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Its Springtime and KL Bjork!

The birds are singing, the sky is blue, the flowers are blooming and that creepy little bunny is getting ready for its Easter to hop to hide colored egges for the kiddies.... Happy Spring time bloggers! What could be better that an interview with KL Bjork to celebrate the begining of new life and love. we all know her and love her books so read on and se what she has to say!

Dahlia: She brings us fantasy and love on so many different levels. Today we have K.L Bjork in our interview chair today! Welcome K.L! Tell us how you came into the world of writing romance?

Hi Dahlia, thanks for having me here. I just kind of happened into writing. I discovered romance a few years ago when I read Christine Feehan’s Dark Magic and instantly fell in love with this genre and read as much as I could. When finally I had read all my favorite authors releases, I decided to pick up the pen myself. I found a wonderful writing site,, where I met a lot of other aspiring authors. They helped me reached a higher level with my writing and I learned a lot about erotic romance from them. They were very encouraging and helpful. It’s wonderful to find such a place. Since I’ve started writing I can’t stop now and I love it!

2: Dahlia: Your alter ego is Midnyte Dupree. How did you come up with this unique pen name?

LOL It’s kind of a boring story really. I was on my way to the grocery store and going over character names for upcoming stories. Midnyte Dupree jumped out at me and after talking with a few friends I decided to go with it for myself. I think it’s sexy, exotic and unique. Hopefully it will stick in readers minds too.

3: Dahlia: What current releases do you have now?

Currently, I just have two stories available. Both are at Silk’s Vault under K.L. Bjork. Fight for Love and Bonded are set in the same world with vampires, werewolves and mystical maidens.

4: Dahlia: What other releases do you have available for the readers. Could you give us a short blurb about them?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any other stories available now, but I had a vampire series out last year that did really well. Now it’s getting ‘revamped’ (LOL) with possibly some new scenes added for a rerelease later this year. In My Hands, Vampire Christmas and a brand new story Thorn of a Rose will all be out starting in October.
Here is the blurb for the first story in the series:

In My Hands blurb: He was sent to make sure the Vampire Queen was murdered and to recover the Elixir that would restore his kind back to their gloriousness. He endured years of training and sexual restraint in order to become the top assassin. He is on the hunt for the Elixir of Life. Meanwhile, Micah and Sasha are vampire servants to the Queen. When she is murdered they believe their lives are coming to an end also, but the Queen has left them one special gift and a mission.

7: Dahlia: Do you have a routine your regimen you follow when you are writing? Or do you just relax and let the words come to you?
I don’t have a consistent schedule that I stick too. It’s hard sometimes to be able to write everyday, because I have two small children and a full time job. I do write whenever an opportunity comes up. Sometimes it’s an hour on my lunch break or 15 or 20 minutes here and there.

8: Dahlia: Do you write full time/If not what else does KL Bork do?
No, I don’t write full time, but I am aspiring to do that in a few years. My characters are almost demanding it now. LOL Right now, I work at a telecommunications company as an analyst. It’s pretty technical and I love to leave that behind and dip into my creative side when I write.

9: Dahlia: Are there any scenes in your books you find are difficult to write/ if yes could you explain why?

This is funny, but I do find it hard to write the sex scenes. I want to make sure that everything sounds real and make sure the emotion gets carried across the pages. Writing the story it is often hard to feel the emotion as you write it. Although, my upcoming story Finding Her Place (available at Twilight Fantasies) made me cry while I wrote part of it.

10: Dahlia: What are some of your favorite things in life? Foods, colors etc? What will we find you doing to relax?
Oh man, I absolutely love pretzels and chocolate or popcorn and coke. LOL My favorite color is purple. Purple is such a magical color and I’ve always been drawn to things that color and over time I just adopted it.
To relax, I read. I absolutely LOVE to read paranormal stories. I enjoy the way worlds and characters can transport me away from all the humdrum of my normal life.

11: Dahlia: Are there any coming soon titles we should look for? Would you share a short blurb?
Yes, 2007 is going to be a busy year. Finding Her Place will be available July 4th from Twilight Fantasies. ( I believe this will be my next release.
Here is a quick blurb:
The war is over and Cameron Cabot no longer knows who she is. Her life was enveloped and consumed by the fight, but suddenly things have changed. Instead of fighting creatures wanting her planet, Cameron is now fighting the urge to lay claim to two men who believe she is there mate. Has Cameron found her new assignment in the arms of a Noah and Mars? Yes, if a little mischievous spirit has anything to say about it.

12: Dahlia: Your books are filled with fantasy KL. Who would you pick to play your favorite character of one of your books if it was turned into a movie?

Shawn Connery as the King in Fight for Love and Bonded. The actor who plays Henri in Blood Ties (on Lifetime). He’s a new actor (or new to me) and my goodness, the man is sexy. I would have him playing Collin in Bonded. Collin is probably my favorite Hero so far out of my stories.

13: Dahlia: What are your aspirations for your writing career this year?

I just want to make sure I write quality stories that readers will enjoy. I also want to try to get my name out there to the public more. It’s hard to promo and write too, but I know it’s part of the game.

I hope to write the last story in my Elixir series and also write the next story after Witch (which is contracted with MGP, no release date yet).

14: Dahlia: : If you could have one hot guy for a day to do your bidding who would it be and what will he be doing?
Right now my obsession is with Henri from Blood Ties. I’ve watched the show once and wow, he plays such a sexy vampire. The way his hair brushes his collar and the way his eye turn all black when he gets upset. Sigh.
I might just have him stand around all day playing a vampire for me. LOL So I could look and admire. J

15: Dahlia: can you tall reader where they can find out more about you and your books?
Yes, I sure can. You can find Fight for Love and Bonded right now at Your readers can also chat with me at and I’m also part of a group with Jade Buchanan and Melinda Barron at I would also love to talk with readers on myspace at

I hope everyone watches out for Finding Her Place coming out at Twilight Fantasies Publications on July 4th!!

Thanks so much Dahlia for this interview! I had a lot of fun!
KL Bjork writing as Midnyte Dupree everyone! This lady brings fantasy, sexuality and love to life in her books. You can never read just one. You will always be back for more!
See ya next week luvvies!
Dahlia Rose

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