Friday, March 2, 2007

Today is an Excerpt Day!

It's Friday once again...Wow the weeks do fly by don't they? I have had a very productive week and started two new projects....One is called "The Collette Saga." It will be a series of three books featuring three vampire sisters looking for pieces of an amulet that let vamps walk in the day light. Needless to say they will be hunted by humans and immortals alike for this amulet. And their willbe some sexy sidekicks to daid their quest. Some you woul dnot expect..heh heh...*evil grin*

The next is called "Of Gods &One Woman" Interesting title (I know) but somehow it fits this books:) The god of war Ares wants to learn and move around in the world and he has found someone who he thinks can help him. Sasha Green is a modern day night cursader who helps the helpless. But when a fight becomes to much for her she is killed. Ares gives her life again for a small price. She has to be his concubine and let him fight in her battles as well. You know Ares he loves a good battle. Will she do it and won't Discordia Goddess of discord have something to say about it? She is his long time lover after all and a nasty jealous streak.

So those are my works in Progress...key word prgress here..I am trying to put at least 1500 words in each day on both..So far so good! Today I am going to post and excerpt from my upcoming release with Mardi Gras Publishing. "The Lover's Diary. The cover was done by the artist Skylar Sinclair and it suits the book well. It is a story of Love and erotica and how one fuels the other. I hope you like it and will be waiting for the release on May 26th... Now remember this is undedited as yet and the wording is a bit raw..But hot hot hot!

While I rub my face against his chest he whispers again “I Love You”. This time he expects an answer and I obediently reply, “I Love you too”.
“Do you really?” he says softly as if he wonders to himself.
“Yes” such a simply answer comes to my lips and that seems to be all he needs. He kisses me and his lips are demanding. From his kiss I know what he wants as he does every time we are together but I am still restrained. He senses it and he ends our kiss.
“To Love is to trust completely, to give without reservation and to take with awe and grace this gift that is given in love”. His voice is like a caress on my skin.
“Do you accept what I am giving to you?” he asks me gently. I nod my head slowly looking into his eyes I see nothing but what he offers. “Then why do you resist when you know it is what you want, what you need? You are a strong woman and your need to be in control is admirable, but sometimes weakness for your man is the greatest strength a woman can have. Will you submit to me, will you show me no barriers and only the love you have for me?”
I cannot deny him any longer my soft answer is all he needs to hear so it comes from my lips “Yes I submit to you”.
“Then let’s begin”.
He leads me over to a leather sofa with two small footrests in front. He kisses me again our mouths mate, hot wet kisses, tongue intertwined. A soft moan escapes my lips, his hand move up to my hair burying into the thick tresses. I feel his hand tighten into a fist capturing the dark curls and he pulls my head back with slow deliberation, it pulls my hair and exposes my neck. His lips caress my ears and then down my neck, a shiver runs through me and I can feel myself getting wet, my pussy is so moist now I can feel it against my thighs. He nibbles my neck and with a silk scarf he had in his pocket he reaches behind me and ties my hand snugly so I will not be able to get them free
“Sit” he orders me “and put your legs up one on each footrest”. The leather is smooth and cool against my skin, with my silk stockings the texture is sensual and erotic. As I put my feet up, the footrest are spread evenly apart and pulled away from the sofa. This leaves me exposed to him and leaning back against my bound hands.
He stands there looking at my body his eyes travels from my face to my breasts then to my pussy, he smiles when he sees how wet I am. My lover walks over to me and kneels between my legs, he massages my breasts slowly the smooth round globes are enveloped in his big hands, its send shocks to my core, his hands are teasing against my nipples pinching them softly at first them with more pressure, almost to the point of pain. I close my eyes to the sensations that are flooding my body.
“Open your eyes” he commands me softly. “I want to see what my touch does to you; I want to see the changes in your eyes”.
My eyes open slowly and I meet his gaze. His eyes though blue like the spring sky are dark with an intensity that I have never seen before. He leans over and kisses my breasts and nipples licking and taking deep tastes of my flesh. He murmurs “I Love You, I Love You” every time his lips touch my skin. I want to run my hands through his hair to pull his head closer to me but I cannot, I can only follow his tune whispering I love you in return. Kisses are trailed down my torso until he reaches the most intimate of places. I feel his hot breath against my pussy; he teases me with just one little flick of his tongue against my clit. My breath catches in my throat, I shift my hips restlessly I am in need now to feel just to feel what he is going to do next inviting him to take of these stockings and taste me.
But he does not; he takes his fill of me through the stockings that covers my snatch. My God! The feeling of hot mouth and raw silk is almost o much to bear. I hear a primal moan some where in the distance. Was that him or myself? His face is pressed in between my thighs, his tongue roaming, hungry; trying to get inside me but the barrier of my pantyhose lets him get no further. I can feel myself going over the edge and I grind my self against his face.
“Yes! Yes! Please Baby Now!” I moan. My body arches our eyes are still locked and I tremble as I come for him. He licks as my juice runs; his groans are of pleasure and delight at how my body responds to him. His breath is as labored as he raises his head to look at me, Am I to get the pleasure of having him inside me now? I wait anticipating but he does not give me that pleasure as yet. His fingers trail on my pussy, up and down in a slow deliberate movement, barely rubbing over my clit then teasing the entrance, My body is shivering again, I try to move my body to let his fingers deep in me but he only circles teasing the sensitive outside flesh.
“Please” I whisper

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