as I walked into her room. “Payton what happened to you this afternoon, you didn’t pick me up.”
“DaRien, I’m sorry, but I was tied up at the church.”
“Is that your answer to everything? You show the church people more love than you show me.”
“That’s not true, I just got caught up in what I was doing and forgot.”
“Payton that’s the fifth time this month you’ve forgotten about me, I may not be saved, but you need to stop being so holier than thou and start showing some love to your real family. You have two cars out there and you refuse to let me drive.”
“DaRien why are you being so dramatic? I already told you that until you decide you want to live for Christ you would not be driving any of my cars.”
“Payton you can at least let me drive to work.”
“You’re right I could, I’ll think about it.”
I went back to my room. Sometimes I felt like Payton hated me more than she loved me, and she wonders why I won’t go to that cold church she attends. I didn’t dwell on it long, because in a few more weeks I would have enough money saved up to get my Mustang convertible out of the shop. Lying in bed I thought about Malcolm and how I could win him over without being too forceful. Before that thought could be applied my alarm clock was going off, alerting me to another day.
Making it past security I had Payton drop me off in the lower parking deck, so I could take the steps instead of the elevator. When I arrived at my office, Malcolm was waiting with two of his teammates. As I nervously approached them Malcolm’s eyes looked as if he was seeing through my soul.
“Are you surprised to see me?”
“Actually I am, what’s going on?”
“Nothing much, these are two of my teammates Jamal and Corey.”
“Nice to meet you, would you like to come into my office?”
“Guys I’ll catch you at practice.”
“Later man.”
“What brings you by here this morning?”
“I enjoyed our conversation so much, that I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” “I’m flattered and speechless, you’ve actually caught me off guard.” “Good, I must be doing something right, you usually have a come back for everything I say.”
“Don’t get too cocky it’s only the first round.”
“Well, I was thinking about you, and I wanted to know if we could get together tonight and maybe watch a movie or two?”
“Sounds like a date to me, be at my place at 8:00p.m sharp.”
“Until then, my sweet, until then.”
When Malcolm left my office I fell back in my chair and let out a joyful sigh. It seemed like it was too good to be true. Happiness warmed my body as I thought about our date on tonight. I became so enthralled in Malcolm I almost forgot about my meeting with Mrs. Winters this morning. Apparently she didn’t forget, because I could hear those manly footsteps pounding the pavement.
“Knock, knock Miss Washington.”
“Are you ready to give me a update on the budget?”
“If you are ready Mrs. Winters I am.”
I don’t know why until now that I noticed that Mrs. Winters stands about 6’9”, her frame was solid all over like she lifted lightweights in her spare time. Mrs. Winters had her hair in braids today; which was nice, because she didn’t look so masculine.
“Do you find everything to your liking?”
“As a matter of fact I do, you have done an outstanding job so far.”
“Thanks Mrs. Winters, I really appreciate this.”
“I also have this for you.”
“Wow, a bonus? For what?”
“Its just to show how much we appreciate you, as she turned to walk away she looked over her shoulder and said, take the rest of the day off.”
Looking at the check I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to get my car out of the shop. The car was ready a few days ago, but I could not see giving the mechanic all that money at one time. I thought about calling Payton to see if she could pick me up, but I was very skeptical, I should have followed my feelings.
“Yes DaRien.”
“Payton I’m getting off from work at one o’clock can you pick me up?”
“No I won’t be able to I have to take one of the sisters of the church somewhere.”
“See Payton, that’s what I’m talking about, you always choose them over me!”
I slammed the phone down, I was so mad I could spit nails. If I ever get saved I will not be a member of a church who is incapable of showing love to people not like them. I sat down at my desk trying to let off some steam, but the more I pondered on what Payton said the madder I became. Her actions were inexcusable, but I needed to deal with the issue that was in front of me. Who could I get to take me to the car dealership to pick up my car?
It finally dawned on me that I have Malcolm’s cell phone number. At first I was hesitant to call, but to me this was a real emergency. My heart began to beat fast as I slowly dialed his number.
“Hello.” “Malcolm, this is DaRien, can you do me a favor?”
“Anything, what up?” “Can you to pick me up at one so I can go get my car?” “Not a problem, I’ll see you at one.”
I impetuously cleaned my office while I waited for Malcolm. I was startled by a knock at the door, and then looking at the clock I realized that it was five minutes after the hour. I opened the door in haste and saw my chocolate knight calmly waiting for me.
“You forgot about me.”
“I’m sorry, I started cleaning my office and was caught up in the moment.” “Are you ready?” “Yes, just let me get my purse.”
Malcolm was a true gentleman, he opened up the car door for me and on the way to the dealership he offered to buy me something to eat. I wasn’t hungry, but I needed to stop by the bank to deposit my check. I was in and out of the bank in no time. Malcolm waited at the dealership with me to make sure that all the repairs were done properly. It felt nice to have someone be at my side that was not against everything I did or said. After we inspected the car I gave Malcolm an implied hug and a sensuous kiss on the cheek, “Thank you I really appreciate it.” “No problem DaRien, see you tonight.”

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