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Sage Burnett brings Us Cowboys!!

Hey Guys and Dolls!
The blog is late this weekend because well...eblogger would not let me in!! Would you belive it! But never fear I come bearing gifts!! An Interview with Sage Burnett! Now she has alot to say so read her interview and see what this lady has to say!!

1: Dahlia: In our cyber interview chair today we have Sage Burnett author of Candy Man. Welcome Sage and tell us more about your most recent release!
CANDY MAN is a fun and hot contemporary Valentine’s story. Annie Chandler’s boyfriend stands her up and sends his co-worker, Scott Barnes to deliver candy and flowers to her. What happens after that is instant attraction on Scott’s part. Once Annie gets over her anger at being stood up, she finally notices how sexy Scott Barnes really is. After that the evening definitely heats up for the two of them.

2: Dahlia: You have a great set of titles under your belt. What is our inspiration for these books?
Whenever I am asked that question I have to pause because ideas and characters just pop into my head. Lately, titles have been popping into my head left and right which means I have to figure out stories to go with the titles. Since I write contemporary, every day life or my surroundings help inspire me.

3: Dahlia: We love the hot hunky cowboys on your covers. Is there any genre you haven’t tried that you are interested in writing in the future?
I keep thinking about paranormal or futuristic, but so far that’s as far as I’ve gotten with those ideas. lol.

4: Dahlia: What other releases do you have available for the readers. Could you give us a short blurb about it?
GUNPOINT, Steamy Contemporary Romantic Suspense from MGP.

COWBOY BLUES, Hot Contemporary Romance, also from MGP.

From Siren Publishing: LOVE’S REDEMPTION, Steamy Contemporary Romantic Suspense.


P.S. All of my stories take place in Montana. It’s kind of my trademark.

7: Dahlia: Are any of your books in print? Which ones and where readers could find them. RODEO COWBOYS, THE SERIES, Now at Amazon: I also have one book under my real name, Patricia Parkinson in print from Samhain. DEAD OF WINTER. Sensual contemporary romantic suspense.

8: Dahlia: So tell us Sage if there was one place in the world you could visit where would that be and would you use it as a setting in one of your books?
I’ve wanted to visit Paris since I was a teenager. Whether or not that fantasy will ever come true is another story. There’s just something about Paris and the French that is so undeniably sexy. And yes, I could see this Montana country girl writing a story about Paris, especially if I met an attractive French man. lol.

9: Dahlia: What other hats does Sage Burnett wear other than writer.
Right now for me writing is what I do full time. In the past I’ve had all kinds of jobs from a bartender to office and factory work. At the moment I’m single. I have a rowdy girl black lab, Madison, and two girl cats, Runt and Cody.

10: Dahlia: What are some of your favorite things in life? Foods, colors etc?
I absolutely love sweets. But I also love fruits and vegetables. Go figure. lol. I love to read. I also love to walk and in the summer do a lot of hiking in and around the Rocky Mountains. My favorite color changes every few years. It used to be pink, now it’s blue. And always black. That color never changes.

11: Dahlia: Are there any coming soon titles we should look for? Would you share a short blurb? UNDER TANNER’S THUMB releases April 1 from Siren Publishing. It’s a contemporary adult fairy tale. Light hearted and humorous. This was the first time I wrote a fairy tale and it was such great fun. The hero happens to be a cowboy. Hmmm...I wonder how that happened.

RECKLESS BEHAVIOR, is scheduled for release April 14 from MGP. Hot Contemporary Romantic Suspense. This particular book is one of my favorites because it’s darker than I usually write. The heroine believes that Jack the man who lives across the street is stalking her even though she is wildly attracted to him. No cowboys in this one, ladies. Jack, the hero builds houses.
I contracted VIRGIN THIEF with Phaze Publishing in February. Release date to be announced. Hot Contemporary Romance. This is a reunion story and the heroine, Chloe Kastle is out for revenge.

As you can see I bounce back and forth between suspense and regular contemporary.

12: Dahlia: Sage like I said we love those cowboys. *smile*. What silver screen hottie would play a character in your favorite title?
I would have to say a younger Kurt Russell would play the part of Jack McBride in RECKLESS BEHAVIOR

13: Dahlia: Is there any scenes in your books that you find difficult to write?
For me any scene can be difficult for me to write, depending on my mood and motivation on any particular day. Now that I have some books under my belt, keeping the sex scenes new, but still hot can be difficult at times.

14: Dahlia: : If you could have one hot guy for a day to do your bidding who would it be and what will they be doing?
I’ll pick another actor for this. Richard Gere. To me, he just oozes sex appeal naturally. I’d be content to just look at him. With Richard Gere, first there would definitely be stimulating conversation followed by a long walk on the beach to enjoy the sunset. And now my imagination is working overtime...

15: Dahlia: Where can we find out more about you and your books Sage?
My Website addy is: My Space:

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, Dahlia. Your questions were so interesting. I really enjoyed doing this interview. Thanks again.

That my friends was Sage Burnett the lady who gives us cowboys to fantasize about while our hunnies snooze. Her books are filled with romance and hot spicy lovers. So read one and you will have to read them all!!
Dahlia Rose

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